Marriage by Law

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Darius broke into a full pledged laugh bending over and I glared at him ignoring how fast his laugh was addictive as it filled up the room.

“Shut up,” I snapped looking over at his normal ever day suit chucked in the chair. Why did he get to wear normal clothes? I walked over wrinkling my nose lifting up the hideous bright pink dress and turning it around in my hands, I knew it.

My mum did this on purpose.

Darius looked up and turned around cracking up into laughter and I glared at him.

It looked like a dress that stepped out of a cupcake factory with the five shades of pink everywhere. It had hideous puffed up sleeves that had a tight elastic near my elbows and was ankle length with matching white and pink socks and pink belt shoes.

The bodices was a white square with the five shades or pink splattered over it and there was a bonnet to finish it off.

“There is no way I am wearing this,”

I wore it.

Now stepping out of the car with Darius still trying not to burst out into laughter was just making me hate him even more.

He on the other hand got to wear a normal black suit with a black tie, not even pink, it was black and damn he looked fine. It just wasn’t fair!

And then there was me dressed like a five year old holding a basket filled with pink cupcakes to finish it off.

“Come on,” snapped my mother grabbing my arm and tugging me behind her. I looked over my shoulder to see Darius start laughing again and I glared at him.

Oh I will get my revenge soon, very soon. As soon as we stepped into the massive backyard of the community centre we were ambushed with people in pink. It was like all the pink in the paint shop threw up in here. Only my mother would manage to wear a hot pink ankle length dress and look good while the rest of us wore apron and cowboy mixed dresses.

“Can I have another piece?” It was a solid hour and a half later and the whole time I spent cutting up slices of cakes for kids who wouldn’t stop eating.

“You’ve already had three,” I say looking down at the guy. He frowned holding his plate out and I shrugged. Whatever. Giving him his slice I wiped my hands on the dress. If he ruined his appetite for dinner, that was hardly my fault.

It isn’t like anyone would possibly wear this again I thought looking at how many stains I ‘accidently’ got on it.

I walked inside grabbing an ice-cream carton. It’s not like they’ll notice if one of the sixteen tubs go missing. Siting on the ground I took of the lid and sighed. Of course the ice cream was also pink but hey it was ice-cream. I took a spoonful and sighed.

I could stay here forever Forever it was.

Or a couple of hours later, when three quarters of the cartoon was empty and my lips were feeling numb. That’s how Darius found me.

“What are you doing?” he asked placing his hands in his pockets and swinging back on his heel. I held up the tub, Wasn’t it obvious.

“Don’t judge I haven’t had a proper meal in ages,”

He bent down sitting on the ground and my jaw fell open. Did poshness just sit on the ground. Oh no dust bites! that wasn’t me, it was the ice cream talking alright.

“And this is?” He asked making a grab for my spoon. I pulled it away glaring at him, “Hey get your own,”

I worked hard for this ice cream. I had to deal with annoying kids running around everywhere, I loved kids, but not spoilt rotten rich kids. They had no discipline and didn’t know the good things in life. They weren’t kids, they were monsters.

He leaned back against the shelf with his feet stretched out and I stifled a laugh, he was sitting on one side of the shelf and his feet had reached the other and awkwardly pushed up against the other shelf.

He was meant to sit length wise, no ones leg would fit in that space but too bad, that meant sitting next to me and that meant invading my personal pentagon so no. I was going to enjoy to big space.

“It’s melting,”

I looked down and realise indeed it was melting and sighed patting my stomach.

“I’m too full to even move,” I said leaning my head back, the contact with the shelf sending a thud through the kitchen.

“That’s why you give it to me,” he said and I moved the ice cream away from him.

“No,” I said taking another spoonful. I’d eat it all before I give any away! But then if I ate it all there really wouldn’t be any to give away...right?

Urgh the ice cream was making me sleepy, and I had no idea what I was on about.

He leaned forward and I leaned to the side “What are you doing?” I asked raising my eyebrows at his outstretched hand.

“You have ice-cream on your face,” he said. I looked down at my face, or tried to but my nose was in the way.

“I can’t see any,”

“Stay still then,” he snapped moving closer and I rolled my eyes looking up and his eyes met mine. He stopped his finger so close to my cheek I could feel the warmth of them. It was like time had frozen his face close to mine and I couldn’t do anything but stare into the depth of his eyes.

It nearly felt like there were invisible strings pulling us closer just as a loud bang sounded as the door slammed shut. We both jumped apart as we heard footsteps and I could feel my face flame up like I did something wrong.

“Well kill me if I found you a day without ice-cream,”

I looked up and squealed jumping up and jumping into the arms of one of my best friends.

“When did you come back,”

Jeremey laughed hugging me back, taking all the oxygen out of my chest. I coughed pulling back.

“Jesus you still try and squash me with you hugs,” I snapped. He shrugged ruffling my hair and wiped my cheek, “You have ice-cream all over you” he snapped. I wiped my cheek and looked up at Darius that was now standing up watching us.

Jeremy looked over and smiled extending a hand “Jeremy, and you must be Darius eh?” he said winking at me and I rolled my eyes. Darius nodded hesitating a bit before he shook his hand. Jeremey leaned against the bench top placing an arm around my shoulder,

“When did you get back?” I asked again.

