Complicated love

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New day , new journey

Renesme's pov
Flight was really tiring and finally am here in mikelson's mention , I don't get any problem because they already send driver for me
Am just amazed to see this beautiful house actually its not house it's bloody mention omg this is first am seeing big mention
"Mam let's go Inside " a men said may be he is guide or something of mine
The first thing am seeing is beautiful men , I never feel this way, the first thing my mind said to me is " he is out of your league " am sure alot girl can die for being with him , he is more beautiful then those picture I saw in social media his Aura is just different and his body is sexy but dominating suddenly he is standing front of me "if your ogling is complete let's go I side we all have to plan for trip " he said with smirk
What are you saying I wasn't ogling I was just looking at that picture which is beside you so stop assuming shits
He just smirk " whatever you believe , I know your kind of girl"
Wtf why he is arrogant this much what I did wrong with him I thought am not able to control my anger and I just said what do you mean by your kind of girl , what do you mean moron , after hearing moron suddenly his body become tense and I can see anger in his eyes after be composed his self and said " I don't have whole day to do bickering with you , don't know why dad choose someone like you " after paying this he was gone , am just not able to take his word I feel something wet on my cheek and I realise I had tears in my eyes
I don't know why he behaved like this but I don't wanna talk with him ever , am gonna ignore him
Suddenly a voice comes and I looked down I see a beautiful girl but she has also same eyes as the arrogant bastard Liam " why you crying don't cry you are so cute " I heard her saying , but you are more beautiful angle I just replied her , she smiled at me and I just forgot what that bastard said suddenly I heard another voice which came from behind " mam please come with me in dining room everyone is waiting for you " I just nod and starting moving with him
When. I enter inside I saw more people the girls are beautiful and am starting feeling awkward after seeing them they all belong to rich family I can assume. Mr. Mikelson stand from His sit and come forward to welcome me , he is really a kind hearted person and he shake his hand with me , suddenly a women also come from side and gives me welcoming hug , I know she is mrs mikelson because I check her on social media . her hug was very welcoming suddenly I feel my mother's hug I become emotional but I don't want to shed my tears now .
" You must be renesme you are so beautiful and cute " I just smile slyly when Mrs mikelson said then Mr. mikelson said come I'll Introduce you with everyone I just nod and sit beside him and suddenly Liam come from room I don't know from where and sit beside me because there were no sit anywhere
Then mr. Mikelson one by one introduced me with everyone 5 people in 2 were girl and 3 were boys they weren't too welcoming or can say they don't like me where on other side rebica and joy were more welcoming and I got another information too that those 5 are friend with Liam and rebica was from africa and joy is from Spain , rebica's colour is dull but she is so beautiful if I were a men I would like to hit on her , and where joy is sizzling hot with golden hair and green eyes and may be he is 6'1.
I can say alot girl try to pursue him and they both are very welcoming too , when I was eating I saw Liam was watching me intentionally in between , but I don't know why and I don't want to know also
After dinner I came into my room
We have to spend one week Into malhotra's mention after that we will continue our trip I hope it will end soon because what am seeing that bad attitude of Liam and his friend I don't know how much am gonna tolerate there shit let it be am just too tired now and I just want to take bath and sleep. this shit jetlegg killing me , after taking bath am just feeling sleepy .
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