Marriage by Law

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“I’m never getting you pregnant again.”

“That’s what you said last time,” Adrian told Darius as he munched on his apple. He was hoping Darius didn’t hear him, but Darius did. He heard it and turned around glaring at Adrian.

“Who asked you for your opinion?”

Adrian raised his hands in defense. “Hey, I’m just saying what I observed. That was what you said last time and look where we are, again.”

“Well, this time I’m serious.”

“Of course.”

“I am.”


“I’m serious,” Darius persisted and waved a hand at Adrian. “I’m not going to put her through that pain again.”

Adrian rolled his eyes.

“Of course. You might want to check out your son. He’s eating your pants. Hey, Stephen ,my pants taste better.”

Darius flipped Adrian off and looked down to see Stephen busily trying to place the end of his daddy’s pants in his mouth. Groaning, Darius bent down and picked up the three-year-old in his arms.

“Are you done yet?”

I narrowed my eyes as I looked away from Darius and Adrian and looked at Rose, who looked more nervous than me. The last contraction was more than half an hour ago. Right now I felt nothing. “Do I look done?” I asked, pointing to my overly large stomach.

My water had broken less than ten minutes ago and then they rushed me to the hospital. I wasn’t sure which part was more embarrassing: swearing and flailing my hands that I knocked Jesse unconscious, or this happened in the middle of a very important business party, my screaming making many of the men pale. This is exactly why I don’t go to these things.

I could still picture Darius’s way too pale face and Adrian yelling “Name it after me” the whole car ride while Rose told him to shut up. Why did they have to tag along?

“You are awfully calm.”

“There is always a calm before a storm.” I mean, if my screaming in the car had anything to do with it, I was only going to get louder and I knew it was going to only hurt more. Especially since this was one stubborn child.

My first, Stephen, was easy. The pains came and then he came out. But this little devil I loved already was still inside me, sleeping, no doubt.

“Darius can’t make his wife scream.”

I closed my eyes. “Can someone just kick him out?” All I could hear was his annoying munching on the apple and it was really starting to get on my nerves.

“Don’t yell at me,” Adrian snapped, jumping to his feet. “This is all because your husband couldn’t keep his dick in his pants! I really wanted to eat dessert!”

Rose grunted and slapped her forehead with her hand and sent me an apologetic look while my breathing got faster. And this time it wasn’t to Adrian annoying me. It was ’cause I felt it. It was like my spleen was being torn in half. Fu*k, I forgot it hurt this much.

What was I thinking, wanting five kids?

“Breathe,” Rose said as I bit my lip.

No, don’t scream. Maintain your composure. Even if I had a high tolerance for pain, this was out of the world.

“What the fu*k do you mean ‘breathe’? That’s not going to get rid of the pain, is it?” I yelled and the whole room froze. Darius stopped pacing like a mad man, and Adrian dropped his apple as he went pale.

“Is it going to come out?” Adrian asked as he made a disgusted face.

That’s it! I was going to get up and choke him but Rose beat me to it, standing up and walking up to him. “Out, now.”

“But I want to name it after - Fu- Fine,” he yelled as she smacked him. He got up, kicking the apple in the process, and stormed out. Rose took Stephen from Darius’s hand and walked out, saying, “I’ll get the nurse.”

I closed my eyes, my nails digging into my own palms. Nothing in my twenty-five, nearly twenty-six years, could have prepared me for this pain. I felt hands pry my fingers away before they could draw blood and smelled the relaxing cologne, but it really couldn’t take away this pain.

“Just breathe. Push and breathe. Just b -”

“Say breathe one more time, Darius, and I will seriously- Fu*k!” I sucked in air. Maybe I should stop talking. The pain was unbearable. My eyes flew open and I bit my lip until it drew blood.

“No more kids after this,” Darius strained, wincing as my nails dug into his skin but said nothing, probably because it was nothing like the fu*king pain I felt now.

