Marriage by Law

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Chapter 9

6 Months Ago

I placed my ear at the door listening carefully at my parents talking to someone. Apparently the groom and his stupid parents were here. Oh what joy.

But of course I refused to go out. I really didn’t need to see his bold head and pot belly, I was just going to close my eyes and say the vows, there was no way I was going to look into a wrinkled face, that was just torture.

I could hear suggestions for the menu.

“Seafood is always excellent,”

I gagged, only my mother would suggest that. Wasn’t I meant to plan my own wedding? Oh wait I didn’t want to right. I still remembered chucking a pillow at my parents when they came in yesterday and asked me if I wanted to share my opinion with the theme and such.

Maybe I shoudn’t have acted to hastily.

“No, we’ll see other options as well,” said my father’s voice and I sighed. Thank god.

“I know a marriage planner, we should see them,” said another voice I never recognised. Maybe the grooms mother?

“Ivory! Why don’t you come down and say hi?”

My body froze and I stood up straight, shit.

Present Time

Another day more torture I thought as I walked downstairs.

Darius was already up reading the newspaper and I scoffed. Typically poshness. Was poshness even a word? Oh well...


I did a double take, he was wearing casual jeans and a blue button up top. Holy mother of hotness. Please don’t drool Ivory

“Good you’re up. You sleep worse than my grandmother,” he said.

I opened my mouth to defend myself when it hit me, was he just joking with me?

“I do not,” I said lamely.

He raised an eyebrow and folded his paper and stood up.

“All right then let’s go,” he said grabbing the keys.

“To where?” I asked. I hadn’t even eaten yet! And lets just say fairy floss and a sausage roll was not what I call dinner. I was starving.

“Um, Marge told me she booked us in for some boat cruise,” he said rubbing the back of his neck with one hand.

“Fine let’s go, I’ll just get my bag,” I said rushing back upstairs. Oh boy a river cruise! Maybe I could go diving!

I packed spare clothes in case I did and grabbed a few essentials and raced back time in record time.

“Took your time,” he said leaning against the door with his hands crossed and I gasped. As if! I took less than a half hour!

I followed him to the car. I was going to say we could just walk there, since it was close but there was no point, I’d rather spend five minutes with silence in the car rather than a ten minute walk with the awkward silence.

“So...” I said lamely trying to start a conversation as I buckled up, “Wassup?”

“Wow this is beautiful!” I said walking up to the boat.

“Good it took me-Marge a while to find it,” he said. I barely registered what he said as I picked up a beautiful shell off the sand and rolled it around in my hand making sure I wasn’t stealing some creatures home.

“Welcome Welcome Welcome to River-Side RAiiiIiiinbowss,”

I nearly dropped the shell as I looked up to see a typical beach guy jumping off the boat and walking towards us. He was probably another uni student working part time. I nearly laughed as he spun around flicking his blond hair. He wore a typical white shirt that was unbuttoned over grey shorts reminding me of a pirate movie.

“River Side Rainbow?′ I whispered to Darius, what a weird name.

“Welcome to the best reef exploration in your life time ladies and gentlemen,” he said bowing down as we got into the boat. He lend out a hand and I grabbed it hoisting myself up. Nice work Darius just leave your wife struggling to get in.

“Welcome milady,” he said kissing my hand.

Gross. I wrinkled my nose and grabbed my hand back wiping it on my pants.

“First stop, finding Nemo,” he said winking at me. I raised an eyebrow and sat down in the seat opposite Darius and looked out as we went through the blue water.

“There are some coral in there that are endangered,” said George, the guide as he stood beside me and Darius as we were looking into the water.

“Your hand will be soon endangered” I snapped and George took away his hand from around my shoulders. I swear this guide was a major pervert. George stepped back but still was in my private pentagon space and I glared at him. I looked back down to see the colourful fish.

If only I could go reef diving that would be fun.

Just as if he read my mind George grabbed diving suits from the box and held them up.

“Whose’s coming?” he asked just as Darius’s phone rang. I looked over my shoulder as he answered it.

“Yea, no, I’ll be on my way now,”

To where?

“You both go, I’ll join after I come back. I need to email something,” he said grabbing his jacket. I raised an eyebrow, an email? Seriously it can’t wait?

“It’s fine I’ll come,” I said.

“No stay,”

“Are you kidding me, with Mr. Pedo? No thank you,” I said wrinkling my nose.

“I’ll be back in a half hour” said Darius completely ignoring me. I stared as George let him onto the coast and I stayed on. Was he seriously leaving me on?

“Guess it’s only us two babe,” said George and I rolled my eyes falling into my seat and slouching.


“Seriously stop!” I snapped.

“But you have to do a proper knot,” whined George. I groaned stomping my foot, okay maybe I was acting like a five year old but what part of I AM BLOODY TICKLISH wasn’t this guy getting.

“Fine,” I snapped turning around while he did up the knots at the back. We were going diving and he was trying to get the tank onto me but the bastard kept touching me everywhere and ended up tickling me.

“Okay now stay close to me okay?” said George putting on his mask. I raised an eyebrow and sighed walking up to the end. I can’t believe Darius had just left me with this freak!

Who does that?

