Him And I

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I could smell his expensive cologne. He looked tall and muscular. He had dirty blonde hair, pretty blue eyes, I look at his lips and have a sudden urge to just kiss them, they looked soft? Very soft... He noticed me looking, and I looked away. | read underneath!!! I've already have some of this story posted on wattpad! Mature content <3 Contains; > Abuse. > Sex. > Supposingly a lot of triggering things, so read at your own risk...

Romance / Drama
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Aria is a hot mess, her life is what you call a shit show. At 6 her step-father was starting his alcohol addiction and was later arrested for abusing her mother and Aria. Soon she left the house at 18 to pursue her life designing clothing but when she told her mother she didn't a prove and didn't want her to send the college found for some job that was never gonna happen. Instead, Aria chose a school for a medical degree.

In the first year of Nursing she quits blocking out every message from her family including her mother, she is now in NYC with her good friend Carter who Aria has two-part jobs working as a waiter and sells clothes at the local orphanage. Her wish is to go to her dream University where she can learn to design and make beautiful designs.

But Aria only lives in her small apartment with her kitchen, living room, and bedroom all in one room. Although her life isn't the best, she is still happy with her life however, she still feels like there could be someone with her like a lover?

Sebastian has met Aria at the club with his good friend Jordon, although Aria and Sebastian's friendship was mutual at first, soon everything went excellent! Except, her history quickly starts to creep in on her, and soon the relationship starts falling with Sebastian. Even though Aria knows he's the one, she can't let go of him because of her past...

You, Aria. 21. Straight

Him, Sebastian. 23. Straight

Your bestfriend, Carter. 21 Gay

His bestfriend, Jordon . 23 Bisexual

Aria had pale white skin, with brunette hair that was just over shoulder-length, and soft brown eyes, the was short, but had gotten used to it, it had its perks.

Sebastian had

Sebastian was tall and muscular, with dirty blonde hair, which was very wavy, and had pretty blue eyes

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