Marriage by Law

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Chapter 6

6 Months Ago

What do I say? WHAT DO I SAY



My parents looked at me. My mother had an expressionless face as normal while my father seemed a bit guilty looking.


“Ivory you really have no option. If you break this deal you will cause a rivallry and a fight. He has no problem so neither should you. This is the final decision,” she said and with that she elegantly walked out.

My father stood up sighing and I turned to him.

“Dad,” I whined tears brimming in my eyes. How much could one handle in one day.

“I’m sorry Ivory, your mother is right. You should end things with that boy and marry this man.” he said. I sighed as he left and yelled in frustration kicking the chair. Of course, James was the small boy and this so called man was a brave man was he?

I scoffed, why in the world was I protecting the guy who just deceived me. Maybe this wont be so bad? Who was I kidding.

Marrying a total stranger? I’d rather eat seafood for the rest of my life

Present Time

Before I could even reply he stood up grabbing my palm and lifting me up. I noticed Adrian had also gone off with some girl to the dancing room.

“I don’t really want to, it’s fine,” I said waving a hand but stumbled when he walked pulling me with him. Fine then.Why ask when you were going to make me anyway?

I sighed, I should stop giving him a hard time, which I wasn’t but he was just trying to act like the perfect husband when really we both knew he probably wanted nothing to do with this and me at all.

Well he should have said no when he had the chance.

The music was slow which was good, there was no bumping or tripping over other couples but the slow music meant the couples had to talk. So while everyone else were talking we just danced, not even a single word muttered.

So much for a good dance eh?

I met Alicia’s eye contact and she raised her eyebrows fast twice and I cocked my head to the side mouthing “What?”

I really didn’t understand all the mixed signals this girl was giving me today. She giggled and whispered something in Jake’s ear and he turned around smiling. Were they talking about me?

“There you all are,” said Miss Alvins barging in her long dress trailing behind her. I looked to the side and watched her go up and grasp Jake and Alicia and then come over to us.

“The main reason I had this was to introduce my son but he’s delayed his trip for another week. I just wanted to privately remind you that next week, all four of you must come. I’ll tell Margret and call you Alicia,” she said.

I internally groaned, another week coming back to this place. Oh god save me!

Alicia on the other hand looked too excited and nodded.

“Well then I’ll let you children continue,” she said. She moved from us to another group probably telling them the same thing. The song was over and we moved back to our seats when Adrian joined us.

“May I have a dance with my cousin-in-law” he said. I raised an eyebrow, what the heck was a cousin in law?

Before even waiting for a reply he grabbed my hand and pulled me after him back into the dance floor. Great it seems genetics run in the family.

“So tell me cousin-in-law, how are you liking your new husband,” he said. I raised an eyebrow.

“Is cousin-in-law even a word?” I asked. He shrugged cocking his head to the side pretending to think.

“I am sure it is a word, i just don’t know the meaning. We should find out one day shan’t we?” he asked. I sighed shaking my head. He also had pale green eyes, not at all stunning or deep like Darius but you could tell there was a hint of green when the light flashed on them.

Instead of dark hair he had lighter sand like hair that was a bit longer to his neck like he forgot to go to his normal haircut but wasn’t as long as his shoulders....yet.

“No point avoiding the questions my cousin-in-law,” he said twirling me around and pulling me back a bit closer than necessary.

“What question?” I asked. How was one supposed to answer a question when they barely knew the man for a couple of days!

“The question about my ridiculous stupid cousin,” he said.

“Oh that - eh, I g-”

A hand wrapped around my waist and I jumped trying to move away, what point of I am ticklish did this man not get.

“Adrian we have to go, come by the house tomorrow if you want,” said Darius.

“I’ll be there couz, laterz my lady,” said Adrian giving me a mock bow and winking. I rolled my eyes and muttered a ‘whatever’ softly hoping they didn’t hear it but by the look on Adrian’s face I was sure he had. He waved towards us as Darius led us to the exit.

Yes we were leaving! Finally.

The limo ride back home was just as quiet as the one there. Margret greeted us as soon as we got home.

“Thank god you got my message, I was afraid you hadn’t,” she said. Darius shrugged out of his coat and handed it to her unbuttoning his sleeves.

“Of course I did Marge,” he said.

My heart dipped, so we actually had a reason to leave and here I thought he was actually a little jealous, or at least acting in public, of me dancing with Adrian. I nearly scoffed, why the heck would be.

“Why what happened?” I asked looking between them. Darius loosened his black tie that had made his eyes even darker than usual and headed up the stairs. Gee thanks for the answer.

“Oh it’s nothing big. I think it is quite lovely dearie. It might give you some time to bond,” she said with a small wince.

“What will?”

“A whole week, think of it, how much fun would it be dearie. Did you eat anything or would you like me to serve something up for you?” she asked leading me to the kitchen. Oh god yes, I was starving!

“Ma, what are you talking about?” I asked as she handed me a peice of garlic and cheese bread. The bread was delicious soft and buttery with a hint of spinach in there.

“Oh nothing. Your parents and Darius’s have given you the week off” she said smiling. I chewed softly and swallowed my breathe before clearing throat.

“What do you mean? Week off what?′ I asked. Margret busied herself with cleaning the crumbs of the table then placed them in the bin.

“It’s exciting! You and Darius will go to the cottage house to spend the week there! There are plenty of stuff to do on the other side of the town and you both will finally get to know each other!” she said clapping her hands.

I choked on my bread and stared at her, we were what?

Were our parents crazy? They wouldn’t be any ‘bonding’ going on. We aren’t bloody atoms or molecules! And with the robot like man I would had even less fun then I usually do here.

“That’s a horrible idea,” I said putting down the bread suddenly losing my appetite.

“Oh dearie, you won’t know till you try it,” said Marge cleaning up and leaving the room.

“Oh and you’re leaving tomorrow. I have packed some of your bags, take your normal clothes,” she said smiling, “Enjoy this moment out of the house dearie, I know how you feel in here,” she said.

I sighed walking upstairs. The only plus point was I could be me, in my clothes, in my hair style as I like. So what if robot won’t talk. I’ll just spend the week with myself!

Oh that got it going, a whole week to celebrate by myself.

This may actually be some fun.

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