Complicated love

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Liam who is the young ceo of " Mickelson enterprises" (age of 24 )cruel but kind with his family , he don't care about world and their thinking . He don't believe in love because , when he did he just got pain . He just kind of " fuckemmm and leaveemm" On the other side Renesme who is loving , caring , selfless , brave and know how to make point She was not that beautiful , she was average kind of girl ( as she think ) ,. She have parents and siblings she is the middle child of family . She belongs to middle class family , where they can't complete all desires But when she got chance to change there life she take that step Then in one contest she get chance for world tour for a Mickelson enterprises for promotion and for that she's getting alot money , which can make her dream true . She took that offer But it's going to be easy for her with surviving with rendom people And how life take turn when she meet Liam . Let's find out .

Romance / Fantasy
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New life

Renesme pov --*

I am leaving today , for a new path which I choose . I never thought I would be able to do what I want, but this opportunity just came like sun in my life , am not gonna leave it
After this promotional camp am gonna get 50 lakh
After with that am gonna open my own publishing house which I always dreamt of
But am nervous too because I don't know what kind of people am gonna met , they gonna accept me ? , As I searched today , they all are reach and beautiful , I can't even compare their status
I will try not to get angry
I hope because I got angry easily , yeah I am bold and don't like to listen rubbish

And I got news to that ceo of the company will also be part of it
And if I can say , he is too handsome and out of my league
But I read some magzine and after reading that I realise "don't mess with him " because he is cruel and hard and I got he is fuckemmm and leaveemm kind of men

So Cami this is just for today , it's time for my flight .
( Cami - name of renesme's dairy ).

Liam pov --*
It's not easy to being ceo , now I am and I love my work . Now dad wants to organize promotional trip and I also have to join
At the same time am excited but as the same time am not
I have alot responsibility for my company because it's not easy to be billionaire in this world , dad did alot to make it and now it's my time to make my company higher
Dad wants me to live my life as full and find a women with whom I can grow old like him.
Whenever I saw my parents I feel nothing can be better then this because at this age they are still in love. I love my lil sister too yeah I have lil one she is 5 year old.
I have to complete my all work In A week
Cassi , Dominic , ryan , romen and Katherine my friends are also part of this trip and other who joining are selected by father from different country to make it excited
Tomorrow they are going to come in our palace and going to live here for a week
I just don't want annoying and disobedient people or those kinki girl who are after my money and gonna buttering me for my money I just hate those kind of womens.
Let's wait for tomorrow I guess tomorrow going to be a long day .

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