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Jessica is your average gamer. Zach is your average jock. Jessica is an unpopular nerd in the gaming club who has no friends. Zach is a popular guy caption of the football team. Who knew such two different paths could cross. Jessica and Zach were always together in elementary and middle school. But because of the Jessica got bullied a lot. So the two made an agreement. To be friends in secret. Everything was going great and no one had known about them. But then in fall of her junior year, everything just seemed to have happened to Jessica. Now she has to deal with Emma, Zach's girlfriend, and the love triangle she's in with Zach and her friend from the gaming club, Ian.

Romance / Drama
Mae DeMure
Age Rating:

Chapter 1

"Boom! Seventh time in a row!" I yelled as I stood on my bed in victory while looking down on Zach.

“Whatever. I was just going easy on you.”

“Seven times?”

Zach hung his head in defeat and slowly raised his arms up.

“Fine. I admit it. I am not worthy of your gaming skills master. Not even I could beat you with all of the times I’ve played against you.”

I got down and gently nudged him laughing at his dumb comment.

“Oh shut up! You just haven’t played in a while with all of that practicing you do for football.”

“Still you’re better than me.”

“I was trying to make you feel better,” I said rolling my eyes.

“Well you failed.”

We both laughed until Zach’s phone buzzed.

He pulled it out of his pocket and let his face drop.

“Let me guess, you need to leave.”

Zach sighed and put his phone up. “Sadly, yes. My mother saw my grades and wants me to study.”

“That’s what you get for being too busy with other things besides homework.”

“You’re one of those things you know.”

I blushed just a little at those words. We were friends but he was still the hot guy at school and I was lucky to be his friend. But we were nothing more than that.

We’ve been together since elementary school but no one really liked that. So by middle school we made an agreement to keep things a secret. Despite it just being a friendship a lot of the girls were jealous and would say I used him and I got bullied big time for it. It was Zach’s idea to keep a low profile and I just went along with it.

We shared a quick smile and I just realized the real bond we shared. So many people wanted something like this, a true friendship. In high school it was all about using people. And yet Zach and I were best friends despite everything that’s happened.

Zach got up and grabbed his book bag and set his controller down. He started heading out when he turned around and faced me.

“How about we continue this tomorrow?”

I shook my head. “Sorry, can’t. I’ve got my own practice.”

“Really? Why does the gaming club even have practice? It’s not like you actually compete.”


“Yeah, yeah, I’ve heard it all before.”

Zach really looked at me at flashed one of his smile that most girls faint over. He raised his hand and placed it on my head ruffling my hair like he always does.

I blushed a little at the motion.

“Good luck on that competition.”

“Thank you.”

With that he left leaving me to clean things up. He always did that. I sighed and picked up his controller and turned off the game.

It was the beginning of November, a couple weeks away from Thanksgiving break and a month away from the second biggest school dance.

I wasn’t into dances and my friends in the gaming club weren’t really either besides the leader. But that was only because she had a boyfriend who would ask her.

I sighed and fell to my bed.

“No one would ask me,” I whispered to myself.

Zach was lucky being the hot quarterback of the school with his cheerleader caption girlfriend.

Emma Viar is the schools hottest girl.

Zach Styles is the schools hottest guy.

Of course they would end up together.

Then there’s me, Jessica Woods, one of the schools biggest nerd and game freak. I don’t look bad, I mean, that’s what I think but I might be wrong.

I had light chestnut hair that reached my waist and soft brown eyes. My figure was average with an okay waist and bust. My breasts were bigger than most but I didn’t really care about that. Despite my looks I was still alone with no one to call my own in a way. Then again I didn’t make a name for myself to get people interested in me. I wasn’t one for attention so I didn’t mind.

After a while I finished up my homework and went to my bed. I grabbed my 3ds from the little table next to my bed and began playing Pokémon sapphire for the third time. I sighed and put my 3ds down.

“I really am a game freak.”

After about two hours I stopped playing and checked the time.

11:38 p.m.

It was still early. I could keep playing. But I had practice tomorrow and I needed my energy.

I saved my game and turned off the 3ds before plugging it up. I stretched and turned off my light before crawling into my bed.

Sleep wasn’t eager to come to me as if it had other plans. I waited and thought about what could happen tomorrow.

A quiz in literature.

Class discussion on the economy in history.

Some dumb game in gym.

And a quiz in French.

Then the club meeting and practice for an hour and a half.

It was going to be a long day.

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