Marriage by Law

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My fears and doubts were confirmed when I stepped through the front door.

Our parents cars were still in the driveway which did in fact mean that they were still here. Shit.

“I moved all your stuff before our parents saw,” he said as he locked the door and I swore under my breathe.


Please tell me there was a dog house he could sleep in so I could have the master bedroom.

“It’s okay you can sleep on the ground,” he said smirking as he walked up the stairs.

Oh, thank go- “WHAT?” I yelled and realised I was a bit too loud and looked around waiting for our parents to come out of no where.

Making sure the coast is clear I ran up after him and into the room shutting it behind.

“You have the floor, ladies sleep on beds,” I snapped.

What kind of gentleman was he? “Seeing as it’s my bed, and you are no lady, I get to sleep on it. But there is plenty of floor for you to choose from,” he said smiling.

I huffed clenching my fists and closing my eyes taking a deep breathe. Had he no sympathy? My team just bloody lost mate!

“It’s not your bed!” I snapped giving one of the lamest defences I could come up with.

He shrugged walking over and grabbed a pillow and blanket chucking it at me. I growled angrily crossing my hands as I let the pillow and blanket fall to the ground. He couldn’t possibly be serious.

“Since we both refuse to share, you can have the ground,” he said taking of his jacket.

“Whoa keep your clothes on,” I snapped covering my hand with my eyes.

“But I need to change,” I peeked between my fingers and took of my hand when I realised he stopped. The last thing I needed was this to become a R rated night, no thank you Darius you keep your shit on I thought. He waited staring at me and I realised he couldn’t read my thoughts. Well thank god for that I thought.

Is it just me or did someone heat up this room?

“Too bad, you don’t change, I don’t change. Stay,” I said bending down to pick up the blankets. I laid one on the ground and placed my pillow sitting down.I can’t believe it. He was being serious First he makes me pack the car and now the floor to sleep on.

“You’re going to sleep in jeans?” he asked and I shrugged, I had always never bothered to change. What was the point? Taking off my shoes and socks I lied down on the hard floor grabbing the blanket.

“Switch the light off,” I snapped. I heard him mutter something under his breathe before the light switched off and I sighed lying on the floor on my side. I groaned, never in my life had I needed to sleep on a cold floor where I was literally freezing

Damn I had left my jacket in the car, and there was no way this gentleman was going to hand me his, note the sarcasm. I closed my eyes, maybe I could get an ounce of sleep and I could wake up with the parents gone and In the warm soft bed next door.

But somehow I felt that my parents...they were going no where.

Hurt. Pain. Sore. I could go on. I hadn’t even closed my eyes for five minutes before I was fully awake again. Sleeping on the floor hurt like a female dog. Maybe it was because thew blanket was thing and wasn’t really supporting me from my shoulder blades digging into the floorboards.

“Stop making so much noise,”

“Yea well you try sleeping on the ground,” I snapped. I think from all the moving and rustling I wasn’t letting him have his beauty sleep either. Oh well, too bad. If I couldn’t sleep, neither could he. MWahahahha oh god I’m cold. No pun intended.

Cuddling my legs to my stomach I sighed really loudly and I heard him mutter to himself. Just to piss him off some more I smiled to myself moving around noisier making sure my head kept thump the floor. I had given up on the pillow and placed it under my back instead, the floor was much harder on my spine. After the sixth thump I stopped, I was now getting a headache. Moving onto my back I closed my eyes, please sleep, take me.

Just as I moved again here was a loud thump and I froze. That was not me. I squinted my eyes in the dark, don’t tell me there is a zombie coming out from under the bed. The thump was louder and I winced.

“That’s not funny,” I snapped.

“What’s not funny?”

“That,” I said as I heard another sound that resembled the creaking of the door.

“I thought that was you,” he said and I sat up bolting looking around and grabbed my pillow. Aha, pillow fight to the zombie, or whatever it was. There were footsteps and I turned towards the door and saw Darius switch on the bed lamp and sit up on the bed staring at me.

“What on earth are you doing now?”

“Defending us from the zombie,” I said quietly.

“Zombie”?” There were three knocks on the door and I shushed him.

“Ivory, It’s me are you guys awake.”

