Marriage by Law

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I love birds, and I’m sure most people do too. But there comes a time when you hate them, and that was right now. They were chirping like the house was on fire or something, it was loud, annoying and I just wanted to sleep.

“Shut up,” I muttered trying to roll onto my stomach and felt something that I knew wasn’t the bed. What the-

Opening my eyes I stared into a muscular chest, since when did teddy grow to be a, wait, Oh not again.

I lifted an arm that was somehow draped around his neck rubbing my eyes and gave up lying back down. It took too much effort and I couldn’t even see the sun up yet. Or maybe the curtain was blocking it, in my defense, the sun isn’t up till it stops moving. Which is noon. Thus I’m going back to bed,

Turning on my side I snuggled back into my spot closing my eyes. I mean he was asleep right? So he won’t mind if I just pretended he was my teddy for a while.

What don’t tell me you never had a teddy you used to huddle in bed, I may be over two decades but I still liked my teddy bears. That reminded me, I needed to get them out so I could name them.

“What are you smiling about?”

I looked up to see Darius looking down at me, his eyebrows knotted.

“What to name my teddies,” I said before I could help it and then froze. He broke into laughter and I glared, “Hey what’s wrong with having teddy bears, just cause you have no childhood,” I snapped shaking my head the movement causing my hair to tumble into my mouth.

I gagged spitting most of it out, “Yuck,” I muttered. As lovely as hair smelled, I didn’t really want to have it for breakfast.

I heard a loud bang downstairs and groaned, the parents were up. But then again they were always up. I shuddered just thinking what they had planned for us today.

I closed my eyes sighing as I felt something on my cheek. I opened my eyes frowning at Darius, “I’m trying to sleep,” I said as he tried getting the hair of my face.

“You know if you eat your own hair they’ll have to cut you open to get it out?”

I narrowed my eyes, no they didn’t. Did they? I always remembered my father telling me not to suck on my hair, yes bad child hood habit but I was only human after all, and he used to tell me the hair would choke you inside. Tucking it behind my ear my eyes met his and for the second time in twenty-four hours I felt the same tug inside of me.

That weird feeling you can’t quite explain. And just like last time, it ended just as quickly as it began.

The door burst open and we both jumped apart, I going under the covers and Darius sitting up. The smell of strong horrible smell told me it was my mother, once again putting way too much perfume then needed.

“Is she still sleeping? Wake her, or she will sleep like that for all of eternity if you let her,”

I frowned, I would not! Okay fine i would but who wouldn’t? When you’re asleep its’s nearly perfect.

“I’m awake,” I said peeping out of the sheets.

“Well get ready, we’re heading back today,” she said.

I frowned already?

But then it had been a week, well with the end of the night it would be a week but the journey it self took a while. I sighed thinking about the routine back home. This week was near perfect, near, but going back would change things again. The ringing of Darius’s phone confirmed that.

He was going to go back to work and I was going back to my ‘housewife’ duties by sitting like a porcelain doll.

“We’re leaving soon, Hurry up Ivory,”

I closed my eyes hearing her footsteps fade away and rolled onto my stomach placing my head in the pillow.

“Whatever,” I muttered. I planned to sleep at least another half hour. I mean the sheets were so warm and so cozy and smelt like d-


I sat up and hopped out of bed.

“What happened to sleeping at least that half hour,” he said and I looked over my shoulder. Did i say that out loud? Please tell me that was all I said and his face showed no emotion that he heard the other part. Thank god.

“Eh, I will, in the car,” I said grabbing my suitcase. Wait wrong one. I walked out of the room to the guest room where my clothes still were.

Like my word, and Like I said, I never broke my word, I slept in the car. Like a baby. Maybe worse since i did take up 2 of the 3 seats at the back and made Darius squish into a corner but a girl needed her space to sleep like a Beast. Now pulling into the driveway I wrinkled my nose.

The only good thing about moving into this house again would be my orchids I had to check up on how they were. I had to also called Alicia and Rose and everyone. Reminding me about that stupid cocktail party tomorrow, did I have to go?

