Bodyguard to the Alpha

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Meet the Pack

The sounds of vehicles honking woke me up. I momentarily forgot where I was. Road signs for Centralia are showing up on the side of the road. Small rural Branchbound Creek seems so insignificant compared to the big bustling city. I can't stop the small smile as we get closer to the city.

"Did you have a nice nap?" Jack asks. I actually forgot he was in the car with me. I turned to him and smiled wide.

"I did thank you." Then, remembering the drool comment, check my mouth to make sure there isn't any drool. I heard Jack laughing.

"Don't worry. You did not drool in your sleep. You looked very peaceful." He said, smiling at me. His eyes are so beautiful when he smiles. I can't help but giggle.

"Thank you." I sat up in my seat taking in the sites of the city. "How much further to the pack house?" I asked. I'm not sure how long we've been on the road.

"We'll be there in about 20 minutes. Not much further. " Jack says, as he checks his phone. I sit back and enjoy the view. "So, Mina, tell me about yourself. How did you become a badass warrior?" I shook my head.

"I train. A lot. Honestly, it came naturally to me. My older brother, Dirk, trained young as well. He'd come home and teach me what he learned." I shrug my shoulders. "I really enjoy it. The sparring and taking down the big guys. It's my favorite part of the day." I say honestly.

"That's great! I think your perspective on training will be a breath of fresh for my security team." Jack says, smiling before getting a phone call.

"This is Jack… Thank you for taking care of it Tristan. We'll be there soon." Jack hung up the phone and looked at me.

"So let me make sure I understand this correctly. I'm going to be head of security and your personal bodyguard?" He's so much bigger than me. No one is going to believe I'm his bodyguard.

"You got it." Jack says. "We'll be together a lot. I hope that's ok with you." I felt a slight blush creep up my cheeks.

"Of course. I'm excited to work with you." I say trying to sound professional.

"Good! Mina… Welcome to your new home." Jack says, motioning out the front window. I look outside and see a huge beautiful home.

"Seriously?" I ask, amazed. Jack chuckled and gathered his things. Sawyer parked and we got out of the SUV. I stretched and then stood there a moment taking in my surroundings. The area was absolutely beautiful. I could see the tall city buildings close by. The grounds were gated and surrounded by trees.

"Beautiful isn't it?" Jack asks, a slight smile on his face. "My grandfather built this place. That building is for training. We also have an outside course." Jack turned me towards the cityscape. " That building to the left is the Delacroix building. I can give you a tour of the office tomorrow. Let's get you settled in here and after dinner, I'll give you the grand tour of the pack house." Jack placed his hand in the small of my back, leading me to the front door. On the outside the house was huge. There's a big wrap-around porch and double doors leading inside to an open two-story entryway. We followed Sawyer upstairs to my suite. Sawyer sat my meager belongings down and excused himself.

"This will be your suite." Jack walks towards a door and opens it. "This is your closet. I took the liberty of getting a few articles of clothing for you. When we're in the office you'll dress business casual. If the clothes don't fit or if you need anything at all, please let me know and I'll make sure you have it." I peek inside. This huge walk-in closet is full of clothes. I mean… full! I turn and see Jack motioning to another door. "Over here is your bathroom." Still mesmerized by the closet I open the bathroom door. It's like a spa here! Beautiful sea glass blue and green accent colors against the white. Huge soaking tub and glass shower. I turn around to Jack who's standing right in front of me. My brain takes a moment before I'm able to speak.

"You bought me clothes?" I ask. No one has ever been so generous to me. Ever.

"Of course Mina. I want you to have everything you need. We can go shopping tomorrow if the clothes don't fit or if you don't like the style." Jack glances at his watch. "Dinner will be ready in a few minutes if you want to freshen up before heading down. I'll wait outside your room for you." Jack smiled and left the room. Holy shit. Is this guy for real? I take a couple of minutes to freshen up, not wanting Jack to wait for me. I step outside my room to see Jack there as promised. He looks up and smiles. "This way Mina." I follow him back down to the first floor and we walk into a large dining room full of people milling around. "I'd like to take a moment to introduce you to the pack if that's ok with you?" Jack asks as we walk up to the head of the large table. I nod my head, instantly feeling nervous.

"Ladies and gentlemen of the Moonvalley Pack. I'd like to introduce to you our newest member, Mina. I've invited her to live and work here. Please give her a warm welcome." Everyone starts clapping and I wave to everyone. Jack leads me to a buffet full of food. There are several people serving. As I approach, each of them greets me warmly and says welcome. I fill my plate and follow Jack to our seats. Throughout the meal, pack members come up and introduce themselves and shake my hand welcoming me to Moonvalley. I did not expect such a beautiful welcome, but I'm so grateful.

After dinner, Jack takes me on the grand tour of the house. There's a large party room that has a wall of glass. Jack walks toward the glass wall and pushes a button. The wall opens all the way across to a beautiful stone patio and garden.

"Breathtaking." I whisper. Jack chuckles.

