Marriage by Law

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Chapter 10

6 Months Ago

Opening the door I stepped out carefully wrinkling my nose. After twenty minutes of pounding I had finally gotten out. My mothers face was wroth it, especially when she saw the jeans and top I was wearing.

“I said wear a dress,”

I shrugged, if he didn’t like me when I looked my ‘worst’ according to my mum, then he didn’t deserve me in my best.

I walked down with her and entered the drawing room, it going eerily quiet.

“Where is Darius?”

“He had a phone call, he’ll be back later” said my father and I smiled. Yes! Victory!

I walked over sitting down next to my dad and looked up at the couple across from us. The woman had long blond hair with sparkling green eyes with features that belonged on teh cat walk and I frowned. Damn it, why did some people get lucky?

The man wasn’t any worse, he looked like a male model with his sharp features and dark eyes and dark hair, he actually looked deadly.

Then it hit me.

MY parents were making me marry a mafia gang lord!

Present Time

I sat up smiling, well maybe things were finally looking up.

“You will?”

He scoffed going back to his phone.

“I don’t know how to fight,”

“What?” I snapped a bit too loudly making other couple glare at me. What type of guys need to fight. He shrugged carelessly and put his phone down as the waiter approached with out plates.

“I never needed to and I don’t need to in the future.” he said grabbing his fork. I couldn’t help but stare at him. Really? Not even to protect your wife?

Oh great, maybe I should take up in self defense classes. I looked down at the plate and sighed seeing a piece of orange fish, maybe it was salmon with herbs and vegetables. Hey a tomato! Something I know.

I poked the tomato placing it in my mouth trying not to gag at the fishy taste that surrounded it. I didn’t know why but I just could not stand seafood. It was a gag reflex.

I poked around with my food eating a piece of vegetable or something. I looked over at the other table that were enjoying lasagna and my mouth nearly drooled. Damn it why was I stuck with a seafood loving freak?

I leaned back in my seat and waited till he finished. Without even excusing himself he got up and walked off and I stared, well he was raised with manners. I quickly shoved the piece of fish under the table and looked around pleased with myself.

I finished my first piece of salmon! Yea!

After a good five minutes he returned and I stood up.

“Ready to go?” he asked calling the waitress. So much for dessert. I waited quietly tapping my foot as he payed the bill and looked around making eye contact with the idiots from before. They waved and I gave them the middle finger smiling smugly. Yea a girl can take care of herself!

They stood up and I turned around,

“I’ll wait in the car,” I said quickly walking out. Last thing I needed was a fight, where Darius can’t even fight. Darius followed behind unaware and I rushed to the car as fast as my legs could take me. I just wanted to get home, change out of this horrid wet clothes and sleep.

The second I stepped out of the doors the cold air blew against me and it made it worse that I was half drenched.

“Shit it’s cold,” I yelled huddling my hands.

“Should have brought a jacket,” said Darius walking in front of me. I stared at his back, are you kidding me?

Was it only in books and movies the guy gave the girl her coat even without asking and here my arrogant hot husband was walking ahead with his jacket uselessly draped across his arm not even caring.

I hurried behind him, at least the car would be warm and I didn’t want the idiots catching up. I wasn’t ready to fight, first I needed to learn how to at least.

I had a plan, I would get home, or whatever that place was for the week, shower, change, then find something to eat before I starved myself. Maybe I should buy a box of food and store it somewhere secretly.

Pulling the seat belt on I looked up to see the idiots walk out of the place and I smiled, yea take that suckers!

I watched out of the corner of my eyes as Darius turned the car around and drove back.

He was actually quite good looking, I know we figured that part out but still, damn him. He could have all the good looks but he didn’t have the right attitude, that sucks.

I could see his green eyes focus on the road and flicker every time something bright caught his eye.

I sighed leaning back and closing my eyes, there was another pair of eyes in my life that used to do that to me. Except they were gone and I never wanted to see them again.

To say the house was quiet was an understatement. It was so quite I could basically hear the walls creek in this stupid place. Opening up the laptop I googled different places I could go to. I needed a plan for tomorrow before my head went in.

Only this morning I thought we were finally getting on good terms but obviously it wasn’t. I jumped when I heard a loud bang of something.

“No you do what I say!” barked the voice. I shivered, for gods sake he was scary. Did I also mention how the walls here were literally invisible, well it felt like that when you could hear the other person sneeze in the room next door.

And for the last half an hour Darius had been on the phone, for business most likely, yelling his head off and I was sitting here trying to ...well anything. I sighed closing the laptop and turning off the lights, maybe I could get some sleep at least.

I lay on the bed staring at the ceiling, at least at the old house I could look after my beautiful blue orchids, instead I was stuck here listening to Darius. I rolled on my side and closed my eyes counting sheep and then blue orchids.

Just go to sleep Ivory

As much as you all wanted him to fight for her, I did too, but I wanted this to be a a realistic story and sometimes things like that just don’t happen.

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