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Uninhibited Souls (LGBT)

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Being outed by a closeted and wishy-washy jock is rough. But when your sister joins in and has you humiliated, it's just murder. Braden Walters had been humiliated and nearly broken by his vicious sister and his ex-boyfriend. A new start at a boarding school for boys... changes everything

Romance / Humor
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Momma always told me these three things regarding being a teenager in high school, and a gay one at that.

1.) Never put your trust in the wrong kind of jocks that will someday betray you and sic their goons on you for a whirlwind of pain

2.) Sometimes a change of scenery will do you good, even if it’s something you never expected it in your life.

3.) When you’re being slated to be married off to some rich and powerful superhuman or supernatural being, it’s best to enjoy the ride while you can.

Boy, if only I followed rule number one perfectly and avoided rules two and three, it would’ve made my life a whole lot easier. Oh well, reap what you sow.

Anyway, where are my manners? The name’s Braden. And I was the featured twirler at Wesleyan Valley High School (never mind the fact that some of the girls hated me for being the first guy with the baton) and while I may not have any friends, I still have the love of my mother and aunt (even more so because they knew I was gay) and I had my secret crush named Rodney Allen, the school’s top quarterback.

Funny how my jealous younger sister decided to team up with said crush and out me on the day before the last day of our senior year. And who would’ve thought that the moment it happened would change my whole life forever? Well, if I was prepared for what was to come, (I’m going to say it again) it would’ve made my whole life a whole lot easier. Anyway, this is the story of how my life changed with my sister’s petty revenge because I was the twirler and she was not. To make a long story short, check it on out.

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