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A Love She Didn't Know

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Cassandra Baker and Ryan Chancellor, were each others first best friend until puberty and a third wheel broke there friendship, years later Cassie who is focused on her academics discovers she's a genius like her dad, hence she skipped two grades up making her a senior, she was suppose to be a college student even, but due to financial struggle and losing her mom, her dad has asked her to complete her final year of high school even though she has past the syllabus twice over her peers. Ryan and Cassie meet up again in most unlikely way and now they needed figure out if love is worth it or its just an over rated Netflix romance?

Romance / Fantasy
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My name is Cassandra Baker. I am sixteen years old, I am a bit of genius nerd so this year I skip up two Grades again, so now I'm a senior.

Hears the thing; Me being smart makes me and easy target for the average jerk, bullies and popular attention seeking whores of our school, Valley League High School, I was content with being in the back burner, passing my classes for high school, until a certain teacher caught on to the fact that I was mastering lessons beyond my years, I would I skipped and gone to college, but my dad is having financial issues and he said he wanted me to have the full high school experiences, he didn't get to enjoy himself when he was a teen, because he's also a genius. He works at a major testing lab in, Casper Valley, California.

So back to my story; If you have guess it then, you would realize its just me and my dad, my mom passed a few months ago, hence the tough times we are experiencing. My mom had cancer and it took my dad a lot over the past couple years to take her back to back to treatments from one state to the other, plus cover live-in help, while managing our finances. After mom passed dad, still had a few debts he needed to take care of, hence my position of still being stuck in high school. Otherwise I would have been a college student by now, its now Fall and I'm hating the experience so far. While my mind is advanced beyond my years, my body took the slower route. So I'm the freak of the senior year batch, I can complete there entire syllabus in my sleep I have the body of a twelve year old girl, even my twelve year old cousin looks more mature than I.

So hears my problem: When I was three years old I met my best friend and ex crush Ryan Chancellor, Ryan had just moved to town and lived in the house across the street, we became fast friends the first day of kindergarten, even then I could have known I was to advance in mind, cause I fell in love the first time he smiled at me. Fast forward to middle school a new girl came to our school Abbie Lee Palmer, she had long blonde curls down her back, with porcelain skin and more girl than I, who was always cool being one of the guys. Ryan started inviting her to all of our video game dates and sports games on Weekends. Up until Ms. Abbie decided it was uncool, for me to be the third wheel (I thought I was there first, so she was the third wheel). Ryan and I being friends for so long, found it hard to part from each other. So little miss pretentious softie, decided to do the cruelest thing I didn't think another girl would do; she tricked me that we would be friends and I could tell her anything and it would be our secret, hence I confessed my feelings for Ryan.

The bitch even took my diary and printed it all over school, and pranked me. That day I lost my trust in another human and learned to guard well my thoughts among others. Ryan who I thought would kick Abbie to the curb, instead joined with her to bully me. I hated both of them, I thought we were once friends. Hence here I am right now counting the days when I can leave these immature punks behind, where I can meet some serious college students, who knows life changes after high school.

As my favorite Paramore song would say THATS WHAT YOU GET WHEN YOU LET YOUR HEART WIN.

Song: That's What You Get by Paramore.

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