My fallen angel

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I SAUNTER INTO THE BUILDING tugging down the bottom of my little red backless dress that had ridden up past my olive-skinned mid-thigh, my feet clad in a set of black and gold suede platform pumps. The red strobe lights of the club flashed my way momentarily making my gaze loose focus.

I set my now focused stare on the person beside me. Jazmyne, my best friend and the reason for my appearance at this ominous dark and dingy club dressed in a navy blue skin tight dress with a pair of gold Louis Vuitton heels to match and her flaming red hair neatly packed in a high ponytail.

She had broken up with her internet boyfriend of two years and some months and had claimed she needed to be railed by someone. Her words to be exact. Thereby the reason for our presence here.

She grabs my arm practically dragging me towards her favourite place in the whole world. The bar.

We perch ourselves on the bar stools beneath the bar and Jaz wastes no time in ordering two Malibu cocktails for us.

As our drinks are placed in front us, we face each other involving ourselves in idle chatter. After running out of things to talk about, I sip my drink through the straw watching Jaz as she scans the room ready to pounce on any allowing victim.

I don't blame her though, she's been celibate for almost two and a half years, she deserves any type of railing she thinks she's going to experience tonight.

We sit there for quite a while without any progress and it was the exact moment I see the wallowing look on Jaz's face that I quickly decide that we don't exactly need men to have fun. I wait for her to finish the rest of her drink as I chug down the remaining of mine. I drag my best friend to the dance floor, her voiced irritation falling on deaf ears.

The second we get to the dance floor she removes her arm from my grasp, shooting me a dirty look, her eyebrows furrowed. "Hey! Why did you have to drag me away, I was still searching for who I was gonna fuck tonight."

"Who are you? Because the Jazmyne I know doesn't allow someone easily affect her mood. She knows how to handle herself, not throw herself into the arms of the nearest available guy just because of some useless dude that broke up with her. Girl please get a hold of yourself and know your worth." I deadpan staring straight into her dark green eyes.

She's never like this, she's always cool-headed and flirty not desperate. I guess she was taking the break up harder than I thought.

She sighs knowing I'm right. "You're right, I shouldn't let something like this bring me down" she says determined. With her face help upwards and her hands wrapped in mine, she pulls me to the centre of the dance floor with her.

We let go as we let the music control our bodies and very soon, we find ourselves laughing and giggling at each other's outrageous dance moves not giving a damn about the people around us.

Someone catches my eye from the corner of the room slowing down my movements. Fucking finally. All good come to those who wait.

The metal stud in his lip is the first thing that catches my attention before I allow my eyes to slowly assess his form and notice he has a similar piercing at the edge of his right eyebrow. His muscular build, sharp jaw, thin lips are definitely working for him. Not to mention his tousled pale blonde hair currently falling over his remarkable bright blue eyes that are nearly identical to mine. All in all, he looked like a pretty good fuck.

I shift my wandering gaze from him to his partner beside him and saw he didn't lack in the looks or body department either. His strikingly warm hazel eyes that were focused on blue-eyes as they conversed almost looked ethereal. These boys looked like they literally fell from heaven.

I turn towards Jaz to let her know that I've found her perfect candidates but her gaze was already fixed on the one with brown hair and hazel eyes. I was a bit taking aback by that, knowing Jaz I thought she'd set her sights on the first one, he looked like a bad boy and she loves those.

Oh well, lucky me because I knew there was no way I would have had a chance if Jaz had her attention on him, she literally looks like a goddess and any sane man would never reject the idea of having her.

I go back to ogling blue-eyes but flinch when I'm met with his eyes on mine. He takes his time scanning me they same way I did to him earlier, a smirk forming on his deliciously handsome face after his search.

My heart pumps faster and an exhilarated feeling passes through me because of the thoroughly pleased look on his face and the thought of this handsome man finding me attractive.

He walks towards me, his eyes locked with mine and his friend in tow. Jaz and I notice them and we still our moves as we wait for them to approach us.

Jaz paints a flirty smile on her face the minute they stand in front of us. "Hi boys, What are you two up to?" she says flirtatiously to both of them but her eyes are locked on hazel eyes as she starts to continue her dancing but not as vigorous as before.

