Marriage by Law

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Like a man of his word, which I wasn’t really enjoying, he had made me pack the whole car up. Apparently I shouldn’t have brought all that stuff if I wasn’t going to use it.

How was I meant to know! I thought I would need to use all that stuff. Sheesh.

“What are all those for anyways?” he said nodding to the three bags on my lap. I smiled looking down at the seashells as he pulled into our driveway.

“OH well us-” I stopped mid sentence my mouth hanging open as I took in the scene in front of me.

“Is there a party that we are unaware of?” I asked. Darius looked at me the same look of confusion etched onto his face. In our driveway, well the driveway for this week were three cars I had never ever seen before.

Darius swore under his breathe braking the car suddenly and I flew forward before my seat belt pulled me back.

“Okay? Care to share?” I asked. Replacing the man who was nearly human like, was back his cold business like exterior and I sighed, great this wasn’t going to be good was it?

The moment the car came to a full stop he jumped out and I looked at him before the slam of a door was in my face. Well that’s nice.

“Wait for me,” I snapped to myself putting my bags on the ground and buckling myself after some difficulty. Rushing out of the car I turned around to follow him when something tugged at my clothes. I turned back to realise I had closed the door on my self and grumbled giving it a tug.


Pulling it out I ran into the house after him. I heard voices and rushed towards the lounge room.

“Wh-oh god,” I muttered seeing the sight before me. It was no other than both our parents sitting on the couch. Darius didn’t look any happier leaning against the far wall away from them like they were infectious.

“What are you doing here?” I snapped looking at mine. My mother feigned a gasp while my father cracked a smile standing up.

“There’s my girl, we were in town and we decided to stop by,” he said looking at my in-laws then at me. I raised an eyebrow, in town?

They do realise that was hard to believe. Did in town mean travelling for more than half a day?

“We have decided to stay with you for the last two days,” said my mother and my jaw hit the ground and I looked at them.

“Absolutely not!”

“Now now Darius. that’s no way to speak to your mother,” said his father standing up. I looked back and forth between the men that seemed to be having a stare off.

I only just realised how much they looked alike. Apart from getting his mother’s stunning eyes and sharp features his strong build and height came from his father.

Wait was I just checking them both out?


Instead I turned to look at my parents staring at them, cause that’s the only thing I had left to do.

“We will be like...invisible, you guys continue,” said my mother waving her hands. Invisible? My mother? The centre of attention. I scoffed unladylike and she glared at me.

“You won’t know us here, we’ll just be in the guests rooms and you guys just continue. We want to see this town as well,”

I looked up trying to choke. If they were going to take the guest room where was I meant to go?

“I’m out,” I said putting my hands up and stepping backwards.

“I’m not finished talking to you Ivory,”

I turned around my top half to face them and glared, “I am, I have a footy match to get to,” I snapped.

I saw my dad’s smile break out and my mums horrified face.

“That horrible thing is not a place for a lady to go, its full of barbarous bogans,” she said muttering the last word in absolute disgust and sw my father smile, I had never heard her say it out loud like that.

“And I for one like it,” I snapped turning around and heading upstairs.

“This is all your fault,” I heard my mother snap to my dad as I was heading upstairs and rolled my eyes. My dad was the reason I loved football in the first place. He had taken me to my first live match when I was sixteen and I had fallen in love with the sport.

Walking up to ‘my’ room I grabbed jeans and a blue top quickly changing and grabbing my scarf before heading back downstairs.

“What are you doing?”

I stopped in the corridor looking over at Darius who was holding a stack of business folders and scoffed.

Of course he was working on business, again. Did the man ever take a break.

“Going to the football match, unlike some I keep my word,” I snapped.

He scratched the back of his neck with his right hand.

“We can go another day, I have work to do,”

“Oh no, you don’t worry. You can go another day, I have a team and I’m going today, you can do your work,” I snapped. Of course he gets one phone call andhe’s already back to his boring business self.


Grabbing my coat this time, never again shall I forget that, I stormed out of the house. I didn’t know why I was so angry but I just.

If it wasn’t bad enough both the parents decided to come back down he turned back into the robotic business freak.

Either way I was going to the damn match.

Heading to the driveway I beckoned for the driver to come over.

Who says one can’t enjoy a footy game by them selves?

I smiled laughing quietly as the halftime buzzer went down. Hell yes! We were leading by three full goals and that was enough to make me forget about the horrible family waiting for me back home.

But there was one thing I hated. The fact that the seats were unpredictable and that I was surrounded by the enemy fans who were glaring at me like there was no tomorrow. I would and should say it’s only a game. But who was I kidding, it was MUCH more than that.

