Marriage by Law

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Chapter 13

6 months ago

The long on my mother’s face when I came out in the horrible orange colour was priceless. I was just waiting for her to faint. She didn’t but it was damn close when she fanned herself yelling at the shop assistants for picking such a hideous dress.

I turned around in the mirror smiling, wow, I really think Orange was my colour.

“Ivory get down here, try this on,” she said looking away like I was hideous and holding out a massive princess ball room puffy type dress with pink ribbon and I grimaced.

Damn I hated pink. BUt being the ‘good’ and ‘obedient’ daughter I was I grabbed the dress and marched into the trial rooms. My phone vibrated and I looked down at the phone on the seat and picked it up as I unzipped myself.

Can we talk?

I didn’t even need to see who it was from, I knew. Switching off my phone I leaned against the wall the cold seeping into my back.

“Can we talk,” I whispered to myself.

“Like hell we can,” I said scoffing.

“Ivory show me,” snapped a voice from outside and I sighed pulling on the dress. I was starting a new ‘life’ now. It was best I had cut all threads, just like the extra thread that was hanging from the bottom of the dress.

Present Time

The breeze was warm but calm drifting the smell of the fresh ocean towards me ruffling my pony tail making it stroke against my skin. The sand was warm and sharp against my feet, tickling my bare feet. I opened my eyes smiling.

Now this was my idea of relaxing.

I turned around frowning seeing Darius still unpacking the damn car. I shook my head walking back to give him a hand.

“What’s taking you so long?” I asked walking up. His eyes narrowed on me and he went back to taking out the massive beach ball I placed.

“Why do you even need this for?” he asked chucking the ball. I grabbed it mid air hugging it to my chest, was he joking? With all these people on the beach, a game of friendly beach volleyball was a must! He closed the car’s trunk and I helped him carry the bags to the beach leading him to a sunny yet shady spot near the trees. Placing the towel down I plonked myself down pulling things out of the bag while Darius looked out into the ocean.

“You going to come surfing?” I asked. He shook his head awkwardly sitting down brushing the sand of his jeans and I stifled a laugh. Who the hell wore jeans to the beach? But from the looks he was getting I’m sure no one minded in his faded blue jeans and white top, Every girl walking past, young and old grandmothers were giving him the eyes.

Which for some strange reason, annoyed me.

I lied back on the towel pulling the hem of my dress down sighing and closing my eyes. Ah this was life. Sitting under the palm trees on the beach and hearing people yelling and kids laughing.

I opened my eyes finding Darius looking at me. “What?” I asked. He shook his head taking out his phone and I rolled my eyes. I really should lock that phone away. This guy didn’t even bring his bathers!

I on the other hand, being the smarter on in this marriage, had worn my bathers underneath my dress since I never did like changing in those horrible toilets at the beach, if you could even find them in the first place.


I opened one eyes to see a shadow, or six, shadows looming over us.

“You guys interested in joining our volleyball game, we need two more players,”

I sat up nodding my head “Yep!” I said while Darius just shot me a look. Maybe I should tone down the childishness in me, no way.

“Awesome,” he said smiling and I stood up looking at Darius as he stood up and raised an eyebrow.

“You know how to play?”

“Of course,” he said looking at me like an idiot. My bad, I thought rich kids didn’t;t like getting their hands down and dirty. Correction. I thought Darius, wouldn’t partake in such activity with complete strangers.

“You guys can have the girl, she may be hot but she’s not gonna know how to play,” I heard one of the guys whisper.

“Hey! For your information I played 5 years in a male hockey team,” I snapped glaring at the guy. He turned around his grey eyes staring at me with a raised eyebrow “Sure,”

I glared at him. Asshole. Let’s do him some collateral damage.

Darius and I were split into opposite teams, and of course, the grey eyes asshole was on his team. Perfect for me to plan my revenge.

“Okay this is a plan,” said Henry, the captain of our team.

“Kyle you and Jeffery take the back and Aluminium and I will take the front, you guys are the tallest so you will be able to pass back,”

“MY name is NOT aluminium!” i said frustrated and threw my hands onto my hips. All three stared at me “that’s what he said,” said Henry pointing to Darius and I glared. Of course he did.

