When he met Tulip

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A man without a name, with no past, no memories and even without his own feelings., risks his life to escape the only place he knows to find out who he is. The fateful meeting with a young girl named Tulip who got lost in the forest, turns his whole life and outlook on the world. She will teach him how to live, love and feel. But will he remember his past?

Romance / Adventure
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Newwor and the 23 buildings

Intro: (this is not part of the story, just explaining some things before the first chapter)

At five o’clock in the morning, the loud bell will ring, showing that now was the time to start the work.

The workers shall now get ready and get out of their rooms. Well, I wouldn’t call it ″rooms″, but it will do for now.

Ah of course, the masks, before getting out of bed, they all will wear the masks that cover their whole face with their Identification number.

Every building has 20 floors, and is located close to a city. There are 23 big cities in the country Newwor.

In each building there are exactly 999 workers.

Floors 11- 20 are made for the workers, every floor contains ten rooms and in each room there are ten men aged 17 to 45.

So, for the morning routine, they all will take their suits from the closet that is in the room. Then they go to the bathroom, there is a bathroom in front of every room and ten showers inside, after getting inside, they will take off the mask, wash their face and brush their teeth, then wearing the suit and getting out. They all will finish getting ready after 20 minutes, then at five thirty the bell will ring again, this time instructing everyone to go down to the cafeteria on the tenth floor.

They all get there and sit at the tables, every long table has separating stalls.

They will take the oatmeal and sit down, the automatic door will close and the worker can take of the mask and eat. The food tray will have the oatmeal, glass of water, and three pills with vitamins, a blue pill, a green pill, and a grey pill.

New workers will receive one *injection every three months, The older workers will get an injection after every year.

After eating, at six o’clock they will go to work.

Employees from floors 11 and 12 will go to floor 9, at this floor they make new medications, skincare products and other basic human needs as well as new technology devices and robots.

Employees from floor 13 will go underground to the lab, at this floor they make the injection and other things that will help Employees that work at floor 9.

Employees at floors 14 and 15 will work at floor 8, at this floor they manage every issue that happens in the city, they answer phone calls and help people.

Employees at floors 16 17 are going to the city, they work at hospitals, at the mall and other places.

Employees at floors 18 will guard the city and make sure to check every person ID before they leave or enter the city.

Employees at floor 19 will work at floors 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1, these floors are a hotel for visitors from high class people.

Employees at floor 20 will go and guard the Building, bring *supplies like food, water and other things that the country needs, and catch escapees.

*injection- since this country is very poor and has devoted everything for science and experiments, many people are homeless and don’t have a lot of money to pay for medical help. That is why workers from each building get injections and medicine to stay healthy, they eat oatmeal and drink water almost all the time due to lack of resources.

*Supplies-Newwor gets a small amount of supplies every few weeks like food from the closest country ″Cosporo”.

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