Mr Ciaran

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Chapter 2

Willow's pov

"Lions University." I muttered the universities' name as I went through the huge guarded gates. I watched as other students told their friends how their night went and how they were so excited to be in school...oh well good for them. My friendless self will just have to persevere.

My name is Willow August, I'm twenty years old and I'm currently doing a course in finance, I'm a third year and I can't wait to graduate next year so I can finally look for a proper job relating to the course I'm doing.

I work part time as a pizza delivery girl, I don't like my boss tho..he always tries to touch me inappropriately but Joan, my co- worker is always there to defend me because I'm too shy to do it and I'm also a cry baby.

I remember one day my boss called me a slut because he saw me blushing at something a customer said and I cried..I think it's just my hormones which were misbehaving that day.

I've always considered quitting my job but I can' mum needs the money to pay for my brother's hospital bills. It's a good thing I study using a scholarship I was given after I finished high school. It also pays for my apartment expenses.

I finally made it to my first class and sat at my usual seat at the front. I adjusted my knee length sundress and placed my bad on my lap as the lecturer came in.

"And that's all for today." The lecturer dismissed us from class after telling us to submit our assignments.

I went straight to my apartment so I could change into my work clothes since I didn't have any other class today...hurray!

I decided to walk to work since it's just thirty minutes away and it was still early.
I finally arrived at 3:00 p.m and I was given my first delivery.

As I was making my way to the garage where the delivery van was, I saw a drunk man coming my way while swaying from side to side, his words slured.

Gross..I hate drunk people. After using my ninja moves to avoid him I finally got in the van and revved up the engine as I made my way out of the garage.

"54th Proto Street; Mansion 05...Mr. Ciaran." I put the location in the gps and let it guide me. A mansion? I've never delivered any pizza in a mansion before.
This man must be rich...maybe he will let me take a peek in his mansion..I've only seen them in movies before..but most rich people are such snobs.

I finally reached the mansion and oh my lawd...this place was bigger than I thought...maybe they have a son who will like me...I shook my head at my thoughts because who am I man has ever looked at me twice...I guess it's because I'm not that pretty. My appearance is boring as usual...I have brown hair, brown eyes and I'm 5'3 *sighs*

I took the pizza carefully..I don't want any disaster right now. I told the guard I'm here to deliver and he let me in. I walked up the steps leading to the door and pressed the bell switch and waited.

I was getting one was opening the door...stupid. I pressed the switch again and I heard heavy footsteps from the other side .. finally! My legs were screaming " i'm tired "

I watched as the wooden door was opened with such force I was afraid that it would disclocate. "Jeez..poor door didn't even deserve that...meany." I muttered under my breath not knowing that the person on the other side could hear me.

"Excuse me? What did you just say? " I heard an angry sexy voice say with such authority I swear I almost dropped the pizza. I finally looked up at the person and oh my lawd...not only was the mansion big but this man was too.

He was wearing a black suit and the hand which was resting on the door had an expensive watch. He had a fedora hat so I couldn't quite see his face..but his lips looked so pretty.

"Are you just going to stare at me like I'm your next meal?" I heard a voice ask me and I came back from my small bubble.

I can't help it that you are sexy...of course that sentence was said inside my head.

"Oh no! I'm sorry sir!" I squeaked as I blushed profusely while looking down.
"Here is the pizza that was ordered." I told him quietly as I handed him the box.

"Look at me..princess." I heard the man tell me. Was this Mr.Ciaran? I asked myself mentally. Of course he is..he screams..."hey my name is Mr.Ciaran."

I slowly looked up and I've never wanted so bad to see someone's eyes. Why was he hiding himself under the hat?
"Would you take the pizza Mr, my hands are getting tired." I told him after I composed myself but I was still sure my blush could be seen faintly.

"Of course princess." The sexy man said as he took the box from my hands and I swear I felt sparks...oh no! This is too I hallucinating?

"Keep the change princess"...he said as he handed me the money.
"Thankyou." I squeaked once again and then blushed ..oh fudge! Why am I blushing..stupid cheeks.

"Behave well for me princess...we will be seeing each other more often." I heard Mr. Sexy tell me just next to my ear and oh my...It felt so ticklish.

I quickly scurried down the steps and made my way to the van to go deliver the other pizza boxes but one thing was for sure...the meeting with Mr. Sexy would be stuck in my mind for the rest of the probably weeks...oh lawd.
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