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My Princess Luna

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Alpha! What are you going to do?...In worried tone David ask me I don’t know...she’s my mate. That’s all I know for now. I have to make sure she get better and safe. We have to find out what happen to her.... I finally found you....

Romance / Fantasy
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Chapter 1 : When I meet you

Alpha! What are you going to do?

I don’t know...she’s my mate.

5hrs earlier

Are you kidding me that’s all you got that’s ridiculous man!

You’re my Beta I expect you to at least pin me down.

Nathan brushing of dirt from his pants.

Seriously bro every time I try to pin you down you surprise me with that shit!

David rubbing his head shamelessly.

...when some a border patrol mindlink them..

Alpha we had someone cross the border I don’t know what to do in this situation?!

stated by a confused patrol.

What do you mean you don’t know what to do?!

Stand your ground protect the border! Will be there!

...Nathan dumbfounded by the patrols reaction on the situation... you’ve got to be kidding me!

David get the warriors ready,

I’ll link my mother and Eliza to get every kids and elder to the bunker,

and father to lead the warriors to protect the pack house.

Nathan giving orders in such a power. Alpha voice

Yes Alpha I’m on it! David follows without questions... Gamma where are you?

Alpha, Beta I’m near the border I’ll meet you guys here... smirking Gabriel responses right away

Gamma we didn’t know how to explain this but...she was running and when she was closing in the border....we warned her but didn’t stop. when we catch her, after stepping in the border she fainted the we called Alpha right away....in one breath explained by the patrol...oh and she seems to be hurt since we saw some blood coming out from her head and arms...added by the patrol.

Stand down search the area for possible threat!! Gabriel leaning down to the intruder. ...dang what a beauty.. in gasped Gabriel is admiring the angelic figure in front of him.... Alpha we are checking the border for possible threat but you need to see this, you need to see her... mindlinking Nathan.

We’re almost there Gamma!! I wonder what’s going on he ask the warriors to stand down and just hold...and a her?ouch!! i suddenly halt from my spot when i felt a jolt of electricity rushing to my head...josh did you feel that?
Yah Nathan I’m not sure what it is but I’m not feeling any threat on this vibe we should be ok... calmly stated by josh,Nathan’s wolf.

Nathan?! What happen bro you ok??
Worried look from David seeing his bestfriend Alpha halt in the middle of the run.

Nothing...let’s go! I brush off the jolt i felt since i don’t want to cause an unnecessary worries from David

Coming close to the border I can smell vanilla and lavender in the air it’s addictive aroma and it’s driving me to the edge...sniffing the air....I saw Gabriel holding on to something or someone?

MATE!! I growled...pushing Gabriel away and taking her on my arms..

Gabriel and David looked at each other in surprise, relief and joy hearing me say Mate...I’m Nathan 22 use to be bad boy hence the use to be...I’ve been trying to be a good boy since I became the Alpha of The Blue Moon pack the strongest pack in the continent,next to the The Royal Pack. just In case I find my mate, my Luna.I want to be someone who’s worthy of her, so I stay away from any thing or anyone that I feel trouble.

Nathan’s POV
Let’s get her back to the house!! David call Sarah and tell her to be in the house right away....In a hurry he carried her bride style with a worried look.

What happen to you? You’re bleeding!! Worried and angry in the uncertainty of his mates condition.

Sara she’s bleeding on her head and arms and I don’t know if she’s hurt somewhere else?! ...I’m panicking? Shit I don’t usually panic unless it’s about my parents and my sister Eliza.But looking at her lifeless body makes my heart break I feel weak and defeated. Moon Goddess thank you for giving my my mate but come on!! don’t play with my emotions like this!!

Alpha please move so we can check her! I growl on Sara staring at her with my now black eyes,Josh is trying to take over for me right now, for ordering me to move?! how dare she order me to leave my mate.
Nathan...let her do her job...come on let’s step outside son....

my dad Edward such a powerful Alpha with almost all pack respect and admiration. Strict and a follow the tradition type of man. Many are scared of him due to the wars that he have won in the past. But the respect for his equality and to serve justice to all is something for the books. But with my family his just a teddy bear. He has a certain way of pulling me out of my defensive stance.

