Marriage by Law

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“What are you doing?”

I ignored the voice and took a deep breathe, muttering into the pillow. Why did the pillow have to smell so bad? Why couldn’t it have a musky aftershave smell or a –? Wait, no, I mean like a sunflower smell or something. Do sunflowers even have a smell?

“Ivory,” the call of my name was followed by a jab on my waist. It was annoying, because it only made the belt in the plane dig into my waist. Damn it, why couldn’t we just take a normal plane?

I had nearly freaked when Adrian dragged me to the outside of the airport and passed the runway. I honestly thought for a moment I was going to die by getting run over by some humongous plane and no one would know because I would look like an ant from the window.

And sure, I was expecting Darius to own a private jet. Hell, my father owned one, too, but that didn’t mean I had been on one since my fourteenth birthday. No. In fact, I like to keep myself very far away from these creatures.

“Ivory.” Another jab followed and I lifted my hand and waved it to say I would get to him later. But I think I imagined the movement rather than do it. I could finally feel the plane reach a steady altitude, which made me open my eyes to stare at the dark navy blue pillow that had one streak of gold across it, creating a decent look.


“Ow!” I rubbed my waist as I sat up straight, glaring into the eyes that were staring at me. “What?” I snapped.

“Oh, now you reply. I have been trying to talk to you for the last half an hour and you kept trying to sleep!”

I rolled my eyes as Adrian huffed. He crossed his arms across his chest from the seat opposite mine and leaned back.

“If you couldn’t see, I was waiting till the train came to a steady stop, thank you very much.”

“Steady stop, thank you very much,” mocked Adrian in a high pitched voice, making faces at me which only made me sigh and lean back, closing my eyes. Why on earth is he so childish? I thought he had his own business or something, how can someone like that run something?

Which only reminded me not to judge. Look where I was. Graduated with flying colours, wanted to get a degree in Medicine to only help people, and then shattered the dream. I shuddered, just thinking about it. And I let other things blame the reason I dropped out. Now that was childish of me.

Screw that, it was already done. What about cooking? I tried taking that up in Uni as a part time course, learned how to make pasta, and then dropped out, not liking being bossed around by some pretentious chef. And I remember every week I would learn a new dish and try to prepare it only for James to say it lacked this or that or whatever when I made some for him

Oh, don’t even think about that. Alright, let’s say I wasn’t made for cooking. What about sport? Oh god, Ivory, how long has it been since you picked up a hockey stick or kicked a footy? Too long that the walk across the runway made me sweat. Pathetic.

Staying at home. Is this what I had become? Some spoiled girl who would whine? So I don’t care what Adrian thinks Darius would say. I am getting a job. I cannot just stay home all my life. I swear my IQ level had dropped the past few months and spending more time with Adrian would only make it drop some more.

“Million for your thoughts?”

My eyes shot open as I stared at Adrian, who was staring at me curiously.

“Isn’t it ‘a penny for your thoughts’?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Inflation prices,” he retorted haughtily, taking a sip of his glass which looked like it probably had alcohol in it. Where did he get that? I could use a glass right now to calm the elephants in there. I hated flying. But then again I got drunk faster than a fifteen-year-old. Not that they should be drinking in the first place.

“Only you, rich people,” I muttered, shaking my head.

“You’re rich, too,” he reminded me, something I usually always forgot. Of course, I was rich, too. What was that, a saying that rich people stick together? If that was the case, I wouldn’t have to marry Darius in the first place. It was the fact that rich people claw at each other to become better that we had to get married so that our companies, the biggest, won’t run each other down. Some healthy competition that would always keep us at the top and let the other businesses stay below. Evil, but still worked.

Ignoring him and his requests for packeted peanuts, I looked out the window, noticing the dark sky. I thought it was just morning. And then I realized I probably fell asleep sometime because looking at Adrian now, he was sprawled in his seat with a basket on the ground that had packets of empty peanuts and I stifled a laugh.

Why couldn’t he just eat some meal? This was their jet, I’m sure they could have made him something. Taking off the belt, I stood up to use the bathroom and stood in the aisle looking both ways.

This wasn’t a commercial plane, so where on earth are the toilets? I walked down the left end. They have to be somewhere. I walked by various closed doors, too afraid to peek in. After another few minutes, I reached the end and paused. Well, this was awkward. I decided I might as well wake Adrian up, feeling the urgent need to pee.