So what did I do? I smiled smugly rubbing it in their faces.

The seat next to mine dipped and I looked over and did a double take.

“What are you doing here?”

Darius looked at me raising an eyebrow holding up his ticket, “Couldn’t let fifty bucks go to waste now can we?” he said, “Now how does this game work?” he asked looking at the field as the players came back on.

I couldn’t help the smile that lit my face and I turned my attention to him.

“Okay this is how it goes,” I said starting off by explaining the foundations to him. Half way his phone started ringing and I raised an eyebrow.

“Work’s calling,” I said a bit annoyed. He shrugged waving a hand “So the side ones are only worth one?” he asked. I nodded.

“You not going to get that?” He shrugged, “They can wait,”

“Why don’t you just switch it off then?” I asked tying my scarf tighter trying to hide the smile that was taking over my face.

“Then I won’t know how many times they called now would I?” he said winking and leaning back in his seat placing a hand on the hair behind mine and the one next to him. My heart had nearly stopped as he winked, let me just say, that was the sexiest wink I had ever seen.

Oh god.

I looked away and realised hald the people in our stalls were staring at him. I could tell the girls were clearly checking him out and the guys were sizing him up seeing how their dates or girlfriends were looking at him but I hoped it was because he looked so out of place in his little fancy buisness suit surronded by people wearing their team colours.

“What?” he asked looking at me and I realised I was glaring and frowning at him.

“You’re wearing black and white,” I said. He looked down knotting his eyebrows “And?” he asked.

“Our team is BLUE and white,” I said shaking my head and leaning back. I heard him chuckle and saw him shaking his head from the corner of my eye. Great another Collingwood supporter in the midst.

I felt a tug around my neck and looked down to see my scarf slowly dissapear and gasped looking at him as he pulled it on.

“What do you think you are doing,” I snapped geabbing the end and tugging it back.

“You said I needed blue,” he said pulling it out of my hands. Urgh.

I leaned into my seat crossing my hands across my chest and glared at him, that was till the game resumed.

I yelled at the top of my voice shifting my attention as the players came out again. Oh we were so going to win!

“I can’t beleive we lost,” I snapped standing up. We were leading by a massive margin and out of no where it had dropped.

“This is all your fault,” I snapped looking at Darius who was smiling and sitting in his seat.

“Mine?” he asked pointing to himself.

“Yea the second you come we lose, till then we were winning!” I snapped. The people sitting infront of us sent me smug stares and I resisted the urge to show them the rude fingers, sheesh did no one ever teach them that it was rude to rub it in someone’s face that they lost.

“Maybe they just suck?”

I gasped turning to him, “You did not just say that,” I snapped grabbing my bag off the floor. He stood up buttoning his jacket seeming all buisness like, “Maybe they had an off match,” he said.

“They were doing fine till you came,” I said reminding him.

The crowd when leaving always took forever. Getting pushed was one of the annoying things about this, everyone wanted to get out, and most of them were drunk and I couldn’t stand the smell of alochol to be honest. Made me giddy.

“I still can’t believe we lost,” I said looking at the other depressed Geelong players. We totally deserved it. I turned to Darius opening my mouth and he beat me to it.

“I know my fault,” he said cracking a grin and putting his hands up. I nodded huffing, no need to look so smug about it.

Eventually we got out and I started walking to the car park.

“Where are you going?” he asked. I saw him nearly grab my hand and pull back last minute, smart choice. I would have punched him square in the jaw, I was just not in the mood right now.


“The car’s this way,” he said pointing towards the car park. I was surprised he even managed to find a spot, especially since he came in late.

“But the driv-”

“I sent him home,” he said shrugging. Swinging my bag over my shoulder I followed him to the car park. I was actually suprirsed the guy even knew how to drive. Didn’t he have drivers to drive him around?

I saw a group of Collingwood fans walking past making sounds and jeering at me and I turned around.

“Oh shut up you s-”

I felt a hand around my waist and mouth pulling me back and the guys started laughing. Damn him I could have totaly beat their asses, punched themn to pulp. We were up by thre goals, which meant eighteen points and then the evil Darius had come.

Pushing him away and I stormed to the car.

“Please tell me our parents are gone,” I said getting into the passenger seat.

“They’re gone,” he said closing the door. My eyes widened and I smiled, oh my god how on earth did he get them to leave. The door opened and I felt the rush of the cold air before hearing it thud shut. Strapping on my belt I turned to face him.


“No,” he said.

I frowned sitting back in my seat. Sheesh way to bring a girl’s hopes up. Wait. If my parents took my room. and his took the other room. Where on earth was I mean to sleep?

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