I nodded. No more kids after this. Why the hell did I want five? I was likely to pass away from pain from this one.


Darius patted my hand as we heard Adrian’s voice from the door. Darius calmly said, “I’ll deal with this,” but then flipped.

“What the fu*k do you want, Adrian Hunter!” There were only a few times Darius swore, and most of them were in the hospital room.

“I’m trying to help.”

I sucked in more air trying to breathe. Okay, maybe breathing would help, but it really wasn’t helping the pain go away.

“Adrian, I swea –”

“Okay, I was just going to say that your mothers are downstairs. The quicker you get the baby out, the faster we can leave. Rose will stall them.”

Oh shit, my mother. The last thing I wanted was my child to see her horrible grandmother’s face first.

It did the trick because the next thing I knew, I was making a sound I never knew I was capable of and I was sure I was about to dig a hole in Darius’s arm.

* * * * *

I leaned back ointo Darius’s strong frame, feeling more tired than ever. He had somehow managed to get on the bed behind me, his feet dangling as I used him as a pillow. After twelve hours of painful labour, and another twelve as the doctors rushed around making sure everything was okay, and then another three just waiting, we were more than tired. I wasn’t even sure how I was still awake, but holding her in my arms, sleep wouldn’t come.

“Sapphire,” he said, stroking her cheek with his pinky finger.


“I want to name her Sapphire.”

I laughed weakly. “Sapphire Quartz,” I whispered, testing it out. It had a ring to it. We hadn’t picked out names because we had wanted both genders to be a secret. So our parents didn’t try to name them after themselves. Just a small surprise.

“No more kids after this,” Darius warned from behind me for the tenth time and I rolled my eyes.

“I can’t because your sperm screwed up their order,” I joked with a chuckle. Not that I cared about the order. It was just a stupid teenage plan, it was all to chance.

He chuckled. “Thank god I did.”

“Can we come in yet?” There was banging on the door and I sighed, looking up at Darius who shook his head. After the baby came out, the nurse had brought in Stephen, who was busy sitting on the bed staring at his sister with as much awe as Darius, and locked everyone else out.

It was peaceful after Sapphire had cried her lungs out and gone to sleep.

“Wwake,” Stephen said, sitting up and reaching out with his grubby hands to touch her. Darius caught Stephen’s hand before he could punch the baby and moved him so he could gently touch her arm.

Light green eyes opened and I knew that they would replicate Darius’s as she grew older. Judging by the soft black hair that was already coating her head, she was going to be a spitting image of him.

“Thank you,” whispered Darius, kissing my neck.

“For what?” I said as I tried not to giggle. He always forgot I was ticklish.

“For giving me two angels.”

The door opened and we saw the nurse slip in, struggling to close the door before the others come in. She looked tired as she saw us and smiled as she walked over.

“Hello, parents. How are you feeling?”

“Tired,” I said. I was actually drained.

“Well, everything is organised, sir.”

Darius nodded, carefully getting up and trying not to move us much before grabbing the bag from her.

“What’s organised?” I asked as I watched the nurse walk behind me and move the blue curtain. I heard her unlocking something.

“Our secret getaway.” He winked as he picked Stephen up. His wink still does things to my stomach.

“I can leave?” I asked in excitement. Last time I had to be kept overnight because Stephen was a drainer, but Sapphire already seemed to be quiet, her eyes blinking up at me. I was surprised she hadn’t started crying again like Stephen did when he was a baby.

The nurse looked behind me nervously and I groaned. Darius, of course.

“There will be someone to come check up on you once you got home.”

The nurse gently picked up Sapphire, and I struggled to get up.

“There are clothes in here,” Darius said as he handed me the bag. I walked behind the curtain. My legs felt sore but the pain was bearable. I pulled out a long loose dress. I couldn’t wait to get out of the hospital gown.

Slipping on the soft cotton material, I walked back and reached for Stephen.

“I think you should take it easy,” Darius leaned back, greedily keeping his kids to himself.