Of course my stupid hubby did! Did I just call him hubby? Oh god. George showed me how to snorkel, the idiot thought I couldn’t, well I couldn’t but still. I followed him into the surprisingly warm water. I had worn the diving suit over my clothes, there was no way I was changing in front of him like he did.

I nearly threw up in my mouth at his stupid pick up lines and exposing but down here the view was amazing! There were all colours and shapes of fish floating around and coral everywhere.

I swam towards the beautiful clown fish that reminded me of finding Nemo. There were a whole school of them swimming around. I placed my hand and they swam around it before returning to their formation. A hand came beside mine doing the same thing and I glared at George , get your own school of fish.

I swam around towards the rocks and coral amongst the shallow floor. I could see the floor deepen at certain areas quite suddenly, the bank of this reef was definitely not stable.

There was a dark green eel that swam through the deeper end and looked amazingly slippery, probably was too.

I felt an arm around my waist and turned around ready to kick the bastard when he pointed to the other side. I moved away and shot him a glare not sure if he could see it. A simple tap on the shoulder would have been fine. I followed behind him as he led the way to more beautiful fauna and flora down in the reef.

I didn’t know how long we were down here for but it felt like ages especially with the light darkening. I finally called it an end and swam back up towards the boat. I hauled myself in feeling tired and drained and looking at the sky it definitely looked like a sunset.

My stomach grumbled and I realised how hungry I was, I can’t even remember the last time I had something to eat. I took off my flippers and mask and tank and fell back on the deck breathing the actual fresh air enjoying the salty sea breeze.

I felt a shadow fall upon me and I opened my eyes looking up at George. He had already changed into just a pair of shorts and I rolled my eyes. Show off.

“What?” I asked standing up and pulling off the diving suit. I was so glad I still had my clothes on underneath and surprisingly they were still dry just a bit damp. I pulled out my wet hair out of the pony tail and yawned. Boy was I hungry.

“You know you’re really pretty,” he said.

“So what?” I asked.

“Actually gorgeous,” he said lifting a piece of my hair. I slapped his hand up and stood up. Okay this was getting genuinely creepy.

“Can we head back now? Darius should be joining us soon.” I said. I wasn’t sure whether he would or not but at least I felt safer on the beach sand...where I could leave.

“He doesn’t appreciate what he has. You should be with someone who does,”

I wrinkled my nose as he stepped close his hand twirling around my neck.

“Haha...okay pedo back off,” I snapped. George smiled looking into my eyes, “You know you don’t want me too,” he said.

He leaned in closer and I ducked kicking his shin. Not hard but just enough for me to turn around and run to the rail and jump into the water. I heard him yell something but oh well.

I was a swimming champion in my school, well fourth place was better than nothing right? I swam back to the shore as fast as I could my breathe nearly running out. Okay maybe I wasn’t the best actually.

Great so much for trying to keep my clothes dry.I pulled the clingy wet top and looked over my shoulder annoyed that the boat was nearly back. I fastened my face towards the car park and sighed happy to see the familiar Mercedes parked there.

Darius seemed to have just got back and he stepped out of the car as I approached it.

“Done already?′ he asked.

“Yes,” I snapped getting in and slamming the door behind me.

“Why are you wet?” he asked.

“Cause some idiot decided to leave me with a pedophilia teenager,”


’Never mind,” I sighed slouching in my chair. Not like he would understand it. The car started and I closed my eyes sighing. Boy if only I could just sleep and wake up five years earlier, things would have been very much so different.

The car came to a stop soon and I opened my eyes and looked around.

“Where are we?”

“Um, I thought we could eat out for dinner,” said Darius rubbing the back of his neck. He got out and I groaned slamming my head against the back seat. I threw open the door and stomped out trying to ignore the fact I was dripping on the pavement.

“Seriously,” I asked pointing to my wet clothes. Boy was I glad I wasn’t wearing anything see-through.

“What?” he asked. I sighed never mind I said.

I realised what a grump pants I was being and smiled. Hey at least he thought of eating out for dinner right. It was a start?

Or maybe not.

He walked ahead completely forgetting about me. He flicked out his phone answering a phone call and I quietly followed behind him ignoring the looks I was getting.

What has no one seen a wet girl before?

He seemed to have returned to his normal self inside completely ignoring me and texting someone and flicking through the menu. Well that lasted long.

The waiter came by clearly ogling him and he ordered...for both of us...seafood.

Seriously? Why don’t you ask the girl what she wants!

Great looks like I wasn’t going to have a proper meal today either. I sighed tapping my fingers as he went back to texting on the phone.

“Well hello there babe, wanna join us for desert?” I glanced up as two men walked by winking and making a gesture at me. I wrinkled my nose and looked at Darius who barely glanced at them.

“Seriously?” I asked.


“You’re just going to let them walk off?”

“Of course they didn’t say anything to me,” he said.

“Oh my god,” I said leaning back in my chair. I was his bloody wife. Whether he likes it or not. Other guys barely got possessive over the smallest things and thing guy looked like he was going to hand me up to the first guy who bids a million or something.

“What else do I do?”

“What other normal guys do,” I mutter quietly under my breathe playing with the cloth.

“What’s that?” he asked hearing me.

“Well punch them of something.”

“So you want me to bash them up?”

I looked up, would he? For me?

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