I turned around, only to nearly crash into someone bringing plates, and froze.

“Oh crap, I’m so sorry!”

I bent over, grabbing the cloth they dropped and carefully placed it on the top of the plates. I raised my eyes to see a young man smiling.

“That’s fine! Did you need any help?” he asked and I blinked. Was that his voice? Trying not to snicker, I bit my lip and nodded and then realized I didn’t say anything.

“Eh, stupid questions. Where are the toilets?”

He looked over his shoulder. “Third door through the bedroom.”

I nodded my thanks and walked back to the door. Damn it, why do I need to pee so bad?

“I’m Simone, by the way,” he yelled.

I looked back and nodded before entering in. I froze. Whoa, okay, I was expecting a bed of some sort. This was a private jet and dad had one on his flight after he complained too much that the seats gave him back pain. But this room looked straight out of a hotel. Shaking my head, I hurried to the bathroom, sighing as I looked at the cleanliness.

Why can’t all planes be like this?



“Go away.”

“Ivory, we landed.”




“Ivor-aye, all mighty.”




“Good, now go,” I muttered, leaning my head against the surprisingly cold window. I was shivering. Who turned the air conditioner on?

“Ow!” I jumped, sitting up and glaring at Adrian whose face was way too close to mine. He had a cheeky smile on and stood up, placing the glass back. I stood up angrily, only to be pulled back down by the belt. I grumbled and tried to tug it free but gave up when it got stuck.

“Did you have to do that?” I said as he laughed. My hair was now wet thanks to this idiot and I was seriously hoping it wasn’t beer or something strange that he poured on me. I had just washed it this morning.

“Here, I’ll help.”

I looked up to see Simone bend down to help me with my belt and I smiled. “Thank you. At least one of you is nice.” I stood up and grabbed my bag.

“You deserve that,” Adrian was saying. “Come on. The driver already picked up our luggage for us.”

I rolled my eyes, hurrying after him before I got lost in the dark. I reached the doorway.

“Thank you for f –” I shivered, feeling the cold bitter air outside. I looked down at the stairs and groaned. Can someone just transport me to the bottom?

“Hurry up,” yelled Adrian over the sound of the engine as well as the wind and I trudged after him to the limousine that was waiting at the bottom of the stairs. For some reason, the stairs seemed to go on forever before I reached the bottom and I hurried in the car, enjoying the warmth inside.

“Where are we going?” I asked, realizing it was night in France right now. I did not a clue where we are or where we are going.

“To sleep. I don’t know about you but I am sleepy,” he muttered, leaning back and closing his eyes.

Well, me? Well, I wanted to eat, thanks, but clearly no one wants to feed me these days. I would make something for myself if there was food. Wait, we were going to sleep, which meant hotel, which meant I can raid their bar fridge.

Or I can also call up room service. But by the time they got here with food, that can be either cold or hot. I can’t wait that long. Not to mention my bad luck and the food might end up being a platter of seafood since rich people like that. Perfect.

I watched mesmerized by the lights of the city as the limousine drove by. Even at this hour, people were everywhere huddled together in trench-coats or smoking to to keep warm. It didn’t stop the women from wearing short dresses either.

I watched as we finally arrived at a grand hotel and the inside definitely impressed me. With huge chandeliers and red carpet, pristine gold handles and rails, it looked elegant. Usually not my thing but something about it was good.

The elevator sent us right up to the top and I hopped out. Where were the bags? Did the driver send them up?

I placed my hands into my pockets as I followed Adrian walk to the far suite. He opened the door and stepped inside.

“Wait, where is my room?” I asked as he was about to shut the door. He raised an eyebrow, nodding his head.

“You’re sharing with me. Come n.”


“It’s a surprise! Come inside!” he muttered, pulling me in. He couldn’t be for real, could he? He took out his phone, typing away and muttering like a school kid.

“Yay, we can sleep together. We should paint our nails and do a slumber party.”

“Eh,” I said. Sometimes I got confused. Screw that. I constantly got confused between child Adrian and adult Adrian who grew up a few years.

“Are you serious?” I asked, realising that he was, in fact, serious by the way he was looking at me.

“Well, yes. I wanted to eat marshmallows and watch romance movies all night,” he said, narrowing his eyes at me. For some reason, in that business suit, I couldn’t take him seriously at all. A business man wanting to do that, hell, even I don’t want to watch romance films.

