Marriage by Law

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“You should go to sleep,”

“Hmm?” I looked away from the moon realising I had probably spent a good ten minutes staring at it, so much that my eye lids were getting heavy and it was hard to focus.

“Its past two, come on, he’s not going to come home any time soon anyways,” Adrian said as he got up and offered me a hand. I yawned as I held mine out and he lifted me up effortlessly.

“Do you sleep in the master bedroom?” he asked. I looked up, half awake my cheeks feeling warm.


“I think I’ll go in there, and then Darius can come and I can scare the shit out of him. Damn it Adrian why are you so smart for?” he said talking to himself and losing me half way.

“Huh?” I asked sleepily locking the door behind me. I felt his arms on my shoulder and saw him lean down,

“It’s okay dear cousin-in law, go to bed, I’ll take care of it,”

“Whatever, night,” I said yawning and walking towards the stairs. I didn’t know how I did but I managed to get to my room and not bothering to change I flopped onto the bed. Too exhausted to pull the blanket and too exhausted to turn the lights off and as soon as I took a deep breathe, I exhaled it along with my consciousness.

I welcomed sleep.

But it soon ended. I was’t sure how long I had slept before I heard a commotion. Looking at the clock I realised it was somewhere still in the morning am time as my eyes were too fuzzy to notice the time.


I blinked sitting up and walking to the door opening it. I saw Adrian bend over picking up a blanket and pillow from the ground.

“What’s going on?” I asked blinking trying to get my eyes adjusted to the light.

“Apparently your husband doesn’t like sharing a bed with his favourite man,” said Adrian sulking like a girl. I let out a laugh shaking my head.

“There’s other bedrooms, help yourself,” I said. Adrian walked towards the other end.

“Yep going far away from the insane man,” he said. I sighed shaking my head closing the door and walking back to bed. I should have probably switched a light on, but I didn’t which meant I walked right into the damn bed and yelped.

“Freaking hell,” I said bending down rubbing my knee as I climbed in. The bed heater was on making it warm and cozy as I slipped under the sheets sighing. I grabbed the pillow hugging it feeling like something was missing.

I closed my eyes hoping back to get to the sleep.

Morning couldn’t come any sooner I thought sarcastically as I felt the light on my eyes. I sighed cuddling up to the pillow and sighing. I could spend all morning just sleeping, I mean sleep debt, I must have heaps of it.

I felt the pillows fluffiness envelope me and frowned, since when did the pillow move? Opening my eyes I stared into a dark grey shirt and my eyes widened as I pulled back looking up.

“What the hell,” I said giving him a push. He took up three quarters of the bed pushing me nearly over the edge. He opened his eyes looking down, “What?” he asked.

“What the heck are you doing here, and move over you fat ass,” I said trying not to fall over the edge.

“Adrian wanted the master room cause it was warmer, the idiot kept coming back so I moved,”

“There are other rooms you know,” I said grabbing the blanket he was hogging. Darius sighed closing his eyes and grabbed the blanket covering my face with it.

“Go to sleep,” he replied turning around. I frowned pushing his back “Shove” I said moving a safe distance from the edge. The guy was going to make me fall off the cliff, well in the morning when someone falls of the edge of the bed, it feels like a cliff.

He muttered something I couldn’t hear and I rolled my eyes turning around as well pulling more of the blanket. I knew it was morning, the sun was high meaning we had slept in a bit but I couldn’t help it as the sleep took over.

But not for long when the door burst open and I winced opening my eyes.

“WAKE UP!” yelled a voice. I squinted before opening them to see Adrian holding a bucket of water.

“Shit,” I yelled sitting up. I looked behind me and realised the bed was empty. Was I dreaming? But the crinkle in the folds and the blanket half off meant I wasn’t.

“What the heck,” I said running a hand over my face.

“What do you mean what the heck, you slept through most of the day and are now one hour late to the cocktail party or whatever we are meant to go to,”

I looked at the clock swearing, shit, why didn’t anyone tell me. I jumped up realising Adrian was already ready in a light navy shirt over suit pants and a grey vest, somehow pulling it off well.

“I’m going,” I grumbled as he warningly raised the bucket at me.

After nearly another hour, making us really late, Ma had finally finished helping me get ready.

“There,” she said as she placed the final pin in my hair and I winced looking in the mirror wanting to pull it out. It hurt and I could feel one of the strands in the wrong way with was tugging at everything.