“Yesterday and your mother called,” he said griamcing. I laughed, of course she would have.

“Oh right, we were friends from high school,” I told Darius who nodded watching us.

“Now what did you bring me back?” I asked raising an eyebrow. Jeremey laughed and excused us and pulled me with him outside.

He had left a few months ago to his trip to France and I couldn’t wait to see what he brought me back. Everytime he brought me a small peice from a country to remember and I placed it in a box. Last time it was a peice of teh Berlin Wall!

“Well he’s hot,” he said walking me around to his car.

“Whatever,” I snapped rolling my eyes. I would have sworn Jeremey was gay when we were younger, and I bet one day he still may be. He had the softest blonde hair that was shoulder length, it was more silkier than the girls in the shampoo ads and he combed it more than three times a day.

“Oh my god, is that a peacock?”

Jeremey raise an eyebrow and pulled out a bag with a confused expression and I sighed, it was a bag that had the same blue a peacock did.

“Oh my bad,” I said opening it and smiling pulling out the small box. It was wrapped in a ribbon of the french colours and It was a necklace with the locket which was a Fleur de Lis Pendant, and I smiled.

“Here turn around,”

I turned around while he clasped it and I could feel the cold metal on my skin and laughed, “Thanks Gwen,” I said using the nickname I called him as a kid. He ruffled my hair, “No worries kiddo,”

I saw Darius walking in the garden and called him over.

“Look,” I said showing him. Darius smiled, “Looks good,” He said.

“I know right!”

“This girl has a weird fascination with neckalces and lockets,” said Jeremey and I rolled my eyes.

“Anyways I have to go,” said Jeremey. I looked up from playing with my locket, “Already?” I asked.

“Cathy is back in the hotel, she’s got jet lag,” he said rolling his eyes. I gave him a hug, yes another bone crushing one.

“Tell her hi!” I said. He nodded waving and then shaking Darius hand before he left.

“Cathy?” asked Darius.

“His girlfriend,” I siad looking down at the necklace that sat perfectly between my colar bones.

“He has a girlfriend?”

“Duh,” I said looking at him watching his expression change. What type of question was that. Darius smiled.

“What?” I asked as he stared at me, did I have more ice-cream on me?

“Your mothers looking for you,”

“OH shit” I said sighing.

It was just past midnight when we got home and I groaned realising our parents were staying with us, again. No surprise there.

“Get a good nights rest you two, we have plans for tomorrow,” called my mother and I groaned. Of course she made plans. Darius chuckled and I glared at him. Of course he was finding this perfectly alright, he wasn’t the one who was wearing a pink cupcake dress.

“Me first,” I snapped closing the bedroom door in his face so I could change. I could hear him ouside and I pulled my suitcase and opened it. Of course only he would bring the wrong suitcase into the room. This one was filled with the soft toys I had won, not my clothes.

Groaning I pulled out my smaller bag and pulled out a grey elbow sleeves dress with red and white butterfleis on it, I had sometimes worn this as night wear at home and I might as well. Changing quickly and washing the sticky feeling of my face I opened the door.

“Took your time,” he said walking in.

“Took your time,” I mocked walking out letting him change. I walked downstairs and froze on the steps where my parents were.

“Oh darling I wan-”

“NO” I yelled turning around and running back to our room, there was no way I was sitting down for another ‘talk’ with them. I walked in just as he was getting into bed and closed the door.

“It’s boiling,” I snapped. Of course yesterday there was no heater and now it was full on.

I walked over turning the fan on and Darius looked at me.

“It’s going to get cold with that on,” he said. I shrugged grabbing my pillow and blanket walking to the floor.

“What are you doing?”

“Sleeping,” I said placing them on the ground.

“There’s space on the bed,”

“Nah, I like the ground,” I said lying down.

“You weren’t saying that last night,”

“Shut it,” I said my face heating up and I pulled the blanket higher.

“I bet you, you’ll be back in here in no time,” he said.


No deal. It was freezing. It had been three hours and I was still awake. Damn it,.

I sat up. I had turned the fan off an hour ago but it was absoltuley freezing and the cold hard floor wasn’t helping either. I looked up at Darius who was sleeping, his breathing was steady and calm.

I got up grabbing my pillow and slowly walked back placing it on the bed. Wait, maybe I could get my revenge now.

What if I suffocate him? I smiled to myself letting out a soft chuckle and lifting the pillow. I inched it closer and stopped. Oh man I can’t do this. What if I get arrested? Not that I care but if the prison suits end up being pink, thank you mother, then I would die.

Screw this, I muttered as the cold air blew against me. I was too tried to give a beep word.

I crawled in freezing and making sure he was asleep. I poked his cheek, he stayed still

“Thank god,” I said turning to my side. He was sleep. Now where are the covers?

Done. I thought as I grabbed the edge. This wasn’t too hard was it?

I slipped under the covers and closed my eyes. Oh boy this was war-

“I told you,”

Oh shit. I felt my cheeks flare up, tell me he was still asleep when I tried to kill him and poke him. Oh my god Ivory way to freaking go!

“Oh shut up,” I snapped feeling his arms wrap around my waist and leaned back into his chest that was warm and cozy. The warmth made sleep overtake me and the last thing I remembered was the smile on my face.

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