“We’ll be back in a week to check up on you both, goodbye,” said my mother. I rolled my eyes at her and returned my dad’s hug. of course she wouldn’t know anything about a proper goodbye.

’Take care” whispered my dad and I nodded waving as the parents left. Thank god for that,

“Where are you going?” I asked as Darius called for the driver.

“I have things to do at work, you can have the day to yourself and go see Rose or something,” he said grabbing the files as Ma came out. Wow how considerate, not.

I rolled my eyes, yep just like I thought, back to normal.

Wrapping the blanket around my shoulders I lay down on my back looking up at the stars as I heard the door to the backyard open.

“Now why would anyone with a brain be out here when its warm inside?”

I looked over my shoulder, or tried since It wasn’t easy and saw Adrian walk up standing with his hands in his pockets.

“What are you doing here?” I asked. Adrian looked at the ground kicking something away and sitting down and I sat up.

“I said I’d come by, plus I had to visit my favourite sister in law didn’t I? Or Cousin-in-law,”

“Darius isn’t he-”

“I know, he’s at work. He spends most nights there so if I were you I wouldn’t wait up,” he said looking up.

“I wasn’t waiting up,” I say frowning and looking at the moon in the distance. Don’t kid yourself, I thought. I was sort of waiting up, but I mean I wanted to see the stars too so it wasn’t really waiting up, was it?

“What are you doing?”

“Looking at the stars,” I said watching the fog come out of my mouth, it was freezing outside but there was something still warm about being here.

“Why, They’re probably dead and we just don’t know because of light years,” he said. I glared shooting him a look. Wow, depressing facts much. And not all of them were dead, I’m pretty sure it was one or two.

“They’re so beautiful though. They’re in their purest elemental form,”

“Elemental form?”

“Well they shine, right? They shine not because someone shines a light on it or because of something we as humans did. They shine because of who they are, their true selves. Like all the gas particles in them create the moments when they shine, It’s just beautiful.”

“That’s...deep. But its warm inside, you know? With food,”

I laughed skating my head, “Did you know you can buy a star?”

“Why would you want to buy a star?” he asked looking at me like I was crazy. I shrugged. For some reason the thought of having a star was warm and fuzzy.

“Well you name a star after someone, not really buy it,”

“And why would you want to do that?”

I shrugged sighing watching my fog from my mouth mix into the air and disappear just as another star twinkled.

“The thought that someone is trying to give you something so pure and far away but yet they try to reach it in the depths. Like it’s something that can never be captured yet they try so hard. It takes a lot of love and devotion to name a star after someone.”

“It’s damn expensive I bet,”

“But it’s not about the money,” I say turning around to face him, “it’s the thought behind it. It’s like even when all of us die, the star will still be there,” I saw him open his mouth and cut him off “I know you’re going to say ‘what if the stars already dead and we don’t know it’ well we’re not going to find out till we die since the light year is way longer than most of us and probably outlive us. But it’s the thought that someone is trying to give you the impossible. Just imagine looking up at a star and saying, that’s mine, or having someone give you that. No present could beat something that would forever remain in history. A star names for you and that will always shine.”

“That’s deep babe, real deep,” he said swatting a fly away, “But imagine all the doughnuts I could buy with that money,”

I sighed shaking my head and he broke out into laughter, “I’m joking. Who put that crazy thought into your head?”

“No one, I just thought about it and apperently one can buy a star. I wanted to actually, but it never worked out.”

“Why?” he asked looking much more curious.

“My friend didn’t think of the same idea. She thoguht it was owning and flaunting the fact you had money,” I said suddenly getting angry, “she was completely missing the point. And by the time I worked up the courage to buy her one anyways she was gone,”


I shrugged not really wanting to talk about her as I looked at the moon. We see that magnificence piece every day but when do we actually see past the scars created by the lakes and craters and at the sheer beauty. It seemed bigger than usual and closer to the horizon with a shade of orange tinted into it.

Every night as a kid I had looked at the moon, saying to myself, that no matter who I missed, if I looked at the moon they would be looking back.

And staring at the moon right now, I wondered, was anyone looking back?

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