The Escort Of Xander Black

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"I desired you, to quench my lust. But your single touch sparked my whole existence" Aurelia Harvey, 20, a petite woman with her enthralling pitch black orbs, just like her life. She was tagged as an 'ESCORT' despite her virtuous and ethical attitude. No respect. No dignity. The society has thrown her into pits of darkness. Xander Black, 30, piercing aqua-blue eyes, dominant and supreme appearance are his traits. No morals and no standards enhance his killer features. Aurelia was appointed as his secretary. Soon irresistible sparks flied and she was unable to stop herself from falling for him, despite knowing it was forbidden. Afterall, forbidden fruit tastes sweeter. But the problem was. For Xander, it was ONLY LUST. AND XANDER WAS MARRIED.Making her nothing but his escort finally.

Romance / Mystery
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She stared back at me with her beautiful big black eyes, as an unwavering feeling of commiting a sin along with an inexplicable anticipation flicked in my body.

I pulled her a bit closer on my lap, wrapping my hands around her tiny waist securely.

I never wanted to jump on her bones, considering my reputation and martial status. The word "Forbidden" was never in my dictionary and indulging in a sinful romance was the last thing I ever wanted.

It was never my cup of tea.

Untill her.

My feeling for her was pure and raw desire. An alluring temptation of lust to possess and taste every inch of her sinfully godess like body.

From her enthralling pitch black orbs to the green anklet string on her ankle, everything was seeking for my unswerving attention.

Despite, her reputation of being an "Escort", which she never denied, and her non-socialic behaviour which earned her no friends. Nothing was interesting in her character.

Natalie was far more better than her, whether let it be beauty or brain.

But every inch of my body craved for her. It was lust. Pure fuckin' lust.

And I have to quench it in one or other way.

My trance broke, as I sighed when she wriggled and got down from my lap. It was as if senses were back, and her mind alerted not to stand within a five meter radius around me.

I know I always scared her, her features would turn pale and her face would drain of all colours at my mere presence. She always knew, what my ulterior motive was, or it was atleast what I thought.

But I never understood what swirls in her pretty little head, I knew she was never attracted to me. Well, me being me never gave a chance for her to.

I lost the count of times, I whether reprimanded or rebuked her. There was no reason for my admonishes, it was just like my fantasy to have her here in my cabin, and look her no-emotion face. But Yeah! She never seemed to mind though.

And that only piqued my interest in this woman.

And the fact that she was nine-fucking-years younger than me, only made me lose my sanity.

My desire to possess her, was consuming my whole existence, day by day in her presence.

"I am Sorry!, Mr. Black",she apologized, for god knows what. Though, I was the one who pulled her onto my lap.

"I will be get going",she mumbled in her panicked voice yet professional tone, like my mere presence scares the shit outta her.

I sighed when she turned her flawless back to me, and started taking steps towards the door.

This time I knew, I couldn't control myself as my legs on their own started moving towards her, and before I knew she was already in my arms, staring at me wide-eyed.

Xander-fucking-Black has gone insane. Officially!

Her body stiffened automatically, as pure horror washed over her face sensing my proximity.

"Xander" a gasp escaped her lips, and sheek fright washed over features, when I pressed my lips on her, slamming her form to the wall, gripping her waist tightly.

My heart skipped a beat, as adrenaline rushed through my body. I never liked my name, until I heard it from her lips. It was the first fuckin' time she called my damn name. And I never knew it would turn me on.

Her lips were soft, more than what I imagined.

Fuck! It was like my fantasy come true.

A sinful fantasy!

I gripped her nape with my fingers, and deepened the kiss, using her shock as my advantage. No ounce of gentleness was held in my actions, I bit her lips making her hiss in pain, as she punched my chest with her so called useless-tiny-fists.

Her scent was driving me crazy, and the thought that she was used by many "men" didn't seem to falter even a bit of my lust for her.

Though she was tagged as an "Escort", I never saw her behaving inappropriately with any man. She was always confined to herself. As much as I wanted to believe she was really an escort, who sold her body for money. I couldn't get myself to do that.

Because the mere thought of another man touching her body, froze my blood in sheer fury.

It has to be me. Only me. For her.

A small crackling sound, followed by a loud shriek halted the running wild fantasies in my dirty head to the present scenario in my cabin.

I parted my lips from hers, almost gasping internally at the lack of warmth. Her body was as still as a statue, as she was staring at the back of me in pure horror, with her ragged breathing.

I followed her eyes, and looked at the creatures standing infront of us, staring back at us with a blank expressions.

My wife.


And her fiance.

A.k.a my brother Nicholas Black.



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