His Dark Russian Princess

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Chapter Four: Edited

Ras, age 26:

I stared down at her body, sprawled across the black silk of the bed, her gold hair contrasting against it. Her blue eyes looked up at me innocently, watching me as I ran my fingertips over her bare waist, feeling the shiver that runs through her body. Smirking, I slid my fingers up higher, sliding them under her thin nightshirt. The fabric bunched against my wrists, slowly exposing more of her skin.

My hands grazed the skin between her breasts, a soft gasp escaping her lips. Looking up at her, she watched me, her lips parted as she panted softly. She didn't say anything, just watched me as I slid her shirt over her breasts, her nipples hardening at the cool air.

I watched, one of my fingers coming up and brushing against her left nipple, causing a soft moan to escape her lips. Leaning my head down, I pressed a light kiss against the skin between her breasts, my fingers continuing to stroke and tease her nipple as my lips trailed up to the other one.

I smirked as I closed my lips around her nipple, my teeth biting into the sensitive flesh. A small cry left her lips as I pinched her flesh, tugging on both of her nipples, causing her back to arch and her hands to dig into the sheets.

Releasing her flesh, I smiled as I slid her shirt off the rest of the way, kissing my way up her body as I did. I kissed her neck as my hands trailed back down her body, slowly sliding into her shorts. I lift my head, kissing her lips as I slide my fingers against her thighs, feeling the wetness on them.

Slipping my hand free, I lift it, intending to show her. But as soon as my hand comes up, I freeze. Instead of her juices coating my hand, it was her blood. I looked at it horrified then looked down at her.

She was still laid out on my bed, her mouth open and blood dripping from the corner of her mouth. Her hair was stained crimson, her body slick with her own life. I let out an anguished scream as I stared at my hands, one coated in blood, the other holding a gun that was still smoking.

"She deserved this. She was his daughter. One day, she would have become just like him."

I jerked awake, a scream of fury caught in my throat as I panted for air. Beads of sweat poured down my face and back, my hair sticking to my skin.

I haven't had nightmares about her in the four years since it happened. So why the fuck was I having one now? I sighed and got up, getting out of bed.

It seemed at least part of me enjoyed the beginning part of the dream, as I stared down at the tent in my boxers. Shaking my head in disgust, I turned and got up, heading into the bathroom. Turning the shower on cold, I stared at the photo of Anastasia, her eyes and mouth smiling up at the man who had his arms wrapped around her. His own eyes smiled, even though his lips did not.

His black eyes gazed down at her, while his arms held her 17-year-old body close as if he could protect her from every dark thing in the world. That was before he knew everything that her father had lied about.

8 years ago

Ras, age 18:

I walked down the dark hallway silently, careful of the cameras and guards. One perk of sneaking around the house I lived in was that I knew where everything was.

Silently opening the door to the office, I looked around, careful not to be spotted as I slipped into the room. Pulling out the flashlight on my phone, I spun it towards the desk.

As the mysterious caller had said, there was a key in the middle of the desk. I didn't know if I should be worried or relieved that it hadn't been a trick. Or maybe it still was. But either way, I walk forward cautiously. Making sure I was the only one in the room, I picked up the key, turning it over in my hands.

It looked like a regular house or lock key. Nothing special or significant stood out on it, and the color was the same as any other. Yet as I held it, I felt a sense of something bigger about to happen. Whatever the fuck it was, I needed to know. Now.

Walking around the desk, I knelt beside the bottom drawer and slid the key into the slot. Turning it slowly, I heard the lock click, my hand slowly pulling out the drawer. Taking a deep breath, I lifted my phone and opened the flashlight, seeing what looked like business papers. Reaching my hand inside, I pulled out every file I could, looking through each one. All I could see were payment statements, all from different companies.

With each file I opened, my heart sunk a little more. There were no answers in here. There was nothing that I didn't already know on these papers.

Reaching in, I pulled out the last file, freezing when I opened it. Inside, there were pictures paper-clipped to descriptions of the people on the papers. And on the very top paper, was my father.

Staring at his face for a moment, I eagerly looked skimmed over the paper for anything of importance.

Name: Yefim Gregori
Age: 35

Mafia association: leader of Gregori Mafia.

Family: Wife, Anita Gregori, son, Rasputin Gregori.

Business: Rasputin Gregori is to be betrothed to Maria Or Anastasia Romanov. Merge and share both territories controlling Moscow.

Risk of threat: High.

My eyes burned as I looked down, seeing the note that had been written in red.

Threat terminated. Yefim and Anita Gregori were confirmed dead. Rasputin Gregori subdued.

I clenched my fists together for a moment before I placed all the papers back. Locking the drawer, I got up and left the room.

Instead of answering questions, it just gave me more. And now, I was going to have to dig deeper to find them.

Whoever targeted my father and saw him as a threat, he was going to pay.


Current day

Ras, age 26:

The door to my room pounds as someone knocks on it, my hands pausing as I start to button my suit jacket.

"Come in."

"Boss," Dominic walks into the room, looking a bit nervous. It seems he had more bad news. As if I hadn't had enough going on tonight, I was going to have more.

"Out with it Dom."

I picked up a pair of cufflinks, ignoring the fact that they had been a gift from her. As I focused on the cuff links, Dom finally managed to find his voice.

"Edgar is dead. We found him a block from The Grand Duchess. His throat was slit. And we found this."

Holding out his hand, he showed me a picture of a kiss on Edgar's cheek. It looked deliberate, either from one of the girls while at the club, or...

"Mother fucker!" I swore as I gripped the photo. I hadn't even considered the thought that a woman could be behind all these murders. But now it made so much sense as to why I couldn't find a single clue.

I had my men constantly looking for a male. But now that the possibility of it being a woman arose, I was beyond livid. I had no issues with fucking up a guy. But a woman... I had only ever harmed one.

But with everything going the way it had so far, it was likely to go up to two.

"I want you to go over every murder and see if you can locate any women that appear on the cams."

Taking a deep breath, I sighed and placed the photo down. If this woman was going after me, all bets were off. I would show her the one side of me I have refused to let out in four years.

And that was something I didn't want to do to another woman again.
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