"To talk to you beautiful ladies of course. Anyways I am Gariel and he is Yuri " blue eyes winked at me, pointing at Yuri.

I nod, a bit taken aback by their unique but nonetheless beautiful names.

"Hi, I'm Kalysta but you can call me Kallie." I say while slyly eyeing him resuming my awkward shuffling that I call dancing. Jaz wastes no time in saying a quick goodbye, dragging Yuri farther from us so they could interact privately.

"Okay Kallie" he says while giving me a slow sexy grin "Wanna dance?" He asks while gazing at me through his thick lashes.

"Sure" I reply giving him a cheeky smile while placing my right hand in his outstretched left hand.

He guides me towards the corner of the dance floor where it was far more serene and less crowdy than our previous place. He tugs me towards him, his large arm resting dangerously low on my back and my arms wrap around his neck as we let our bodies move to the beat of the music.

"Your name is a bit peculiar however lovely. Tell me Gariel, where are you from? Its not everyday I hear a name like Gariel or Yuri" I tell him, trying to make conversation but a bit taken with their names.

He chuckles, leaning forward to capture a piece my front dark hair in his fingers, twirling it. "I doubt you know the place sweetheart don't worry your pretty little head about it" his minty breath hitting my parted lips. I shrug not wanting to push past my boundaries. It was obvious he didn't want to talk about it and I was fine with it and we'd probably never meet again after tonight.

I look back to check on my best friend but notice her and Yuri weren't where we left them. Wherever she is I hope she takes it easy on the poor boy, he looks like he's more of vanilla.

After what Gariel said I focused more on dancing and less on talking and soon I found myself turned around, my bare back pressed against his clothed front, my arms wrapped around his neck and his lean fingers digging into my hip bone.

I push my behind into him, the beat of the music guiding the tempo of my grinding and circling hips. A satisfied smirk appears on my face as I hear a pleasured grunt from him. I increase my speed, the need of wanting to hear him make the beautiful sound I just heard again makes my hips gyrate faster against his forming bulge.

"Fuck princess, where'd you learn to move like that" he groaned out, his soft breath hitting my ear. He sharply circles his hips once against my behind, his fingers tight on my hip. His action causes a sharp breath to leave my pink parted lips as I feel the aftermath of my effects against my butt. Fucking hard.

I swiftly turn around giving him no time to react as I smash my lips to his. We practically moan together at the contact of our warm mouths against each other, the sexual frustration sizzling between us.

His lips are hot and demanding as his hands traces down my sides before palming my butt roughly. I gasp at his actions and he uses that opportunity to thrust his wet warm tongue in my mouth making both of moan at his action.

He massages and kneads my butt lifting it up with his large warm hands. I use common sense to know he wants me to jump. I waste no further time in jumping and wrapping my shapely legs around his narrow hips. His ever growing bulge grinding hard against my core, our new position making our pleasure more intense.

My mind doesn't even mind or register the fact that I'm flashing the whole club my blue thongs. No, it was too focused on this hunk's talented tongue.

I moan at the pleasurable contact as I move against him to, But I am brought down from my drunken high as I feel something vibrate against my left breast.


I sigh irritated, jumping off Gariel and reaching into my dress I pull out my iPhone. I answer and pressing it to my ear after looking at the screen and seeing the word 'Bestie' flashing on the screen.

"You really did it this time, this rather be good because I was ten seconds away from having a blue-eyed hunk pounding relentlessly out of me, ten seconds" I whisper-yell, sexually frustrated as beads of sweat coat my face.

"Ugh, I think I'm lost, I'm close to the building though. Well I'm sorry babe for being such a cock block but I definitely got what I came for. The guy is for sure a pro, he freaking fucks like Massimo" she whispers the last part excitedly. I think I hear something about her wishes about recreating the boat scene finally came true.

I'm not sure though I was too sexually frustrated to give a damn.

I roll my eyes at her antics, giving a pleading and apologising look to Gariel before storming out the club entrance, my phone pressed into my ear as Jaz describes her surroundings to me.

I deserve the best friend of the fucking year award.

Yes, yes she does
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