"I think so. It's my favorite part of this place. My grandmother started the garden and my mother took over when she passed away. It has grown significantly over the years." He sighs, "This is where I come to think." I look up and see he's a million miles away. He looks down at me and smiles. "Let's continue." I smile and follow his lead. There's an office for his Gamma, Beta, and me. I got my own office!! I walk inside the office. Plain wood desk and a couple of bookshelves. I'll need seating, maybe a couch too.

"Looks like I need to do some shopping for my office." I say as I run my fingers across my desk.

"I'll take you shopping tomorrow. Make a list of what you need in here and I'll make sure you have it."

"Thank you Jack." I'm not used to his kindness, but I'm incredibly grateful.

"Next is my office." Jack says, leading me to the next door. His office is massive. Which is expected as Alpha. I take a look around and brush my hands against the spines of the books on one of the bookcases.

"It's very beautiful. I love the dark blue wall color." I say. The wall color has a gray undertone that speaks power. It's beautiful.

"If you like, we can have your office painted the same color." Jack offers.

"I would like that very much. I don't want to be too much trouble." First shopping for office furniture, now painting. I feel kind of bossy.

"It's no trouble at all. I'll get started on it right away. I want you to have what you want Mina. This is your home now and I want it to be comfortable for you."

"I appreciate that more than you know."

"We're almost done. I want to show you the library and the security wing where your team lives." Jack says. He's starting to look tired. It's been a long day. We walk to the library and there are a few pack members reading and browsing the shelves. It's a two-story room with a staircase to the 2nd floor. The railing on the 2nd floor is glass and the ceiling is domed glass. There are chairs and couches around the room creating small gathering areas.

"A lot of meetings and study groups take place in the library. The pack members love it here." We walked over to a small desk off to the side of the room. "Jada, this is our new pack member, Mina. Jada here helps to keep this place organized. If there's a book you want and it's not here, let Jada know and she can get it for you." Jada extends her hand to shake mine.

"It's a pleasure to meet you Mina. When you have time I can show you around the library. We have it broken out into genres. The study areas are open to everyone so please make yourself at home." Jada says. She looks young like me and she has a kind face. I hope we can be friends.

"I can't wait to explore. Thank you Jada. I'll take you up on that tour." Jada smiles wide.

"Oh, I think you'll get along well." Jack chuckles. "One last stop." Jack says, leading the way to the door. A beautiful brunette stops Jack. She looks pissed.

"Jack, baby, there you are. I've been looking all over for you." She says, with a pout. This woman is literally gorgeous. Beautiful shiny long brown hair, flawless skin and makeup, and a body that would make any woman jealous. She's wearing a figure-hugging black pencil skirt, a red silk blouse with black pumps. Jack grunts and turns to me.

"Mina, this is Bella. She works in our financial office. Bella, this is Mina. She will be living here in the pack house." Bella turns and glares at Jack.

"In the pack house? Hmm, I think an apartment with the other employees would be better suited." She says, looking down at me.

"Mina is going to take over the security team, so she will be here." Bella gapes at Jack.

"What?! She's just a child. You can't be serious Jack." I back up a step. This is not good. People are starting to watch us.

"Bella, this isn't your decision to make, it's mine. I'm the Alpha and what I say goes. If you want to challenge my decision properly you may do so. This outburst of yours is not acceptable. Do I make myself clear?" Jack says, angrily. Clearly pissed, he storms out of the library. He's standing in the hallway texting someone on his phone before putting his phone away and taking a deep breath.

"Mina, I'm so sorry you had to see that. Bella is… difficult. We've grown up together and she's good at her job. She sometimes forgets her place. Bella plays an important role in the pack business and I value her opinion there." Jack says, still looking angry.

"I see. Are you two together?" I ask. She called him 'baby'.

"No. We have never been a couple and never will be. Bella is sometimes too familiar." I nod in understanding. "Let's head up to the security wing and then you can get some rest." Jack smiles at me and we walk together up the stairs. The hallway closest to Jack's suite has several doors. "This is where your security team lives. Sawyer, Reed, Tyler, and Evan are among the men here. Tomorrow you can meet the rest of the team as well as my Beta, Tristan. He's been busy this evening but will be here for breakfast tomorrow."

"Jack, I really appreciate everything. I can't wait to meet the guys tomorrow. What time is breakfast served?" I would hate to be late on my first day.

"We can head down at 8 am. Tomorrow I'll show you around the training facility, the Delacroix office and then we'll go shopping." Jack says, before yawning again.

"Sounds like a plan, Jack. I think we both need our sleep." I say. Jack chuckled.

"I guess my lack of sleep is catching up with me. Sleep well Mina."

"You too Jack." We walked together to our rooms. I decide to unpack my few belongings but as I empty my small duffel bag on the floor of the closet, I decide to toss it all. My worn clothes look so ridiculous next to the closet full of beautiful designer clothes. I go through the closet and find pajamas and head to the bathroom to take a quick shower before bed. Coming out of the bathroom, I see my small box and start pulling my things out. I hold the family photo for a moment remembering when the photo was taken. We were so happy then. Losing Patrick was devastating. I sit the framed photo on my bedside table. I move the box to the side and crawl under the covers. Tomorrow is a new day with my new pack. I'm ready.
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