Marriage by Law

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Chapter 8

6 Months Ago

“Did you see the photo?”

I stopped on the third stair and looked at my mother raising both my eyebrows. So that’s the first thing she says after I finally show myself.

“Yes,” I lied.

“Well what do you think?”

“Ugly,” I said continuing my way down. I heard her gasp and then the ruffles of her dress as she hurried down the stairs after me - in the most elegant way possible of course.

“Did you look at it properly?” she demanded as I walked to the kitchen. My stomach was burning of hunger.

I smiled remembering how closely I had watched it burn. The edges litting itself closely and then the whole paper curling as it got engulfed in the warm flames.

“Oh yea,” I said walking past the cook who was busy preparing dinner already. I walked over to the cupboard and looked around.

“But he’s the bachelor of the year! He is rich, smart and handsome, the best in fact,”

I shrugged looking till I saw a Chocolate bar. I wrinkled my nose, normally I could not stand chocolate or coffee but now was an exception. Grabbing the bar I closed the door ripping the wrapping and biting into it.

My mother glared grabbing the bar from me.

“You shouldn’t eat things like these, you’re fat,”

I finished chewing and looked down at my stomach and back at her raising an eyebrow.

“I mean you will get fat. You’re perfect and curvy, every boys dream wife, if you eat chocolate then you will get fat and won’t fit into your wedding dress. It’s going to be designed to flair your body Ivory. Don’t ruin it-”

I grabbed the bar out of her hands and marched off while she continued speaking. The chef nodded at me and I rolled my eyes, my mother was absolutely crazy I realised seeing what he was preparing.

Salmon salad.

Not only was salad a bunch of leaves for rabbits in my opinion I didn’t understand what part of I do not like salmon my mother never understood.

’It’s good for your hair,” she’d tell me every time. Hello mother, my hair is fine. I don’t need it to be rich and glossy.

Seafood should drown, somehow.

Present Time

He shrugged bitting into it and I shook my head finishing mine and ordering another one. I can’t believe he had never had a sausage roll before. Where the hell was he living? Oh right he probably ate gourmeut made meals every day.


These street foods were to die for.

“Did you want cotton candy?” I asked.

“Cotton what?”

“Candy,” I said as he finished his and wiped his mouth. I raised my own tissue and rubbed of the sauce that was probably on my sides. Right I do tend to forget manners. He chucked his tissue in the bin after folding it into a rectangle and I rolled my eyes.

Strives for perfection I thought.

“What’s that?” he asked folding up his sleeves. Huh? I looked up at him and I realised what he was talking about.

“Its fairy floss,” I said.

He stared at me blankly and I sighed, “Its like this pink candy that’s like cotton thin actually thinner and it literally melts in your mouth,” I said. I can’t believe this guy hasn’t eaten anything like this before.

“You know it’s not healthy to always eat those posh foods. These ones are so much better,” I said grabbing two fairy floss sticks from the man and paying him. I gave one to Darius and plucked a hand full and bit into the flavour sighing.

This was what I called life.

I watched as he hesitantly bit into it and was about to chew and laughed.

“You don’t chew it literally melts, here,” I said plucking some of mine so it was a thin layer and handing it to him. He ignored it and plucked some of his own. Fine then,

“Let’s go I need to play the other games,” I said marching ahead. Sheesh would he ever break away from his ice type exterior and cold inside? I was trying to be nice.

An hour later I had finally finished the last game and I sighed standing back and putting the bow down.

“What would you like?′ asked the stall guy pretty surprised I got all of the targets.

“Do you have a peacock?” I asked hoping maybe this stall might give a peacock.

“No Miss sorry,” he said. I sighed shrugging. I saw Darius staring at me with a weird face, not like rich people will understand the happiness winning a soft toy would bring. It made me feel nearly normal playing at all these games. But then again I was being a hypocrite, my family was well of as well but I for one liked the small pleasures in life.

But also sad that it would only last for a week, or even less knowing this guy.

“Why do you want a peacock so much?” he asked as I grabbed my little bear and walked towards the rides. The sun was nearly setting and I still had to do the rides. I shrugged plucking some fur of the bear.

“I’ve never seen it anywhere before,” I said. That and that was the first time Darius decided to help me, or actually he did it because the crowd was yelling. I sighed as we reached the ferris wheel.

“Two tickets please,” I said taking out my money,

“The bag must stay down miss,” he said and I looked at the suitcase.

“Why?” I asked. It wasn’t that big. I mean yea it looked big with all the extra big soft toys strapped to it because they didn’t fit.

“Safety,” he said. I opened my mouth ready to argue when Darius butted his poshness in.

“It’s fine I’ll dump them in the car. I’d not go on that anyways,” he said. I scoffed, of course he wouldn’t. Probably didn’t want to ruin his suit.

“Fine,” I snapped shoving my bear and grabbed a ticket and walking into. A random guy joined me since it was two per box and Darius walked off towards the car park.

Why did he even come if he wasn’t going to do anything? I huffed crossing my shoulders and leaning back in my seat. I looked at the guy in front who was staring at me.

“What are you looking at?” I snapped. He averted his eyes quickly pushing the glasses up his nose. He looked like a high school or uni student and I immediately felt bad but hey blame poshness for my bad mood.

But my bad mood disappeared as soon as I got up in the air. The view was breathtaking. Poshness had no idea on what he was missing out on. I could see the ocean and beach near by, I had to go there tomorrow and I could see the car park from here.

I spotted out car immediately and frowned, he wasn’t there. Probably took this chance to find the nearest posh restaurant. Our car looks so out of place beside the rusty and old cars. It was also funny to see the closest car parked to us was a good five metres away, probably thought they would get sued if dust fell on it.

I sighed as the ride dropped us back to the ground and I got off. That wasn’t long enough, I would go again but then again poshness would back and started complaining how long I took.

I walked over to the duck game and leaned against it surprised when poshness himself took ages.

“What took you so long?” I snapped my turn to be cruel I thought wickedly.

“Phone, let’s go,” he said. I raised an eyebrow as he barely looked at me when he spoke and turned around heading to the car. I stormed after him. He had some fur on his back but it wasn’t like I was going to pluck the colourful blue and green fur. He would probably snap at me.

As we walked back I looked towards the strength-o-meter game again and watched as another person got a prize and looked up and stopped. Where was the peacock?

“You coming?”

“Yea,” I said sadly catching up to him. The peacock was gone, great. Time to hunt down who ever won it and steal it from them!

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