Marriage by Law

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Chapter 12

6 Months Ago

Walking into the shop I looked around at the rows and rows of white dresses and stopped. Why does someone have to wear white? I mean it resembles purity and innocence but when you think about it, what was so pure about a marriage?

That being said it was only family members being present, just about another twenty or so people so why does this wedding need to be so lavish.

“Hello can I help you?”

I turned around to see one of the sales representative smiling, another assistance behind her holding a bottle of champagne and glass and I looked back at my Mother with her private assitatnt going through the dresses.

“UM...” I said looking back and forth. I looked over at my mother who pulled out a long white dress with a trail probably bigger than the aisle itself and a corset that looked like it was going to make me four sizes smaller and winced.

“Yea, do you have any dresses in Orange?” I asked smiling and looking back at the Sales Representative. Orange was such a nice colour, so bright, so ornagey, so mandariny, so...bright.

Wasn’t it a lovely colour?

Present Time

Something shook me. It wasn’t an earthquake either, and if it was, too bad I was going to sleep right through it, I was way too comfortable to move. There was a rougher shove and I groaned, okay maybe this wasn’t as comfortable and I slowly opened my eyes waiting for my eye too adjust.

“Wake up sleepy head,” I opened my eyes staring into a black sleeve shoving me and I glared at it, go away sleeve.

Only then did I realise the sleeve I was staring at belonged to a body, the same body I was using as a seat. I sat up straight away putting as much distance between us and rubbed my head. Actually I’d rather be in that earthquake.

“Is it over?” I asked awkwardly surprised that he even let me lean on his shoulder. I was expecting to be kicked onto the floor or something for getting dust or hair on this newly polished shirt or whatever.


Darius stood up and I groaned leaning back into the seats that were too soft now, damn that was the best sleep I had gotten in ages. I yawned leaning back. I felt his shadow over me and peeked to see he was standing in front with his arms crossed over his broad chest.

“Still sleepy? You just slept through the whole movie,” he said his eyes sparkling with amusement.

“A girl needs her beauty sleep okay, and it wasn’t the whole movie, just like the last five minutes,” I said yawning and waving a hand.

“Oh really, what happened in the movie then?” he asked leaning back against the seats behind him crossing one ankle over the other. I was just waiting for him to lose balance and fall backward and it didn’t happen.

I closed my eyes waving a hand when he grabbed it pulling me up like I weighed nothing suddenly making me squeal.I groaned opening my eyes to tell him off when I came face to face with his chest. Okay I think there was a small height problem.

“Eh the random cliche?” I asked looking up. His green eyes stared down at me his eyebrows knotted. I only just realised how close we were, I could even smell his cologne or whatever it was. I stepped away first and walked down the aisle.

“Or was it about monkeys and a planet?” I asked yelling over my shoulder, that was the last black and night movie I watched before again, I had fallen asleep on someone else’s shoulder.I shook my head trying to erase that memory.

I heard him chuckle as we both hit the pavement for the walk back home.

“What’s the plan for tomorrow?” I asked as I placed my hands in my jacket. It was freezing and I was grateful I had brought my jacket.

“What did you want to do?” he asked. I shrugged looking up at the bright moon. The clouds looked gray amongst the sky. There were a few stars here and there you could see between the clouds.

“Snorkelling?” he asked.

I shot him a look, “Seriously? I just went!”

“Well I didn’t so let’s go again,” he said. I shrugged, I did have a good time last time, apart from one thing.

“As long as you don’t book the same guy as last time,” I muttered.

“What?” he asked.

“Nothing,” I sang walking faster, “Hurry up I am starving and I might make food when I get home,” I said looking over my shoulder. I saw the glint of his teeth as he smiled and walked faster home. Damn was I hungry.

Dinner was quick and quiet, which really meant opening a packet of chips and eating them. Yep we were so healthy. Darius left saying goodnight, which was a first, and I went over to the computer to see what we could possibly do.

I was googling things when I remembered, we were in Melbourne, and apart from the fashion food and cultural-ness of this town, what else was famous? Football of course!!

I quickly googled possible AFL matches and nearly screamed when I realised my team and a rival were playing tomorrow night! Only the tickets were nearly sold out. Grabbing my purse and the credit card number I went away booking the few seats that were left, thank god I managed to snatch them.

Of course they were double the price of normal seats but whatever, this was amazing. Wait, maybe I should have asked Darius first.

Saving the page I ran upstairs two at a time and rushed to his room opening the door.

“Dar-” he wasn’t there. Oh crap, which was his room? I walked down from the empty room past mine and opened another door. There he was!


He turned around staring at me and I leaned against the door.

’So I was thinking AFL tomorrow, it’s much more fun, unless you follow a team then I can look it up,”

“AFL?” he asked.

“Footy ya bone head,” I said, “Have you never been to a footy match?” I asked crossing my hands.

He shook his head and I gasped shaking mine, “How very patriotic of you, well then after snorkelling or whatever, Football it is. Actually it’s pretty fun, I used to hate it till I watched it live. The atmos-”

“Can you give me a moment?” he asked.


He raised his eyebrows and I looked at him only realising he was only in a towel, his hair wet, just out of the shower.


“I’m not nak-”

“My virgin eyes! You idiot,” I said turning around slamming into the wall. I rushed out of the room and closed it behind me and I swear I heard him laugh at me. He could have told me he was in the shower or something.

I leaned against the door shaking the image or at least trying to and sighed walking back to my bedroom. Horrible image. How did I not notice him standing there in only a white towel wrapped around his bottom half?

I shuddered going into my room and making sure my door was looked. I sighed flopping onto the bed not even bothering to change. I was just too tired.

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