Marriage by Law

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Chapter 7

6 Months Ago

I stared at the envelope my parents had set in front of my door after I had refused to come out.

Photos it said on the front of it. I scoffed picking it up and then locking myself in again.

Yes I was being childish, but sometimes that’s the only things that would work!

I sat on my bed twisting the envelope in my hand. So inside was apperently my future husbands photo. Now did I really want to see a old balding man with three gold teeth?


That was for sure, I wanted to see this photo as much as I wanted to marry him, which was 189% NO because 100% was just too mainstream. I looked at the burning fireplace in my room and then smirked.

They wanted me to play by their rules, hell no.

Walking over I knelt down beside the fire and smiled and in seconds I dropped the envelope inside watching the fire claim it.

Goodbye Mister Hubby, you’ll burn just like that if you enter my life.

Present Time

Arriving here it was defintiley not what I expected. It wasn’t a small cottage house by the farm. It was a double storey house with a cozy warm feeling.

The inside colours were soft on the eyes and there were paintings and vases and flowers everywhere. It actually looked like a house that people lived in.

I walked to the backyard opening the door thrilled to see a flower bed and a pool. This was brilliant! The kitchen was right beside the backyard and walking back in I walked to the kitchen. It was small and like an actually kitchen rather than the ones in restaurants, a bit like the one back home, a massive kitchen for all of them cooks to prepare food.

I walked back down the corridor to the lounge room after the entrance and looked around. There was a three seat couch and two recliners with a coffee table with flowers in the middle. The T.V was on the wall on the opposite end and there were curtains.

I walked over slightly pulling them open to let some light in. The curtains were think red material and I clipped them to the side. There was a think patched white curtain that allowed us to see the outside but not the other way in which I found was a nice touch.

I went upstairs. There were two bedrooms. One was closed so I assume that was Darius and walked into the other one with the open door.

There was a double bed in the middle with two bed side cabinets and a door leading to the veranda. I opened the curtains letting some light in and sighed spinning around and flunking onto the bed.

The blankets were warm and the mattress was soft and I closed my eyes. If only I could live in this house every day.

I walked back down in jeans a blue thick woolen top with a leopards face on the front. Oh boy it had been ages since I was able to dress like this and to be honest it was the comfiest thing I had worn in a long time.

I jumped onto the couch and switched on the television thrilled to see my favourite cartoons were on. Don’t judge, I may be nearly twenty one but nothing beat watching cartoons on a Monday morning.

I grabbed my phone out of my pocket and switched it on. It seemed like an entire eternity since I used this thing. I scrolled through replying to Rose and Alicia who had messaged me ages ago, my bad, and opened the Internet googled this suburb in.

Maybe there were fun things to do. I scrolled through the page and sat up my eyes widening. There were a TON of things to do!

There were art galleries, theme parks and even a small carnival festival running! I looked up more information and nearly yelped when I noticed all the games and prizes to be one.

Turning the T.v. off I ran upstairs to my room wincing at the sound my pounding feet made. I grabbed my leopard soft carry bag. I didn’t want to take a purse, it was too fancy for this event.

I shoved my wallet phone and a water bottle in.

I opened the door racing down and grabbed my boots sitting on the floor. I slipped them on. They were knee high brown boots with a belt a the top of them and laces all the way down.

Just as I was tying the last foot Darius came down with a questioning look on his face.

“What are you doing?” he asked. I think that was the first time he spoke to me on his free will. Either that or Margret called him and told him to check up on me, I picked the latter especially with a phone still in his hands.

“Going to a carnival,” I replied tying the last knot, a bit to tight and fixed the belt getting up.

“You can’t go by yourself,” he said looking at the time. I rolled my eyes it wasn’t even lunch yet. Plus if he was going to be a boring person doing work all day I wanted to do something fun in my time. It’s not like I haven’t done these before.

“Eh, Yes I am. Go do your business work or something you’ll barely notice I am gone and by the time you do I’ll be back,” I said fixing my shoes. I grabbed my bag off the floor and he watched looking like he was thinking something.

“Fine I’ll come with you,” he said.

I looked over my shoulder my hand on the door.

“Like that?” I asked stifling a grin.

“What’s wrong with this?” he asked looking down at his suit.

“Oh nothing, nothing at all. Hurry before we miss it all out,” I said opening the door. I grabbed the car keys walking over to the parked Mercedes on the road when he caught up and grabbed the keys out of my hands.

“Hey!” I yelled.

“I drive,” he said. I scoffed crossing my arms as he got in. That was not fair. I got the keys first. First come first serve! Finders keepers losers weepers. Had he heard none before?

Furious I stormed into the car counting to ten. Come on Ivory this isn’t something to ruin your mood over. Think of all the candy cane and prized I can win I thought smiling instantly. Oh this was going to be fun

“What is this place?”

I gasped looking at him did he just say what I thought he did. Had he never been to a carnival before? Oh right no he was probably running his businesses by then and was too busy for these things.

“This is called a carnival also known as a fair or exhibition in some countries,” I said. He shot me a look as I walked into the entrance.

“I know what it is.” he said. Whoa okay then robot boy. No need to be rude.

I paid for our tickets, since robot boy was just standing there not knowing what to do and rushed to the first game. I had planned on playing every game and winning at least one thing in every stall.