“It’s Ivory,” I said. They all nodded and Henry continued with the plan. After a little team hug we all took our spots.

He could play.

Now I wasn’t exactly sure if this was a good thing...or not.

He could play, he was human, damn he could play. or Damn he wasn’t on or team. Saying that, I could play as well. seeing he scored eight of the point for their team and i scored all the ones for mine, nine. We were up ahead by just one small point.

The grey asshole served, his name apparently Daniel, which landed right to Jeff who passed it to me and I hit it back into their court which was of course picked up my Daniel who passed it back.

I could tell this was going to be another long rally as neither of us wanted to give up.

There was a small crowd gather by the time by the time we were nearly finished.

“Hey can we join?”

Jeffrey paused his serve and our group turned around to see three guys approach us smiling.

Jeffrey looked around and Henry shrugged “Yeah sure we’re nearly done and you guys can join in then,”

“Nah we’ll help you finish. Just a quick game we saw you lot have been playing for ages,” said the second one shooting me a look. What was his problem Girl’s cant play?

“Sure I guess then, one of you guys can join us and then the other there, and the third just watch till we’re done or else it’ll be uneven.”

’It’s fine he can join us, I need to take a phone call anyways,” I looked around to see it was Darius who had spoken. Daniel groaned slapping Darius on the back “You gotta go man?” Darius laughed nodding “I’ll be back,” he said walking off and I sighed.

Typical him, typical phone, who was it another model girlfriend of his?

“Hey, I’m Blake,”

I looked up to see one of the guys smiling at me.

“And I’m Aluminium,” I said. Henry cracked up laughing and Blake shot him a look, “is that really your name?” he asked.

I raised an eyebrow “Are you mocking my name?”

Blake put up a hand his palm up shaking his head “I didn’t mean it like that just-”

I turned away . Yea like i was going to tell him my name.

I watched the ball rally between Daniel and Henry before Henry scored the point and I cheered. Take that grey eyes moron.

We all swapped spots and I switched with Jeffery so he had a shot at the front.

“You single?” asked Blake switching with Kyle. I shot him a look, “No,” I said. Well technically I wasn’t really single and like I was going to tell him that. They way he looked at me sent me the shivers.

“Hey man you playing?” Snapped Henry. Blake turned around serving the ball and I sent Henry a thankful smile which he returned with a wink.

Henry had scored the last winning point giving us a margin making us win.

“And someone said girls can’t play,” I said as Daniel walked up to us. He laughed and ruffled my hair like I was some kid.

“Hey!” I snapped pulling away.

He laughed as his other members joined us.

“There’s a party on the beach tonight, did you guys want to come?” Asked Blake and his two other mates joining us. Mustafa, one of Blake’s friends was explaining where and when and I barely listened. Darius and I had plans to go to the football and no party was going to sway my decision. I was going to go to that match alright!

“You have really nice legs,” whispered Blake quietly and sent me a wink. I frowned stepping aside from him which made me end up getting out of the small circle we had all formed.

“I reckon they would be better wrapped around me,”

I stared at him in disgust.

“Hey leave the girl alone,” snapped Jeffrey looking back at us and Blake laughed punching his shoulder playfully.

“I”m joking bro, you never know she might want to you know,” he said wiggling his eyebrows. I stared at Blake, what the hell did that mean?

“Back of, she’s taken,” snapped Daniel glaring. I stared at the guys I barely met a few hours ago and who were already taking my side and smiled my heart swelling in pride. They were nicer than I thought, and I would have never expected that Daniel would stick up.

“Just saying we can share the goods bro,” he said suggestively shooting me a smile. I stared my eyes going wide, what did he think, i was some common whore they could pass around?

I opened my mouth to snap at him when I heard another voice.

“We could share,” My jaw dropped open and I turned around to yell at who ever said that, who in the world said they owned be but then I heard the last part my heart skipping a beat

" But the thing is, mate, I don’t share,”

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