Mr Ciaran

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He was the dangerous mafia lord known all around the United Kingdom always wearing a fedora hat which covered the upper part of his face...he believes he doesn't have a heart but that belief is proven wrong when he meets Willow; a university student. He called her Angel because of her innocence and he vowed to protect her at all costs...his name was Ciaran.

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1

Ciaran's pov

It was 12.00 p.m. and I was in my office at home watching the transporter movie and I have to say the guy Jason Statham was a really good actor. His moves were so calculated and I have to admit that sometimes I learn a thing or two from these types of movies considering I'm a mafia lord..that's why I spend my free time watching as many action movies as I can.

Yes, you heard right I'm a well known mafia lord here in the United Kingdom. People call me Ghost because I always wear my fedora hat which covers the upper part of my face so it's best to say no one has ever seen my whole face excluding my parents.

My real name is Draven Ciaran and I'm twenty five years old..I've never had a love life before..I don't believe in love, that's total bullshit. Both my parents live in Russia but I live here at my own mansion in the United Kingdom.

I paused the movie when I heard a knock at the door.
" Come in." I called out to the person outside my door and my second in command Blaze came in. We are good friends but not that my line of work you have to be never know when someone will stab you in the back..people are snakes; literally.

"Mr. Ciaran; some woman named Britney is here claiming that she is your girlfriend." Blaze told me as he walked towards my desk with hands behind his back...yes, I expect everyone who works for me to always talk to me with their hands behind their back and if not I'll take it as a sign of disrespect.

Britney...that bitch; she was one of my one night stands and after that she thought that me and her were a thing..she has been coming here for the past one week and it's getting really irritating..her head is too thick she can't get that I don't want anything to do with her.

"Take her to the cells and lock her up." I told Blaze and he replied with a "Yes Mr.Ciaran."
If she can't take the hint that I don't want her then I'll teach her a lesson another way.

I heard some shouting downstairs but I didn't even bother to go and look as I knew it was Britney making a fuss.

I got up from my seat and adjusted my fedora covered the upper part of my face ; not that I was ugly I just didn't want people to see me.

I had to go to one of my clubs 'Night Sky' because someone has been stealing some of my money and I had some suspicions of my own..the manager. He became a greedy old man ever since I promoted him to be the manager of the club and I think he just upgraded his greediness to another level.

I called my driver Malcolm and told him to prepare the car and then went downstairs after I locked up my office. I told Blaze to handle the house while I was gone and made my way to Malcolm who opened the door for me and then we set off.

I had one of my hackers check into the accounts of all the people who work at my club and see if they could find out who the thief was...I really hoped it was the manager...I was ready to kill today ; my hands were screaming for some violence and blood.

After thirty minutes I arrived at 'Night Sky' and went straight to hacker. There were only cleaners at this time since the club opened at 7.00 p.m. officially.
"Mr. Ciaran..welcome! " James told me as he stood up with his hands behind his back.
"Let's cut the chase James...who is it?" I asked him as I felt anger course through me. I was so fucking ready to end someone's life today.

"I-its t-the m-m-manager ...h-he has b-been putting twenty thousand in h-his account every w-week f-for the past one month sir." James stuttered as he shuffled from one foot to the other.

I fucking knew it...I'm going to cut off his eye balls. I stormed out of James' office and went straight to the culprit's office.

"Mr. Ciaran t-to w-what do I owe this visit." Charles the manager asked when I entered his office without knocking.

"Are you seriously asking me that you culprit? know what you have been doing; right? You have been stealing from me and to think I trusted you enough to make you the manager." I spit out at him angrily.

"W-what n-no's n-not m-me ...I -I-I ...he didn't get to finish the sentence as I shot his head off which sent his blood splattering to the wall behind him.

" Clean this mess and set up an interview for a new manager." I told the guard standing outside the office and made my way outside the club. I had other places to be ..I'm a mafia lord after all.

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