“Eh,” I said, really not knowing what to say.

“Change into something comfortable. I’ll go get the marshies and hot cakes!”

“Eh, Adr –” I winced as the door slammed as he walked out. I sighed, looking around the room. It was a posh room. Not a grand suit or something but still spacious and big.

Well, I guess I can eat Marshmallows. I was hungry. I kicked off my shoes, dropping my bag and placing my jacket on top of it. Me? Change? Yea, right. Who does that?

I walked over to the bar bridge. Finally. Please tell me there is food in there. I opened it and looked in. Are you serious?

This was perfect. I grabbed a handful of chocolate bars, a packet of chips, a yogurt tub and a banana, just to be healthy, and closed it the door. I changed my mind and grabbed a soft drink as well. All the alcohol looked a bit too much for me.

Rushing back to the bed, which technically meant I broke all my mother’s rules of no food in bed, I jumped in, kicked my socks off and ripped a packet of chips open. Salt and vinegar never tasted so good. Damn, I was really starving.

Half way through the packet and half way through some stupid movie, I got bored. Really bored. Where were the bloody marshmallows? Not to mention I was experiencing sugar rush. I kicked the wrapper to the ground and switched the lamp on. I snuggled under the covers to be comfortable as I watch the movie. It was near the end and I might as well finish it.


Warmth. And I would have welcomed it if I wasn’t trying to sleep. But then realising it was probably Adrian, I was pissed. Did he bring my marshmallows? Hang on, why was he in my bed?

“If you don’t take your hand away, I’ll cut your balls off,” I muttered against the pillow when I felt him move closer. He better have my marshmallows or else.

I heard a chuckle. What was so funny?

“I wouldn’t do that if you want kids.”

The voice. Did he get a cold? Serves him right for wetting my hair.

I opened my eyes, then blinked. I was still in the same room. My right eye twitched as I turned my head around, placing it again on the pillow. I found myself staring into the eyes that shone in the dark. Only one person I knew had those eyes.

“What are you doing here?”

“Shouldn’t I be asking you that?”

“Eh, Adrian said –”

“Of course he did,” he said, cutting me off and... Did he just roll his eyes?

“He always takes the suite, that greedy pig. I never knew he was bringing you along as well,” said Darius, rolling over to his back and staring at the ceiling. Well, this was awkward. Did he not want me to come? Adrian said for me to come along. But something in his voice seemed like he was surprised, a good kind of surprise.


“Good. I can show you around Paris then.”

“Eh,” I mumbled, closing my eyes, my brain not even trying to co-operate at the moment. I could finally feel all the downside of not sleeping for the past few days hit me. I ignored the blood rush which tried to keep me awake. Just sleep.


What? I wondered in my head. Couldn’t he just leave a girl in peace?

“Aluminium,” he said, his tone more stern. Whatever, go die. Okay, I was sleepy. Not a good thing to mess with a sleepy woman on her time of the month. She was moody. So, being the polite person I was, I groaned in response to tell him I heard him.


I opened one eye to stare at him, seeing he was staring at me. What did he just call me?


“I didn’t say anything.”

I narrowed my eyes at him, then closed my eyes again, sighing into the pillow. At least these smelled good.


After a few more seconds.


“Honestly, you and Adrian are so annoying,” I snapped.

I heard a chuckle before I felt something on my hair. “Runs in the family. No DNA testing required.”

Whatever, let me sleep. The comfy bed was just beckoning to me. I could basically see stars behind my eyelid. I opened one eye to see him open his mouth again and shut him up with one look.

“Do you mind? Some people want to sleep.”

“I do. Actually I –” The annoying buzz of his phone cut him off and I rolled my eyes at him. Of course, no surprise there. Work calls even at the crack of dawn, or maybe it was the crack of dusk. Did that even make any sense?

“I have to take this. I’ll be back.”

I waved a hand, not bothering to open my eyes. It was like Jumbo the elephant sat on top of them and refused to remove his fifty-kilogram tail.

I felt something on my cheek then something being pushed under my sprawled hands before I heard a door slide close.

My eyes flew open as I stared at the veranda door.

Three things.


Did he just kiss me?


Turning my head, I saw a bag of Marshmallows.


By the hard object that was now poking me on my hip bone, half out of my pocket, I saw that I have his phone.

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