My fallen angel

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I LOWER MY HEAD DOWN causing my dark hair to fall over my face. My curls momentarily hindering my eyesight. My wrist were shackled to the ground and the rough chains were already digging into my skin. I knelt in the middle of my brethren, head bowed and silent, readying myself for the agony and discomfort I knew I was about to experience.

"Azariah, angel of death, I as a member of the council of the eleven elders, with the permission of the rest of the council and the creator, hereby renounce your title and privileges as an angel. You will be exiled, and your wings which have been specially crafted and gifted by the creator, will be pulled apart and disintegrated, its ashes scattered into the fiery pits of hell" he paused, taking a breath before continuing.

"You will be cast away from the heavens and unto the earth for you to live as a mere mortal for the rest of your now mundane life. Your gifts and powers will also be stripped off and you will find your way around earth with no help from the upper kingdom. We deem fit that anyone found assisting you from the heavens, directly or indirectly shall be severely punished, All contact with the upper kingdom shall cease immediately."

The old man's face was solemn as he recited, his wrinkled face full of pity. I heard him repeat the same words but to Gariel and Ureaal. They had no justifiable reason to venture down to the human world but for some reason they felt the need to come with me and protect me. They were my brothers, not by blood because there was no such thing as marriage or procreation in heaven.

But we have been inseparable ever since our creator formed us. Since we were formed around the same time, it was easier to relate and find solace within each other. We shared a bond that was nearly impossible to break.

They had told me my reason for becoming a fallen was unwise and irresponsible, that I had to 'think logically'. But I didn't care if I was being irrational, I knew what I wanted, no, what I needed and I'll be damned if I let anything stop me.

The part I dreaded the most of this event was nearing, the only thing that made me slightly doubt my decision. A spark of regret flared up in my mind but I quickly doused it. I couldn't back out, not when I'd already made it this far. There was no time for regrets, I had already made up my mind.

I knew Casziel, an angel of fire was in charge of the wrenching of our wings. I've been here before, but only in the crowds not in the spotlight. I've watched as he has ripped the wings of other fallen off, not knowing it will later become my own demise.

And now it was my turn.

I took a deep breath, readying myself. I heard his heavy footsteps as he walked towards me, his sandals scraping the cemented ground. Placing his hands on my back, he roughly gripped my left wing, at the part which meets my back.

I heard two other Angel's quickly walk to my side. They knelt down beside me, each taking a hold of my arm forcing my heavy body down. A 'hmph' sound made it's way out of my throat as my bare front came in contact with the cold ground. I felt the smooth skin of Casziel's knee digging into my back as he held me down, sharply tearing off my left wing without hesitation.

"AAAAAAAAAH" I screamed bellowing like a mad man trying to get the men off me. Nothing could ever prepare me for the undercurrent shocks of pain taking over my body. The pain trickling down my back was unbearable, nothing I've ever experienced before. I felt the sting of tears. It was too much, I couldn't handle it. It felt like my whole back was aflame. My expression full of pain and anguish as a tear rolled down my face.

He quickly tore the other. I let out another ear piercing scream, the excruciating pain now doubled. The men got off me, shoving me down in the process. I let the tears freely run down my face as the impact of the situation hit me. I closed my eyes hearing the tormenting screams of my brothers. Their voices choking me and making me feel the more guilty. They were too stubborn, I told them to stay behind but they refused to heed my advice.

I crawled into a fetal postion waiting for the never ending pain to stop and the darkness to consume me.

The only thing that kept me going was knowing I would see her.

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