“It’s not as bad as the first time.” It wasn’t the first time I couldn’t even get out of bed, but this time I felt more active, the adrenaline still rushing in my body. Darius grunted but handed me Stephen. I smiled, feeling his soft body against mine.

“Did you miss, mummy?” I tickled his stomach and he laughed, throwing his head back.

“Come on.”

The nurse carried Sapphire, just to be safe, knowing me and stairs, and Darius took Stephen as soon as we arrived at the stairs, saying he was safer with him. But we all knew those two were inseparable.

I held onto the railing as I took my time getting down to the underground car park and saw Jesse, bandaged, waiting for us.

“Aww, I’m so sorry, Jesse.” I rushed toward him and he held up a hand.

“It’s okay, Ivory. It doesn’t hurt.” But the way his voice sounded strained and the fact that he was passed out through all my labour, it hurt.

“I have a surprise for you,” Darius told me.

I closed the door, taking Stephen from him while the nurse handed him his daughter, his eyes full of awe as he held her.

“For me or her?” I asked, buckling up.

“For all of us.”

What was it? “A dog?”

Darius raised an eyebrow as he looked at me. “Are you still not over that?”

I scoffed. “A person can never be over a dog, Dairy. Be wise and buy me one and that’ll stop Adrian from eating our food.”

I didn’t feel bad for leaving the rest behind. I just wanted to go home and cuddle with my new family.

Darius smiled as he absently shook his head, his attention diverting to the bundle wrapped in light green blanket.

* * * * *

“You’re joking,” I whispered as I looked up. Darius’s arm came around my waist and kissed my forehead as he pulled me into him.


“It’s beautiful.”

“I know.”

I took a step forward, pushing the gate out of my way and walking up to the doorway. A new house. It was much smaller than our old one, which I was glad about. It looked more family perfect.

“Is there a dog inside?” I asked, shifting Stephen to my other hip. Darius rolled his eyes, leaning over and opening the door. “Welcome home.”

And home it was. The house was perfect. Small, cosy and perfect for raising a family.

It wasn’t long before the door burst open and Adrian stormed in.

“I cannot believe you left us there!”

Darius and I sat on the couch, Stephen fast asleep on my lap and Darius holding Sapphire. The man refused to let her go. Greedy.

I looked up from his shoulder and then huffed, leaning back down mesmerized by two small waving hands.

“Did you name it after me?”

“Sapphire,” said Darius as Adrian knelt on the floor, poking her stomach gently.

“Fine. It’s a pretty name, but I still think Adrian was better.” Judging by the look in his eye, I knew he was joking.

“You know her name is Sapphire Quartz now?”

“Obviously, Adrian,” I said, rolling my eyes.

“No, but Sapphire Quartz, it’s like gem and a gem, you know?”

He had a point, and somehow that name was beautiful.

“Did you even park the car?” boomed another voice and I smiled. “And close the door. I swear I am raising two kids,” Rose snapped in an angry voice as she walked in, but her eyes gave her away. She looked amused as she carried her son, two-year-old Austin.

“Aww, isn’t she just beautiful? What did you name her?”

“Adrian,” said Adrian proudly and I flicked his shoulder. “Sapphire.”

Rose sat down on the floor, kneeling beside Darius. “She’s gorgeous.”

“All I see is wrinkles,” Adrian grunted, earning another slap from Rose.

“Shut up.”

“You shut up.”

“No, make me.”

“I swear. Why did I even -”

Darius and I looked at each other as their bickering continued.

“Annoying?” he suggested, seeing my face.

I shook my head. “I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

I pulled on his collar, bringing his lips to meet mine.

The end

Hope you enjoyed this story! Like i said, it used to be published but i ended the contract in 2021! I want to edit it (at least remove all the 'snaps' lol) and then re-sell it. Meanwhile if you would like to support me and donate or buy a PDF copy - send me a message xx.


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