Marriage by Law

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Chapter 11

6 Months Ago

Yes, Mafia Gang Lord. That was the only proper reason.

“What do you say?”


I looked up as everyone was staring at me. Did i manage to space out again.

“Sounds great,” I said shrugging and my parents broke into a smile.

“Two weeks it is,”

“Two weeks is what?”

“The wedding of course, I just asked you, we want to get it over this month before Darius goes to finish his course,”

My eyes wideneded and I stared at them.

A wedding?

In two weeks!?

I needed a plan and fast.

Present Time

I woke up to the sound of something breaking. I heard movement downstairs and a curse. Probably Darius.

I sighed rolling around and checking the time and sat up. Half past eleven! Why didn’t the fool wake me up! My stomach grumbled and I realised how little I had to eat ever since this man came back with his seafood frenzy.

I got up quickly grabbing blue jeans with a soft flowery patter on them barely visible and a aqua green shirt that was like a hoodie. Might as well enjoy wearing jeans and pants for as long as I can. I rushed to the attached bathroom and rushed under the water’s warm spray sighing.

Ahhh this could have been my life. Waking up, going to work and actually earning money for a living. Enjoying the small beauties in life and not taking everything to advantage. Actually working hard and knowing the value of life.

I opened my eyes, would Darius let me find a job? It was awfully boring sitting at home doing nothing and maybe a small part time job, maybe in an ice-cream parlour or something might made my horrible life seem a bit better.

I mean I did finish high school and was on my way to getting a medical degree before some parent of mine pulled me out and shipped me over to get married.

ALl high school I had studied my ass off to get into Med School only there was no point of it now. of course I could return to uni and finish my last three years off but would it be worth it? Would he actually even let me work?

I got out of the shower and wrapped it around me looking in the mirror and saw my dull lifeless face stare back. The black eyes that used to sparkle just stared back dull, so dull that they were nearly a dark brown colour. My lips had gone slightly pale and I checked under my eyelid, it was no longer red.

Iron deficiency

Great just to add to my problems. I got ready combing my hair into a pony tail and walked downstairs to the kitchen. Darius sat on the counter drinking his coffee and reading his newspapers. Where was my cup? I mean even if I don’t like coffee he could have offered me some.

Oh suck it up Ivory, don’t be a whinge I told my self. I walked over and noticed in the bin broken plates and smiled. I could smell something burning and smiled. Did he try to cook?

“Do you want breakfast?” I asked trying to cover my grin. He gave me a curt nod and walked off and I broke into a wide smile. So apparently my man had a ego problem, couldn’t ask anyone for help.

I looked at the time, it was more like brunch.

I looked in the fridge glad to see vegetables and pulled some out. I could make us both sandwiches or better might just made pasta. I pulled out the ingredients and got to work. By the time I finished it would be lunch and maybe after we could go watch a movie or something.

I mean this was a week for us to stop working and relax right? To get to know each other. All he needed was a bit of a push.

As I put the pasta in I heard my phone ring upstairs. I quickly turned up the heat and ran upstairs just as the final rings came and picked up.

“Hello?” I asked panting into the phone.

“What the hell are you doing girl, running a marathon?”

“Rose, hey, yea sorta like that,” I said sitting on the floor. I caught up my breathe as she filled me up on her week. She had gone to the parties and finished her knitting and was basically having fun. Not what I would consider fun but oh well.

“So how are you and loved boy going?”

“You mean worker boy,” I muttered going back downstairs. Might as well finish my pasta and talk.

“Oh no,”

“Mhhm,” I said trying to talk as softly as I could. I didn’t want him picking up on any of my conversation. I stirred the pasta and took of the sauce and placed it on a hot plate.

“That sucks, did you try do something?”

“Yea, we went to the carnival on the first day and yesterday we went to the reef for snorkeling but he left half way and left me with a pedophile of a teenager who tried to grope me pretty much and then took me to a restaurant and ordered fish,”


“Oh yea,” I muttered taking off the pasta and draining it, or trying to with one hand.

“Oh did I mention he didn’t offer me a jacket when i was drenched cause I had to swim from the pedo guy and also refused to fight two guys who made a pretty shit comment?”

“Wow....and here I thought he could be a movie star. I mean he sure looks like one, With his bea-”

“Rose,” I snapped, “Save it, I don’t care,” I muttered.

“Oh wait I know,” she said. I heard excitement in her voice and frowned, that was never a good sign.

“What?” I asked sitting the sauce into the pasta and grabbed two plates out setting them on the table.

“I’ll call you later,” she said.

“What Rose!” I snapped as the line went dead. Well she was help, I chucked the phone aside and served us both helpings and grabbed the forks when I heard him come in.

“Here,” I said pushing a plate towards him. He gave me another nod and I followed him into the living room but grabbed the remote before he could.

Ha, tv was mine. I was not watching another boring documentary on some stupid war in the 1800s. I turned it onto movie that was coming on tv and sat back.

“Did you make this?” he asked breaking the silence.

“Yep why?” I asked. Crap I forgot to ask if he was allergic to anything. He rubbed the back of his neck and opened his mouth just as his phone rang. What surprise there.

