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Obsession 2

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Lima Syndrome- phenomenon in which abductors develop sympathy for their captives. *Mature content* This isn't a stand alone book. You will have to read the book 1 first, which is "Obsession".

Romance / Erotica
Sweet sweat
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Chapter 100

Damien Martin's POV

It seemed hours went by in rapid motion, when we're not aware when we don't care.

Days had gone, sunset after sunset.

I'm hopeless... I had spent days staring at my very own prize, my very own personal addiction, my very own broken girl, my wife, my Vivan.

I could see nothing but her. She was right in front of me, in my arms, breathing, lost in her own world.

Little did she know about how the outside world revolves.

I never had it in me to dread all of those voices in my head to take control and kill both of us in the process. I never thought I could ever get Vivan's Submission or her genuine smile.

I protected her, I caged her from the outside world, I broke her beyond. And I planned to cage her for the rest of our lives, what's done was done. I had her all to myself, or is that just an illusion? That needed to be fixed...

But why was I dealing with anxiety? Why do I feel afraid? What I was afraid of? I had her again, but not that magnificent smile again.

She is mine by my choice, she's broken by my choice, she's back in my arms by my choice. Our relationship was never meant to be, at least, I didn't think about it in the first place.
I thought I could let her go when I finally got what's left of her till she was nothing, I thought I would satisfy my thirst, but she proved me wrong. There's Much More About Her.

"I need some fucking sleep."


Third-person POV

Damien Martin stared at the wall. Ever since he had Vivan back in his grasp, he had trouble falling asleep in her presence. The guilt and anxiety eating him alive.

>>' He missed his mother. One of the reasons, he had decided to keep Vivan locked up was the alluring aura she possessed, which reminded him of his mother. He had mistaken her as Gabrielle to break her beyond repair, but every time he had remembered their first encounter had his bloodthirst suppressed.

The more time Damien spent with her, the more he felt threatened by her defiance. That lead him blindly hurt the woman of his life.
He had realized he was no different from his father. They had both foolishly had committed unspeakable acts.'<<

The girl on his lap tiredly stirred on his lap and slowly sat up, catching his attention.

Damien missed seeing life in Vivan's eyes instead of this horrible vacant stare that reminds him of his own eyes.

No words were exchanged as Vivan slowly leaned into him. Lips naturally moving in sync, fingers imploring each other's skin, tongues dancing on their own accords and sexes dampening.

"Vivan?" He whispers.

Vivan barely bother to breathe as she started sucking his neck.

"Where had I wrong?" Damien let out a long exhale.

Vivan had changed... a lot. And he wasn't complaining but such a man like him couldn't deal with the familiar guilt building up in his heart. " I'm such a fool, I still don't know how to make everything up to you, "

He stopped her hands before they reached the zip of his pants and brought them up to his lips as he muttered. " Where did I go wrong? I- don't know... Vivan? Vivan, baby,"

Damien didn't miss the confused look on her face.

" How can I make everything up to you?" He mumbled as he joined their foreheads.

She stayed still, and just like that, he doubted if she still knew how to speak. She hadn't been communicating with him since she always showed with her gestures what she wanted.

Damien didn't mind that at all. But he was still worried if that had something to do with the change in her behaviours that meant she would finally figure out something he had been hiding all along.

" You're still ongoing with your punishment for me? Why won't you let me hear your sweet voice?" Damien had already placed her down on her feet as he stood up.

With a tilted head, Vivan looked up with confusion written on her face, tears already swelling up.

"No, baby, Daddy needs to work, you will wait for me here," Damien could already feel the dizziness from lack of sleep, and he desperately needed to sleep for a few hours. Vivan would sleep on top of him from time to time, sex after sex, she looked like something possessed her but it was much to his pleasure.

Soft whimpers could be heard as the girl started to break down. The puppy look wouldn't work on him as he had already closed his eyes and feeling her lips one more time, a demanding goodnight kiss.

"I've gotta go." Now Damien does look at her, something approaching both terror and sorrow on her face. It was the first time he really decided to leave that room.

Still worse was the look of desperation, as if she needed the air he was breathing. The Tables Had Turned.

"I need to do something. I..." Damien traced Vivan's trembling lips as she cried hysterically.
"I need to find out what I could do to heal you, I need you to stay strong, I need- I need-" he buried his face in her shoulder and let the tears flow. "I need you to forgive and accept my decisions, Vivan,"

He had tucked her in the bed, left the room with the last glance, and locked the door.


” Ding, Dong! ”

” Ding, Dong! ”

Damien groaned looking at his watch with half-opened eyes. He had been sleeping for a few hours on the couch. He sat up and tiredly walked up to the front door.

Opening the door, there was only a bag with a note stuck to it. He squint his eyes to see a car leaving the place already, but able to make out it was Daniel's car.

Daniel had been distancing himself away from his brother, Damien since he last saw Vivan losing her mind and trying to kill him. For the things hadn't worked out as they both expected, Daniel had suggested Damien live in an isolated place.

Henry Merlin had been awfully calmed after trading his Father, Joe Merlin and Vivan. *(I hope you still remember that man from book 1)*

It made things more suspicious to the point Damien had already made his brother deliver the necessary items to his private penthouse once a week.

Including some of the Pregnancy Tests, this time.


Would you get your precious life back?

I wondered...I promised to be good, the warmth was what you craved.

If you really think I could somehow change, 'enlighten me, my love'

Wasn't it the reason you surrendered to me? Was it?

Author's note

So who is gonna give a shout out to the sequel of Obsession?🥺 You have been asking for it, I dunno other than to post it on book 1.
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