Bodyguard to the Alpha

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Saying Goodbye

As I’m packing my things up, I notice how very little I actually have. I pack the few pictures I have with my family from happier times, from before Patrick died. We don’t really ever talk about it anymore, but, everything changed after that. Dad lost his job because he couldn’t manage to make it to work sober, mom had to get a job for the first time, and all she could find was a job working as a maid at the hotel a town away. Alpha Otis said that she didn’t have the skills to work within the pack, so we had very little money. Most of it went to dad's cigarettes and beer, and anything I made from my paycheck went straight to my parents to help them pay bills. As the youngest daughter of the pack Omega family, the lowest of the low, I was paid significantly less than everyone else.
Everything I want to take with me fits in one box and a duffel bag, so I head down the stairs to leave the home that I grew up in, the home that was once so full of love and togetherness. I’m looking forward to starting a new life, one where it seems like I’ll be appreciated if the treatment from Alpha Jacques today is any indication of the future. He’s so handsome I think dreamily. His perfectly coiffed dark hair, which accents his amazing emerald green eyes, his sparkling white, perfectly straight teeth, and his neatly trimmed, closely trimmed beard that covers his chiseled square jaw. He looks drastically different than anyone in the Deadtooth Pack, that’s for sure! He’s tall, and I’m guessing extremely fit since I could feel his abs when he pinned me during our sparring session. I could only dream that the Moon Goddess could pair me with someone like him. Never in a million years would that ever happen though. I don’t deserve someone like him.
I sling the duffle bag over my shoulder and pick up my small box of personal items and walk out the door for possibly the last time of my childhood home.
“This is probably the craziest thing that I could ever imagine would happen. Me, becoming head of security for the Moonvalley pack. This is going to completely change my life.” I say to nobody in particular.
“Who are you talking to?” Dad says taking a drink of his current beer. There are at least 15 empty bottles on the coffee table in front of him. “Where the hell do you think you’re going?”
“Dad, I told you this when I came in earlier. I’ve been offered a job with the Moonvalley Pack and I’m moving there tonight. Alpha Jacques personally asked me to fill this position. Remember?” I say, trying my best to remain patient with him since he’s already drunk and it’s only 1 o’clock in the afternoon.
“How the hell are your mother and I going to survive without your income?” He says, with the anger growing in his voice. I need to do my best to squash this before he gets violent.
“Dad, I’m still going to be sending you guys money. I promise, my first check will be yours, I’ll just need enough to get a few groceries, okay? I’ll make sure that you guys are taken care of.” I assure him. I can’t afford a fight right now, I need to leave to be on time to meet Jack back at the pack house. “I’ll call you guys when we get to Centralia and I’ve settled in for the night. I’m sure that there will be a phone that I can use at the pack house there.”
“Yeah, don’t bother. Get the fuck out.” He says throwing a bottle at me, but in his drunken state, he misses and hits the wall next to the front door.
“I love you too Dad.” I say quietly as I shut the door. I start jogging towards the pack house with all the contents of my box jingling and clanking around. I slow to a walk so that I don’t break anything inside. I don’t have much in there, but what I do have in there I would like to keep from breaking.
I finally reach the pack house and I see a black luxury SUV, and 2 black more sporty SUVs behind it. I walk in to see Jack in a beautifully tailored moss green suit and a crisp white shirt underneath. Just a small peek of chest hair shows through the top of his shirt which has the top 2 buttons unbuttoned. His green eyes sparkle as he chuckles at something one of his men in security detail has said to him.
“Mina! You’re here! Are you ready to go?” Jack says with a warm smile.
“Yes sir.” I say, feeling seriously under-dressed in my worn light blue t-shirt and almost threadbare yoga pants.
“Let me introduce you to the guys. This is Tyler, Sawyer, Reed, and Evan. They’ll be part of your security crew. Guys, this is Lumina.” Jack says, gesturing towards me.
“Please, just call me Mina. Only my parents call me Lumina when I’m in trouble.” I say with a weak smile. I can tell they all understand what I mean by that by the awkward smiles they give back.