I was going to take that as a compliment since Mr. ego found it hard to speak. I finished mine off and walked away as he was talking into the phone about stuff I had no idea on. I cleaned up and was drying the plates when he walked in with his.

“What was the phone?” I asked. Let’s see if he could try and make a conversation.

“Work,” He said.

Okay...that was a start?

“Well, did you want to go to a movie?” I asked. He checked the time and shrugged.

“Okay get ready in ten, I’ll go grab my stuff,” I said running upstairs. YES MOVIE!!!!!

Now I felt like a teenager again, sneaking off in the night to see a movie with-

I stopped thinking of that memory, it should be erased from me by now. Grabbing a jacket, since I know he would never offer me his, I grabbed my wallet and went back downstairs grabbing my phone.

Darius came down dressed again in casual clothes and I tried not to drool, why were some people just genetically advantaged? It never made sense.

“Let’s go!” I said giving him a massive smile. I walked past the car towards the gate when he called out.

“Aren’t we taking the car?”

“No! It’s only a ten minutes walk,” I said. He shrugged and caught up to me, which was easy given that he was way taller than me.

It was a very quiet walk and I opened my mouth too many times and closed it without uttering a word. What was I meant to say and how was I meant to start the conversation

“So...beautiful weather eh?” I asked glancing up. He looked down his green eyes sparkling and chuckled shaking his head. I smiled, well that was a start. I don’t think I have ever heard his chuckle, it was soft yet masculine and did funny things to my stomach.

“Yea if you like the smell of wet ground,” he said. I didn’t realise what he was saying till it started raining.

“AW crap,” I muttered. I broke into a small jog and I head him laugh behind me before hearing his footsteps running behind me. I broke into a faster full sprint as I raced the last corner and into the building. A few people left turned to look at me as I came in gasping and panting. Only seconds later Darius followed through looking nothing disheveled but like a model.

I rolled my eyes going to the counter and ordering the movie tickets. That was the only thing about small town cinemas, they only had a movie running each week and today was some random movie Grabbing the tickets I motioned for Darius to follow me.

“Did you want popcorn or drinks?” he asked as we entered.

I shook my head fast, “Definitely not, I can not STAND popcorn,” I muttered making a gagging noise. he cracked a grin that was soon covered by the darkness in the theatre.

I followed down to our seats and wrinkled, great some stupid tall guy was sitting in front of my seat. And next to me where a group of teenage guys eyeing me and sighed. Hormonal boys.

I sat down with Darius beside me and sat tall trying to see past the bold head in front of me

It wasn’t that bad I could pretty much see 90 percent of the screen but my eyes seemed to zone in on the bold head and how I wanted to bash it right now.

Why couldn’t tall people get the back seats or something?

The movie started and the last bits of chatter died down. I nearly took the guys popcorn next to me and chucked it at the screen when I realised it was a old black and white movie. Great, just my luck.

It wasn’t even an hour in and I was already bored. I looked around at Darius who seemed to watching the movie with keenness and sighed slouching in my chair. My eyes felt heavy and the theatre was warm making me fall asleep instantly.

Something moved stepping on my feet and I opened my eyes suddenly sitting up. Where was I? I looked around and realised I had fallen asleep. What a shame....that looked like an amazing movie.

“Is it over?” I asked yawning and stretching in my seat as much as it would allow. Darius raised an eyebrow and I stopped mid stretch turning back and sitting down.

“No interval break,” he said.

“What? Since when do we have interval breaks?” I muttered. They would be so handy in normal movie places, especially when you were busting to go to the toilet but the best scene was on

“Right I’ll be back then,” I urgently needing to pee-pee.

I got up, luckily all the seats to my left were with the high school boys and they must have gone or left so it was easy to walk out without falling over someone’s feet.

I walked past the drinks area and to the bathroom. Washing my face I stared into the mirror at my sleepy eyes. I really needed to get a goods night rest. There were only four more days for Darius and I to bond and so far it was not really at any progress. One second he was all nice and then he was like a cold hearted bastard.

I walked back to my seat passing the teenage boys who let out a slow whistle. I shot him a glare and he winked back. Great I guess the generations aren’t improving any time soon. I sat back down taking off my jacket, it was getting a bit too hot in here

The movie was just resuming and I tried concentrating on the movie rather than the teenagers hand that was inching way too close my the arm rest. I moved over towards Darius more. I kept my eye on the guy from the corner of my eyes and glared at him but he seemed not to notice as he leaned a bit more to my side.

I huffed ready to confront him when Darius stretched his hand draping over the back of my seat. The teenager looked at the hand and moved away and I bit my lip trying not to smile or show that I noticed as I watched the movie.

As much as I tried to concentrate on the movie my eyes kept drooping and I felt my head sway. Did you ever have those moment where you wanted to sleep on the train or bus and the movement kept making your head droop and you got embarrassed? That was what was happening now.

My head kept drooping and swaying and I kept opening my eyes trying to concentrate. In the end
I gave in and closed my eyes leaning back into the seat. It was warm and hard and I pulled up my jacket snuggling in sighing.

I had to say, these seats smelled damn fine, the cleaners did a good job.

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