Nurturing Roots

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In a world where hybrids and creatures exist, Noam is a responsible and caring treefolk to his younger brother and is working as a stripper for his living. One fateful night, he was kidnapped by a mysterious poacher, Romulus, who was wearing a human glamour skin and was responsible for the deaths and disappearances of the hybrids across the realm. In order for Noam to save his own life, he gave up his body and let him fulfill his lustful desires. However, being purchased and owned by this master was never part of his plan.

Romance / Fantasy
Eon Rowe
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01 - emergence

Being in another world was a break from reality. It was a bubble that was unconsciously created by your mind which was favorable in your terms. You like to create your own twists, your story and the life that you have been wanting to have even if let’s say you hated it. Because you love the thrill and the challenge that it has. As a treefolk, I find myself dreaming a lot of different scenarios in which we could say that I am indeed a dreamer. So was my little brother. I would always find him having bruises on his knees whenever he comes home. And as an older brother of his, I am always there to tend his wounds and scold him before he would promise me that he won’t do it again, in which he still would. Our parents were never home. Mother sometimes comes home with food and a stranger that was the reason behind the jerking noises of the old wrecked bed from the other room and her screams and moans that I would always tell Leif that mommy was not hurt and she was definitely having the night of her life. So, in order for him to ignore those noises, I would just tell him a story about one of the worlds that I created in my mind.

“So, do faes and nymphs call our names for us to help them whenever they need us?” Leif’s eyes were comparable to a doe. Black, big and adorable that would catch everyone’s attention, mostly me. And I would do everything in a heartbeat to cater his needs and to make sure that he was breathing alive.

“Yeah. Pretty much. But, I am not close to them ’cause I don’t trust them.” Our small bodies were hugging against each other. We were in our human form but due to our race, we automatically have smaller bodies that sometimes people would mistake us for folks that have vulva.

“So that’s why Tamimi, the earth faerie will not be alive anymore?” See, I was just telling Leif that Tamimi is a faerie that got lost in a city and never came back. Usually, they would sing and treefolks have the ability to hear their voice even if they were too far from us. It was a connection that we have as forests buddies, to say the least.

“Well, she’s an idiot that’s why she’s in trouble,” I said as I caressed Leif ’s brown locks with my dainty fingers, running against them while making sure that it has no soil in it. Leif was still staring at me like the usual. He was so adorable that I am afraid that he would end up like Tamimi, so I have to tell him this story in order for me to keep him safe.

“You’re just telling that to me because you don’t want me to go to the city like you.” Leif crossed his arms on his chest while his pink lips turned into a pout. He was cute looking that way and I was a tease sometimes just to see the five year old boy pouting over the silliest things.

“Well, what else can we do? Jobs in the city will make me more money or you won’t be able to eat more porcini in our soups. I have to work my ass off, literally, for us to have something to eat.”

“Okay,” Leif said as he puffed his pale cheeks and I let out a chuckle after that.

“You get some sleep.” Then I messed his hair before I got up from the bed made out of bark in which I created. “Remember what I told you about strangers who are unwelcome in our home?” Leif nodded with his eyes wide open as I pulled the blanket to cover his tiny frame. “You know what to do. Cover the house with your stems and roots, okay?” The young boy nodded once again before I placed a pecking kiss on his forehead.

He was settled after that then I went over to the other room and as expected, our mother was asleep naked beside some stranger. It wouldn’t take long before they would leave the house again without saying goodbye to my brother. It was something that we were used to and it felt like we were sharing the house with strangers in which I had no choice to make them not come back and just leave since this house was made by the combination of our mother and her brother’s roots which technically was theirs in the first place. I was just an eighteen year old guy who was still incapable of using my treefolk abilities and I had a lot of things to learn before I could make our own tree house. However, I didn’t know where to start besides legally working at one of the clubs in the city as a stripper.

“Shake that booty well, boy!” One of the men jeered at me as I was busy swaying my ass in front of them. Of course, as a stripper, patience was one of the requirements that was needed in order for me to do the job well. Do you think I like it? Not a single bit of it. Everything I do in this job was forced and I had no choice since I am not a young man who could get into a school and get a degree.

I had to endure eight hours of swaying my feminine body in front of the many strangers while wearing some hideous clothes in which they would still find me entertaining and attractive for some weird reason. After finally getting my first check from my boss who was lazily sitting in his dreadful office, I didn’t wait long until I got out of the club and got on the bus that would take me to the end of the city which would lead me to the forest where me and my younger brother lives. Just as I was sitting comfortably at the two seater chair, I felt the sudden piercing of a needle struck on my nape. The next thing I knew I was lying on a hard, cold surface while my arms and legs were restrained with leather straps. And a man’s figure holding a scalpel appeared in front of me.

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