“Yes, how do you know my name?” I called back and then mentally slapped myself. Who on earth replies to the walking dead. What a stupid idea.

“I’m your mother. Is it okay if I come in?”


“Get in bed,” snapped Darius. I turned around staring at him. He was sitting up and I could barely make out his silhouette in the dark as he leaned back on his hands staring at who I think was me.

“Excuse me?” I whispered back. First he tells me to get out and now he wants me in. Oh hell no I was definitely not sharing a bed with that freak. Husband or not-

“They’ll know something is up if they see you on the ground,”

“Oh hell naw,” I snapped.

“What?” asked my mother from the door.

“Not you,” I snapped.

“Aluminium get in,” he snapped, his tone changing into a harsh command. Business men, I grumbled getting up. The door knob twisted and I grabbed the blanket and pillow quickly running and jumping onto the bed just as the door opened. Half my breathe got knocked out, damn I needed to get fit. I barely sprinted half a metre!

“Oh good you both are awake,” said my mother walking in and I stopped the urge to roll my eyes. As usual she was dressed in a elegant gown, even at this time and her hair was perfectly done as she walked in with something in her hands.

“Couldn’t this wait like till morning?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Of course not,” she said watching us both her eyes taking us in and I knew she was checking up on us. Well ha! We look like the perfect happy couple. I looked at the floor to see my shoes and socks and cursed under my breathe. Hopefully my mother wouldn’t notice.

“What is that anyways?” I said quickly diverting her attention. She handed me a envelope and I pulled it out. It was the invitation to Mrs Alvins ball. Seriously, this couldn’t wait till the morning.

“Okay goodnight,” I said. My mother nodded watching us both and then turned around leaving as I placed the envelope on the bed side cabinet. The second she closed the door I sighed flopping onto the bed and sighing as the softness enclosed me.

“Your turn,” I said pulling the blanket.

“My turn for what?”

“On the floor, I spent half the night, you spend half,” I said.

“Hell no, it hasn’t even been half yet. I’ll wake you when it’s your turn for the bed,” he said grabbing the blanket off me.

“Hey!” I protested trying to grab it.

“That’s not fair, the floors hard,” I said. My neck had sprained the muscles and It hurt to even move it.

“Well that’s too-” the door opened cutting him off and this time his mother stepped in. We both exchanged looks.

“Is the heating working in this room?” she asked.

“Yes mother, what did you want?” asked Darius as I simply stared. What was with them today?

“Oh just checking my dear, this room looked awfully cold,” she said.

“We’re fine,” he said. She nodded looking at us both.

“Well get your sleep, we’ll just check up on you and this room. It’s awfully insecure this house,”

“No need to check up on us,”

“Sleep tight kids,” she said ignoring Darius and closed the door. You have got to be kidding me.

“Yes your turn on the floor,” I said lying down and spreading my hands and feet out.


“Switch the light off on your way down too yea?” I said turning around and lying on my stomach. The light turned off and I felt the bed dip and sat up staring at the column like shadow.

“Get off,” I snapped smacking his back with the pillow.

“Just sleep, I’ll stay on my side and make sure you stay on yours,” he snapped. I glared at him giving him a push, a strong one, or so I tried.

“NO, it’s my turn!” I snapped like a child

. “If our parents keep barging in then we need to sleep in this bed,”

“Sleep under the bed then, I’ll tell them you went to the potty or something,”

“You do that,”



“Get off,” I snapped. He turned around and I glared at his cat like eyes as they looked at me. How the heck did they manage to shine even when there was no light. It was like staring into-


“What’s that supposed to mean?” I snapped crossing my hands like a little child. He shrugged grabbing the pillow and place it between us.

“Your side, my side, don’t cross it,” he said chucking the blanket at me and turning around. My jaw dropped, wasn’t the girls usually make the rules, not the other way around.I huffed and lied back on the bed. Fine then.

“You got the bigger side,” I muttered turning around to face the other side. He sighed turning around and I smiled, I had a plan. As soon as he sleeps, I’ll push him off, I thought snuggling under the blanket and closing my eyes.

I’ll just close them...for a few minutes more.

Damn this bed was soft, but for some reason I could swear there was cold air blowing out of the ducted heating.

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