Marriage by Law

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You know when it feels so warm you just feel sleepy, like on a hot summers day you just want to sleep and sleep and not wake up till night. Well that’s what I was feeling. I could tell I was in a dream with these velvet blankets and a warm bed not wanting to wake up anytime soon.

I turned over feeling warm hands pull me close. They were gentler then I remembered but I didn’t know why I was dreaming about him? Surely it doesn’t take this long to get over an ex-boyfriend? I didn’t get why I had to keep thinking about him, I never really was hurt in the first place, or So i think.

The warm hands enclosed around my back pulling me into a hard strong chest. I never realised how strong James was either. He was always one of those scrawny kids and it wasn’t till he went to Uni he decided to shape up but even that barely did anything to him but who cares.

I snuggled closer embracing the warmth, oh this beat ducted heating any day. I could feel his chin on my head tucking my head between the gap in his neck and chest, like a perfect jigsaw piece. I took a deep breathe letting his scent intoxicate me, James even smelt different. He never had this rich masculine spicy smell, maybe he changed his shampoo again?

He did that way too many times then a girl, which annoyed me how long he took to get ready and still ended up looking like a twerp most times.

I stretched my right arm out wrapping it around his waist as I felt his hands on my lower back and I felt myself shift to lie half on top of him on my front half. Somehow it was more comfortable than sleeping on this soft bed. His chest was soft but hard being the perfect pillow while the rest of me just fit into him like a puzzle.

How come I never noticed this before?

I suddenly felt him jerk and pull away and I groaned feeling the cold air and shivered before I felt the warmth return and smiled snuggling up. A finger traced my eyelid and down my nose to my cheek and I frowned.

“James stop that,” I snapped. The hand froze and in no time it was gone and I sighed taking a deep breathe and letting the sleep envelope me. God I hadn’t slept like this in ages.

What was that sound? It was like the sound of horse hooves on a barren country road pacing themselves and going to the other side, It was steady and...was that a heart beat?

Why on earth can I hear a heart beat?

I opened my eyes blinking a couple of times trying to see clearly and stared into the curtains. My neck cracked from sleeping in a strange but comfortable position. I tried sitting up and realised I was sprawled all over Darius and my mouth fell open.

Well this was awkward.

He was still asleep his dark hair ruffled messily and somehow I had used him as a human pillow, teddy bear or bed last night. Oh shit.

I placed a hand on the bed pushing myself up but got no where realising his hands were on my lower back holding me in place, like he was hugging me or something.

“Oh shit,” I snapped. I have to wake him immediately! I though this idiot was on the floor? Does that mean the dream wasn-

He moved and I froze staring at his face. The sun was just rising it’s rays hitting his face highlighting his perfect features and I frowned. Why were some people just so perfect. It made me sad.

His eyes opened and he looked around before his eyes met mine and my cheeks flared, please tell me he didn’t see me checking him out.

“Morning,” he said closing them again and I froze.


“Eh Hi?” I said lamely. I watched as he kept them closed, don’t tell me he hadn’t noticed where I was or the fact he was holding me down.

“Eh Darius?” I asked. He opened his eyes. I never really realised how mesmerising the colour was. It was like staring right into the gem stone malachite and you just couldn’t look away.

“Can you let me go?” I asked clearing my throat.

“You smell nice,”

“Yea okay n-what?” I asked doing a double take. Who on earth smells nice in the morning. He leaned forward and I leaned back placing my hands on his chest distancing himself but I didn’t manage to go far as he sniffed my hair.

“Your shampoo, it’s nice,”

I stared at him blankly blinking a few times. Well this was new.

“Okay let me go now,” I said trying to get up. It was his turn to blink and realise what I was talking about as my face probably turned another shade red, which looked hideous against my dark skin tan.

“Maybe,” he said closing his eyes. My jaw fell open as I stared at him. “What?” I snapped.

“You weren’t complaining last night,”

My face turned even redder if possible and I could feel the heat raise in my body.

“I-I did not!”

“Exactly you didn’t,” he said and I bite my lip narrowing my eyes trying to pull away as his hands tightened.

“Stop moving and sleep,” he snapped and I punched his shoulder. He groaned opening his eyes.

“I would like to get up now please,”

He stared right back at me and I stared back holding my gaze refusing to look away but there was something in those eyes that captured me. It was an illusion I told myself but somehow I couldn’t pull away.

The door banged open and I yelped leaping away from him and onto the other side of the bed hitting my head against the bed side table and swearing.

“Good morning,” said my mother walking in. I glared at her as I sat up leaning against the headboard rubbing the side of my temple, this was going to leave a bruise.

I could see Darius from the corner of my eye looking just as surprised as me and I turned glaring at him

If he had just let me go, we could have avoided this awkward moment. My mother oblivious to the tension walked in carrying a tray of food and placed it near the foot-board and smiled folding her hands.

“I hope you guys had a nice sleep. The ducted heating must have switched of or something, it was rather cold,” she said.

I glared at her, somehow I had a feeling our parents were up tp something and they had switched it off on purpose. Oh god this was embarrassing.

“Have some breakfast and get ready, we have something planned for today,” With a last smile and looking at us she turned and walked, elegantly, you guessed it, out of the room closing the door. The second she was gone I groaned dropping onto the bed and pulling the blanket higher. The bed seemed hard and uncomfortable but I’d rather stay here then go with a day planned by our ‘lovely’ parents.

Coming down the stairs an hour later I was grumpy.

Not only did I wake up on the wrong side of the bed, literally, all five of them were staring at me smugly. All the parents up to something and Darius just being Darius.

“Took your time,” he muttered quietly as I came down and I shot him a look, not any look, THE look. It was his fault I had a massive bruise on the side of my head that was a horrible purple colour.

I just loved how our parents took up all the seats forcing us to sit next to each other, were they playing cupid or something or did they not realise they already got us married so it’s not exactly like we need help. Right?

“We have a brilliant day planned,” said my mother eyeing me carefully. I could get two things out of that look, one she hated my outfit. And hey, I actually wore a pretty decent dress when i could have kept my pajamas or jeans on. Second, it said be on your best behaviour. Please when was I not?

“Whats this great plan then?” I said earning, of course you guessed it, a look from my mother while my father just smiled at me. Oh it had been ages since I had seen them.

“Why a charity event of course!”

“A what?” asked Darius and I at the same time.

“We have planned a small women’s club where you both will volunteer today and give out cupcakes and meet people. This will be your first debated as a couple!” said Darius’s mother. I should really stop calling her that and by her name, Michelle, But I kept forgetting.

I exchanged looks with Darius as our parents got up and we stood up.

“Go on, we have selected clothes for you, they’re in your room, go change so we can go,”

I held in a groan as I headed back upstairs. Why couldn’t they have told me this before I got ready, I had to change. Again.

Walking into our- I mean the master bedroom I looked at the dress on the bed and stopped in my tracks while Darius let out a loud laugh.

“There is NO way I am wearing that!” I snapped

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