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Hate me or love me

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Lanny Colder is sexy, smart and funny, not to mention beautiful, everything her cheating ex husband didn't want, starting over was not meant to be on the cards. when she finds work at the local Garage she meets Kris, a Moody but sexy as hell Mechanic who also has a his own set of demos to deal with. with their hate to love relationship comes passion and lust, not to mention some pretty wild sex. can they come together as one or will his past try to destroy her forever.

Romance / Erotica
Rachael Stitchy
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Moving on

Its Christmas eve and I'm Standing outside my mom and dads house staring at the big brown front door, I'm building up the courage to walk through the big brown front door, to where my mom unintentionally looks at me like a small wounded animal.

My mom Helen can be a bit overwhelming, she means well but after the last Six weeks of constant phone calls and pot roasts being dropped around I've finally had enough and now I just want my life back.
I open the door and step inside, the house is warm and I can hear Christmas music coming from the kitchen.
I remove my coat and hang it on the hook, and as if she has super sensitive hearing my come comes barreling down the hall towards me in her Santa apron with flower still stuck to her cheek.
"Lanny sweetie" she cries ", "merry Christmas Darling" she adds tightening her grip around my body.
"Hi mom" I try to breath and she tries to kill me, "merry Christmas to you too" .
"Oh sweetie I'm so glad your hear" she smiles cupping my cheeks and looking at me with sad eyes.
I smile back at her, "I'm glad I'm here too mom", but please don't look at me like that" I add touching her hands that are still on my face trying to mimic her look.
"Daddy's in the lounge watching his favorite show" she beams looking in the direction of the cozy living room, "would you like something to drink Darling" she asks walking back to the kitchen.
"Beer, no wait, wine" I cry after her as I make my way over to my father.
"Hi dad" I say leaning down to kiss his cheek.
"Hay Lanny loo" he beams grabbing the side of my head to pull me in for a hug.
My dad is my world and has always been so calm and gentle, he is 6" something and has a big round belly to match.
"how's things now you're back in the world of singletons" he asks not meaning to offend me while resting his head on top of my own.
"same shit, different Assholes" I sigh starting to pull away from his warm hug and climbing off his lap.
"don't let them get ya down Lanny loo, you never know what's around the corner sweetie".
I look down at him and he gives me a wink just as my mom comes back with a glass of wine.
"we are just waiting for Daniel and Steph and then we can eat" my mom smiles walking back into the kitchen to pull something out of the oven, something that smells utterly divine.
my mom is the same height as me 5" 8 with blondish grey hair down to her shoulders, she looks after herself and is involved in many neighborhood activities such as yoga, badminton and the art of creative painting.
yep that's a new one, but if she's happy so am I.
My brother Daniel arrives less than Ten minutes later with his wife Steph and their Two beautiful twin girls Kalie and Krystal.
Daniel and Steph have been married for over Five years and Steph fell pregnant soon after they met, she has that all American soccer mum vibe down to a tee, she wears her hair in a messy bun and likes baggy pants compared to skintight jeans, of course Daniel fell head over heels in love with her and 9 months later they were married and parents.
Daniel on the other hand is like Dad, he's calm and collected with blonde hair and big blue eyes, standing at 6" 2 with a body most men would die for, he works out all the time and looks after his health, we have never been that close but we do speak every once in a while.
Dinner was a success and everyone had a nice evening drinking and eating, even if the twins did run circles around my Dad, my mom is one of the best cooks I know and her cream puff pie is one we used to sell in the Diner.
I guess we will have to rethink that one now.
Fuck, for a second I had forgot all about my cheating soon to be Ex husband Jenson, the lying sack of shit was caught with his dick deep inside the new waitress and well when it came down to it he choose her instead of me, and that HURT like a bitch.
we met in college and he was my best friend, we opened the Jenny Rose diner in the small town of Casper in Wyoming Seven years ago, with its authentic American food and its laid back Fifties vibe it was busy from the time we opened to the time we closed.
would I change any of it, NO, am I going to let him have the house, Hell No, and I going to let him buy my side of the diner out from under me, Fuck No, he can spend the rest of his days paying me what's rightfully mine, and I am so gonna enjoy it, and maybe it will ease the pain of having to start over again.
I crawl under the sheets of my parents guest room and close my eyes, my brain is banging on the side of my skull from all the wine I drank, but even through my drunken thoughts I'm excited for the next chapter in my life, But this girl is moving on and going places.
who am I kidding, I've never left this small town, let alone the state, but a girl can still dream right, I mean I'm thirty Three years old, I have blonde hair and big blue eyes like my brother, I'm not skinny but I'm certainly not large, I have many years ahead of me to start over and finally move on..

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