Marriage by Law

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Chapter 3

6 Months ago

I couldn’t even remember how I got home but I had never been more happier to see the large double oak doors at the top of marble stairs. Rushing up as fast as I could I pushed them open greeted by the warm air.

“I see you have gotten wet in the rain,” said my mother walking down the large steps. I nodded. Of course only my mother couldn’t get the difference between rain and tears.

“Well get ready I need to talk to you,” she said. Not even glancing at her I walked up to my room like a robot.

My phone buzzed in my pocket as I closed the door to my room behind and sighed sitting down.

Did I want to see the message? Was it from Rose or from him? Against my better judgement and I opened my message.

It’s not what you think

I scoffed throwing the phone on the bed and laying down. My blanket was warm and cozy and instantly acted like the comfort my mother would never be able to give. So it had been true, he really was cheating on me.

For how long was this going on?

Did he even go on those business trips like he said he did or was he just hiding in his house making out with that stupid dumb bimbo! Wrapping myself into the blanket I closed my eyes sniffing.

The past four years I had finally given my heart to him with much caution, and even if I was so careful I still was deceived.

Like people say, Love is blind.

What I say, Love is nothing but an illusion, something that could and can never exist.

Present Time

I woke up, if you could even say that. I couldn’t even sleep but the moment the sun hit my face through the windows I sat up and got ready for today.

The only good thing about today was, that it was Saturday. Saturday was the one day in the whole week I had to myself. It was ME day. Which meant instead of those horrid rich tight clothes i could wear the jeans and a loose hoodie like I was right now.

Instead of high heels and fancy hair I could throw it into a messy pony tail and wear boots. It was the one day I could go and do anything I wanted but of course for the past six months I had gone to the backyard where I had planted orchids, my favourite flower. The blue mystic orchids where my absolute favourite, any other orchids I didn’t care for as much.

As a teenager when I saw them I used to fall in love with those special and incredibly rare blue flower, I had no idea what they were called till I was seventeen and a friend told me, ever since then, my love for them grew.

I peeked out of the corridor, it was still early and the sun had just risen which meant in fact the Incorrigible bastard may still be sleeping. Tip-toeing out quietly I ran down the stairs and past one of the cleaning maids and to the backyard.

“Slow down dearie, you might trip over” said Margret as she opened the door for me. I smiled cheekily grabbing the watering can and tools from the small box outside.

“I will,” I assured her as she opened her mouth probably to warn me about cutting myself on the pliers and knife like I did nearly every week.

“Are you sure you should be doing this. Dar-”

“It’s my day, and I don’t think he has a right to say on what I can or can’t do,” I snapped. Margret nodded ushering me out. I left out the part about he said I could do whatever I want as long as I was out of his way. That was fine with me.

I guess I did have to live the rest of my life like I did the previous six months. What joy.

These orchids were the only things making my time pass on those my days. I never knew you could grow blue orchids, they were incredibly rare and for the first couple of flowers they were meant to come out white and the water would go blue with the dye they used to grow them but somehow I still felt dodgy about the man who sold them to me.

I really just hoped they came out blue.

Whistling to myself and enjoying the warm sun I walked over to my little orchid bed near the wall and fence and sat down. It was a small quiet area where I had decided to claim as my own flower garden. I had planted some red and black roses in the far end, the black had to had a special cloth tied down the bottom. And on the other end I had Jasmines, my childhood most favourite plant, before I met the orchids.

I sat down on the ground and leaned over picking out the weeds humming to myself.

“How was your week my darlings?” I whispered as I cleaned them of bugs, snails and other insects I found, or dead moths in this case.

“Yea well I didn’t have a too event full one myself,” I replied plucking the bad leaves. I could see three buds and sighed. When would they actually blossom. I watered the first plant taking my time and washing the mud from the leaves.

I wasn’t crazy talking to them, apparently talking to trees and plants helped them grow. I leaned back against the brick wall behind me and looked up at the house windows sighing.

“Maybe next Saturday I could go out with Rosie.” I said looking at the plant. I stroked the soft silky leave rubbing it softly. I could smell the amazing jasmines, they were nearly ready maybe by my next week they could have fully blossomed and the roses were still yet to come by.

I picked up the spade turning it in my hand looking at the sharp ends. Maybe I could get some more flowers. But then I didn’t want to over cluster the flower bed. I wanted it simple and growing two of my favourite flowers and some roses just to give Rosy as an ironic joke.

I started digging a hole near the orchid and cut off a root placing it in the hole and covering it up. I wasn’t sure if it was going to work but I might as well give it a shot. Watering it I got up taking my gloves off and looking up at the sky but only my eyes got distracted at the movement in the window.

Was he watching me?

I met his malachite green eyes and he turned leaving and I stared at the window for a few more seconds. What if Margret was right and he was going to yell at me for doing housework. I shuddered thinking of it.

If he was that cold and scary normally, I couldn’t even begin to imagine him when he was angry.

I looked back at the orchids sighing.

“I guess this is goodbye for now, hurry up and grow my babies” I whispered. I bent down kissing the plant and stood up gathering my stuff.

Margret was waiting outside with a wet towel for me to wipe my hands. She shook her head as she watched me and I looked at her.

“You cut yourself again dearie,” she said handing me a wet towel. She led me to the kitchen and grabbed the first aid kit.

“I didn’t Ma,” I said.

She grabbed my right hand and my finger next to my thumb and I gasped. Oh yes, I seemed to have pricked myself.

I let out a nervous laugh wiping it on my jeans earning another nasty stare from her.

“It’s nothing, just a prick, probably from the roses,” I said.

“It could get infected,” she said taking out alcohol from the cupboard.

Oh no she didn’t.

“It’s fine, I had this plenty of time” I said taking a step back.

“Dearie stand still. This isn’t like all the other times I let you off with just cream. The master would be furious if you got sick and I could have done something about it,”

I scoffed oh yes he would be oh so sad, I bet he would rather be jumping for joy. Maybe I could die like this wishing that in my next life I could have a better life. If it worked with snow white’s mum why not me? I was pretty sure it was a rose prick anyways.

Margret took my distraction and placed the swab on my hand and I snarled cursing, “Stupid apple minestrone!” I swore, well my swear words anyway.

And yes I had perfect timing, that too was when he walked in shooting me a weird look. Probably thinking that I also spoke weird. Which in my defense was not my fault.

“Margret take all calls for me, I have to run an errand,” he said. Margret put down the band aid and nodded and I took this time to escape as he spoke to her.

Errand my ass, probably off to see his model girlfriend or something. I walked up the stairs quickly sucking on my finger that tasted quite bitter. Oh right alcohol. I grabbed my phone and opened up Rose’s contact.

Since I got official permission from him to do whatever, maybe I could.

Wanna meet up and have fun like 1984

I messaged her joking. I laid on my bed till I heard the familiar ting and sat up.

We can do that? Oh hell yes. Betty’s in five?

I smiled getting up. I walked over to my wardrobe and grabbed a hat and sunglasses and put them on so I wasn’t as recognizable. In normal clothes with that I barely looked like myself.

Now how to sneak out I thought,

I should have done this six months ago

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