“Let me get your stuff packed into the SUV and we can get going.” Sawyer says. He's tall and muscular like Jack, but probably a good 4 inches shorter than he is, but still almost a foot taller than I am.
“Um, well, this is it.” I slightly lift the box and bounce the duffle bag off my hip. I look down a bit in embarrassment, feeling my face flush.
“Oh! Well, let me take it for you Mina. Got to get in good with the new boss, ya know.” Reed says with a wink and a chuckle.
“How is this going to work? All you are at least 8 inches taller than I am and probably outweigh me by 100 pounds.” I say with a laugh as Reed takes my meager belongings from me.
“If you’re as good as Alpha Jack says you are, it’s going to be us that is in big trouble!” Evan says with a chuckle.
“Let's get going. I don’t want it to be too late when we get home.” Jack says. “Mina? Would you like to ride with me?” Jack smiles at me again warmly.
“I… I was just going to sleep on the way there. I got car sick so I’m not going to be good company.” I say with a shrug.
“I don’t mind. It gives me a chance to get to know you better, especially since we will be working so closely.” Jack says with another dazzling smile.
“What do you mean so closely? Won’t I be working with the security team?” I say, a bit confused.
“Lets discuss this in the car on the way. We need to get moving if we want to make it home in time for the main dinner. I’m sure you’ll want to rest when we get there.” Jack says, placing his hand on my shoulder. I turn around and we walk out of the pack house and to the SUV.
“You have a driver?” I ask when Jack opens the back door for me and I get in.
“Only for long trips. I like to be comfortable and it’s hard to be comfortable when you’re driving.” Jack says and shuts the door. He gets in on the other side and shuts the door. “Are you comfortable? If not I can get you a blanket or a neck pillow before we take off. I know you said you wanted to sleep.” Jack says.
“You know what, that would actually be great. Would prevent me from falling asleep and my head flopping around and drool getting everywhere.” I then remember who I’m talking to and blush. “I mean, if I did drool that is.”
“Sure!” Jack says with a laugh. “One second and I’ll get you a blanket and pillow, you know, just in case there’s any drool.” Jack says with a wink. He walks to the back of the SUV and opens the back, closes it and comes back. He hands me a beautiful silver blanket and matching neck pillow. “Here you go! I hope these are adequate.”
“This is the softest thing I’ve ever felt! What is it?” I ask, rubbing the blanket on my cheek.
“It’s called chenille. You can have that one if you would like. I have a couple more in the back. I thought you might like the silver one.” He smiles as he closes the door and puts on his seatbelt.
“So, about this job. Can we talk about what that entails?” I feel the motion sickness pills starting to kick in. I’ve got about 10 minutes before I’m fast asleep and drooling on the beautiful blanket and neck pillow that Jack had just given me.
“Of course! You will be my personal bodyguard, as well as head of the security team. I know that this is a big transition, but you'll have help until you get adjusted and feel comfortable. You’ll be moving into the main house security suite, so we’ll be spending quite a bit of time together. I’m not sure how much you were being paid previously, but I hope $100,000 a year will be okay.” He says.
“Wait! I’m getting paid HOW much?” I exclaim in disbelief.
“Is that not enough? We can discuss a raise at 90 days.” Jack says.
“No! I mean, yes, it’s enough. I only made like $10,000 at Deadtooth, but I had to give it all to my parents.” I say, not sure what I’m going to do with all of the money that I’ll be making. “I mean, I guess I will still have to send my parents enough to live on.” I say a bit sadly.
“Wait, you were giving all of your money to your parents?” Jack asks.
“Can we not talk about it anymore? I’m really starting to get really tired from the motion sickness pills. Lets talk about something pleasant. Tell me about yourself.” I say, yawning.
“You think I’m pleasant?” Jack smiles. “Well, I guess I can tell you a bit about me. I’m the CEO of Delacroix Industries.” Jack starts.
“Wait, THE Delacroix Industries?” I ask. “They make like, literally everything!”
“Well, not everything, but a lot of things.” Jack says with a chuckle. “I love to cook and work out in my spare time.” I hear Jack say as I close my eyes and start drifting off to sleep.

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