“It hurts,” I groaned.

“There, there child you’ll be fine, you look stunning my dear,” she said smiling as she grabbed the back of my shoulders turning me around. I frowned

.It was a floor length dress with lace with a scoop neck and sleeveless and made out of tulle. It had a champagne bodice with black lace design over it and black tulle to the bottom that had the champagne colour run all the way down the bottom.

I wore simple earrings that Ma had picked out that were spirally and hung which really made me pedantic that I would accidental pull them out.


I looked over as Adrian stood at the door nodding in approval.

“Late yes I know let’s go,” I said slipping into my simple black heels that had one small crystal that shone when the light hit it but it was covered by my floor length dress.

Darius was waiting downstairs as we both ran down the stairs being yelled at by Ma to take it easy before I rip the truffle on the dress. I rolled my eyes, it was only a dress. I could just imagine mothers face if she saw me rip this dress I thought nearly laughing.

“Let’s go,” said Adrian bursting out the front door.

“What’s his hurry?” I asked looking up at Darius whose eyes met mine.

“He’s hungry don’t know why he’s running since Miss Alvin is cooking,” he said and I wrinkled my nose. Hopefully she didn’t try and make me eat one of those pastries.

Darius placed his hand on my back gently pushing me towards the car, “You look eh good,” he said rubbing the back of his neck. I bit my lip trying not to smile at his awkwardness.

“Thanks,” I said getting in the car where Adrian was scoffing down a bar of some sort.

“How old is this?” he asked Darius who got in. Darius shrugged.

“I think it’s gone bad,” said Adrian as he finished the last part and I looked at him shaking my head, if he gets food poisoning, we all knew why.

I didn’t realise how late we were till we walked in and most people stopped to look at who it was. A few came to say hello and greet us while either stood beside me, Darius talking to some man and Adrian looking around,

“Where’s the food?” he asked me and I shrugged, like I was meant to know.

“Oh Ivory, darling you look so lovely, and Darius I’m glad you both made it,” we looked up as Miss Alvins came up with her arms outstretched as she squeezed me into a hug, one possible as tight as Jeremey’s.

“Sorry we’re late,” i said and she pulled back laughing.

“At least you made it,” she said. Linking my hand within hers she dragged me away and I looked back at them two wanting to scream ‘help’.

After half an hour of introductions she left me and I found my way to the the table where Alicia was sitting. She was looking around and did a double take seeing me and rushed over giggling and ushering me to her seat.

“Damn girl you look beautiful,” she said eyeing me up and down and I could feel my cheeks turn red. She was the speak, in a bright pink and white gradient dress with a crystal belt amongst her waist she seemed to pull off the bold colour very well.

“I bet Darius was lost for words when he saw you eh,” she said winking and nudging me as I crossed one leg over another shaking my head at her, “How was your trip?”

I opened my mouth but closed it as Jake and Darius joined the table with Adrian with a plate, yes, full off quiches and he sat down.

“Oh can I have one?” asked Alicia and he looked at her, “Get your own,” he commented placing one in his mouth and Alicia glared at him.

“Gentleman, you can’t keep the ladies hungry,” said Miss Alvin carrying over a massive plate placing a pastry on each of our plates and I gve Alicia a look. It looked raw on the bottom and burnt on the top and the middle, we wouldn’t know till we opened it.

“Its my famous rum and banana pie,” she said and I nearly gagged, rum and banana?

“Eat up,” she said moving on and we both stared at our plates.

“You think it’s edible?” asked Alicia touching the top of her pie with her finger.

“I don’t know, I dare you to eat some,” I said childishly looking at her. She looked at me her eyes wide.

“No way you first,”

“If you do it, I will,” I said. She bit her lip looking around and back down. I looked down at my plate, “You first,” she said and I nodded. Fine.

How bad can a pie be?

Just as I was willing my hand to lift of my lap I saw Darius reach for the pie but this time a hand beat him to it. A hand that had a bright red sleeve and picked the pie up off my plate. I stared at the plate confused and looked at Darius who seemed to be staring at someone behind me and he broke into a smile.

I turned around in my chair looking up to see who it was to take the pie this time and felt all the blood drain to my toes.

I felt my heart nearly stop beating and the blood in my barely pumping as I met the blue eyes that stared back.


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