I know you’re worried sweetheart but losing your composure won’t help your mate....

My mom Natasha is such a peaceful soul her calmness is so contagious sometimes I wonder if she drug you in to trance to get you to follow.

Come on Nathan let’s prepare her something to eat,so when she wakes up you’ll be there....
My sister Eliza she’s 2yrs younger that meand she found her mate David right when she turn 19 last month which is the age we wolf suppose to feel the Mate Bonding. hence why i stop being a man whore right at 19.She’s such a bubbly goofy annoying sister, despite her dark past experience. She’s still has the brightest smiles radiant out of her. Minus the annoyance she always radiance to me. She’s always be my baby sister.

Ok ok...I’m sorry I didn’t mean to do that.I’m just worried and I don’t want her of my sightI don’t know I’m worried ok!!...putting my hands up in submission,walking to the kitchen with Eliza when I hear David and Gabriel.
Did you say worried?! The great Nathan is sulking because of someone he doesn’t know,and saying his worried?... David mockingly smirk at me.

David is my best friend, mate to my sister.he knows she is his mate before Eliza, but by law of this Packhe needs to hold that information until the concerned party is at age. Unless of course it’s between both parties consent to know the informationanyways, his my Beta! 2nd in command along side Gabriel which is my Gamma 3rd in command and them two are my most loyal pack members and trusted friends. I mean everyone in this pack are loyal and trustworthy but this 2 are my do it die buddies my brothers. Everyone here talks casual to each other unless off course the Alpha voice surfaced everyone needs to submit to it...not following means your challenging the Alpha.

Come on, you were like that with Eliza. so who are you to judge!?...Gabriel Smiling towards me.

Shut It, David don’t start with me! I’m not in the mood for jokes....I usually play around but not this time I feel like I’m floating and my mind is everywhere...she’s going to be alright I can feel her wolf she haven’t shift yet so I’m assuming she not of age yet.Let’s just wait...josh is my wolf and just like me a bad boy with a soft side his more aggressive thou but his more relaxed.

Do you think she’ll like some ham sandwich or maybe chicken...you know what I’ll just make her both so she can pick whatever she wants ok...
Eliza chirping while making sandwiches with Sylvia an elder omega.she’s been are cook since I can remember very stern lady but loving motherly to all of us.

Nath you little devil, I’m glad you finally found your mate I thought I would just die not seeing you married!!...Sylvia smirking at me

Nana wolves lives for thousands of years you know that!! You still have a lot of years....i feel more relax, I'm laughing looking at her.

You little bastard you mean to say I’m old! Come here you little mutt!!...trying to chase me when i saw Sara walk out my room and came down....

Sara how is she?! ...everyone gathered to hear her speak....

Alpha, she’s dehydrated so we put an IV on her.She seems like she hit her head on something she has some swelling. Her arms and leg is bitten sign of struggle. She has broken ribs and strain marks on her wrist and ankles. and some marks on her neck as well. Looking at it she was probably a prisoner.she has some trace of wolfs bane on her. but surprisingly it didn't kill her wolf.with the amount of wolfs bane we found, assuming that its been administer to her multiple times...she and her wolf are still alive.but anyways the rest of it is being flush out as we speak.No sign of abused down there thank Goddess. but she was definitely tortured. She’s awake but she’s confused maybe because of the medication or most likely her head trauma. you can see her now, but please try not push her to much she needs some relaxation....Sara has a sad and worried expression on her.

Thank you Sara I’ll keep that in mind....rushing to see how she is. I run and catch myself stopping at the door my heart is beating so fast, inhaling her scent so intoxicating I feel like it’s going to jump out of my chest.....what is she like? Would she like us? What do I say?...ohhh shut it Nat let’s go I have to be next to her!...josh pouncing in my head with excitement... We have to be next to her!...I exclaimed
She has such an angelic face so pure considering,what she went through which by the way still makes me fume in anger I would kill whoever did this to her!
....hi how are you feeling??....she’s starting to wake up.
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