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Heart of Desire

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Kristin KayMc is a bad boy at Latheral Academy (college) who slowly falls in love with a girl. He changes his manners and attitude whenever she's with him, she's the only reason why he believes in love and his heart desires as the perfect one he'll ever find for himself, no one else like her, but unexpectedly his love gets kidnap and has to search everywhere in the city to find her. Will he be able to rescue her from bloody criminals before she ends up dead in their hands and finally confesses his feelings to her before the 14th of February.

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- ͙۪۪̥˚┊❛Chapter 1-The spark in my eyes, beautiful. ❜┊˚ ͙۪۪̥

I met my two besties, Kayla and Lucia, in the first grade of middle school. Here we are presently in the 9th grade of college. Luckily my best friend Kayla is my roommate. I don’t know how besties become roommates but I’m cool with that. Occasionally I think she doesn’t like me as best friends pretending to play the role of friends. But the only friend I know is a true best friend is Lucia she always supports me in need of help and celebrates my victory even though it’s her dream/goal. Kayla is always jealous of my victory and never celebrates me I still remembered the day when I got an award for getting the highest grades in the entire school and she lied against me I cheated in the exam hall which wasn’t true I noticed this during 8th grade. She apologized, and I forgave her once. Sometimes Kayla always stares at my eyes asks me the same question about how I got the spark in my eyes and I always replied the same answer It’s natural ok!

I don’t know what it means when someone has a spark in her eyes.

Hey, my name is Amelia I’m 15yrs old in 9th grade. I love playing basketball, but I suck a little bit. My life started to change into romantic scenes when I met this guy named Kristin.

There I go walking out of my dorm locking the door with the key. As I did, I put in my white AirPods in one of my ears and played my favorite song going to the art room to paint because I was bored. On my way going to the art room, I got clutched away with the song. Someone was running and we end up bashing into each other causing his books and papers to fly in the air we both fell down on the ground.

“Oh my goodness I’m so sorry”, I said “Watch where you’re going!” Kristin yelled with anger, which seems he’s getting late for something. He saw the spark in my two eyes, I could tell because he’s observing my eyes. He touched my face with his two bare hands and looked at my eyes while we both looked at each other’s eyes, he smiled. Maybe finally someone knew the meaning of a spark in the eyes? Could it be positive that’s why he’s smiling?

As I got up from the ground he got up we both picked all the papers and books on the ground I apologized once again “I’m sorry for bumping into you”, I said “me too”, Kristin said “huh?” I gave a look of confusion “don’t worry anymore gat to go” Kristin said Bye I said he didn’t respond “Your name? “Kristin said “Amelia”, I said I wonder how a guy like him is a little nice, although first he’s rude but changed his manner I totally forgot about that and walked to the art room this time without music.

In the art room, I met Lucia working on a project painting a beautiful aesthetic sunset. “Hey Lucia”, I said while interrupting her painting. “Hey Lucia”, I said “Hey Amelia,” Lucia said “what do you think of my art”, Lucia asked “it’s beautiful”, I replied to her with a smile I could feel my eyes shining brighter as I smiled “Um can I ask you a question?“, I said “Yeh sure anything”, Lucia said “Do you know the guy that has curly brown hair”, I said “Is he tall”, Lucia said “Yeh,” I said, “I think you’re describing Kristin”, Lucia said “he’s in the basketball team in school”, She said. “Thanks”, I said. I painted with her an image of a beautiful aesthetic cloud. After painting, I wrote my name with a pencil at the top of my artwork. I went to my dorm, opened it and I saw Kayla with an envelope in her hands...

“This envelope is for Amelia”, Kayla said while handing it to me it.

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