The last time I did this I was sixteen with a bunch of my closest friends, more or so called my fake brothers, and we had managed to win a massive softy toy from each stall.

“Round up round up miss, would you like a shot,” asked an old man holding up with looked like a fishing stick but was made out of magnets.

I let out a small squeal and rushed over to him paying for a game which was three tries.

“Did you want to have a shot?” I asked politely. Even if he was a robot I was brought up by being polite. He looked confused taking the stick.

“What do I do?” he asked. The man explained the rules and Darius’s eyebrows knotted like he was concentrating hard. I stifled a giggle looking around. People were staring at him, maybe it was the lavish business suit one does not wear to a carnival or maybe the girls were checking him out

I think it’s both.

Darius had his first shot trying to pick up a duck and I let out a laugh as he kept missing.He turned and sent me an icy glare.

“Haha oh god hurry up,” I said laughing. Even the old man seemed to be having a show. It had been five minutes and he still hadn’t picked up a duck. There was a small crowd around us, either waiting for their turn or found this amusing as I did.

How hard could it be?

“You try it then,” he snapped handing me the stick.

“With pleasure,” I sung grabbing it. I positioned myself in the middle just like I as taught to do. Closing one eyes I focused on the middle ducks they were the hardest to get but they had the mst points.

Leaning in on my tippy toes I reached out snagging a duck. A cheer went from the crowd and I stared a him with a “I told you so, it’s easy,” expression and he ignored me blankly staring back.

I picked up my next two dogs just as easily and shrieked when I got a big penguin. The crowd clapped and let us leave, probably happy they could finally have their turn. I ran to the next stall which was Archery.

“Here hold it,” I said turning around and pushing it into his arms. He held up the penguin cautiously and turned it around.

I sighed shaking my head and paying for my turn. This was going to be fun.

An hour later I was tired but there was still another half the carnival and I hadn’t even started on the food or rides yet. I looked back up shaking my head.

“Keep up!” I yelled.

Darius glared at me carrying all my prizes and I stifled a grin. He should suck it up, I even put the smaller ones in my bag just got him to hold the soft toys, which were quite a few. I grabbed my phone and took a quick picture of him. This was perfect black mail material him holding a penguin, whale, duck, chicken, three bears, two banana shapes one and some other randoms. He looked and I quickly put my phone away.

“What next?” he asked.

“That one!” I yelled running to the Strong-o-metre. I had never been able to win at this game. I went up and watched the current played swing the hammer at the small button. It seemed like he hit hard but the bell didn’t ring and it only went up half way,

I frowned, I’d be surprised if mine even went up.

“Who’s next?”

“ME!” I yelled. Shoving my bag in his already full pile I folded up my sleeves and walked over. Oh this was going to be fun. There was a laugh and whistle from the crowd when I could barely lift up the thing and I turned over glaring at who ever it was.

My first try was just as bad as my tenth, the thing barely rose.

“Come on, there’s others waiting!” yelled some man from the crown.

“Oh shut up toad face,” I snapped back concentrating. The man who ran the stuff had no problem, partially cause he was having too much fun taking my money. This damn thing was rigged I tell you!\

“Hurry up,”

“Get your girl away from that,”

I rolled my eyes at all the protests, yea good luck with that. There was no way I was leaving without winning something.

I felt a shadow over me and looked up to see Darius frowning down upon me.


He took the hammer thing from me and pushed me away. What an ass. Like he would do any better than me.

I mean please I used all my strength and- oh...

I watched as the crowd finally clapped and I sulked. Fine he did better than me, he at least um got it to the top-ish?

’What would you like Sir. Perhaps a cute teddy for your girl?”

“Get the peacock,” I whispered. He looked at me raising an eyebrow and then turned to the man.

“The bag” he said.

My jaw dropped, what!?

I watched in horror as he got the horrid looking suitcase.

“Why on earth did you get a bag?” I yelled. He opened it up and stuffed all my soft toys and winning in it, or as many as he could and zipped it up.

“I wanted the peacock,” I whispered. He grabbed the suitcase and shrugged and walked off and I rolled my eyes following him. And here I thought he was going to win me something. Yea right.

I didn’t miss the way girls would bluntly check him out either as he walked through the carnival with a suitcase behind him and his jacket casually draped over one arm. And I had to say, I was a bit jealous of the other girls.

“Where are we going?” I asked as he was leading me away from the stalls. I still had to play so many more games! Not to mention to get on the rides.

“Find something to eat,” he said looking around, “Where is the closest restaurant,” he asked. I stopped laughing and he turned around raising an eyebrow.

“There are no places to eat here,” I said. He looked so sad like a lost school kids I couldn’t help but bend over and laugh more.

“Here I’ll show you,” I said. I was going to grab his hand and pull him along but thought better of it and turned around walking towards the hot dog stand.

“What are those?” he asked and I looked at him open mouthed.

“You don’t know a sausage roll?” I asked ordering two with onions but no cheese. He shrugged one shoulder. I grabbed the suitcase and put it down between my legs, in case someone tried stealing my prizes and handed him a sausage roll which was really a beautiful smelling cooked sausage in a slice of bread with cooked onions and sauces.

He picked it up and looked at it and I raised an eyebrow biting into my warm roll.

He hesitantly bit into it and I watched as he chewed and swallowed.


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