Bodyguard to the Alpha

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Shopping Trip


I wake at 6 am like I normally do to make breakfast for my parents before heading off to make breakfast for the pack. I look around my big room and take it in. The walls are a crisp seafoam green with sea glass blue accents and white trim, almost the complete opposite of the enormous bathroom. The wood floor is the color of honey and dotted with luxurious rugs that my toes squish into. They feel so nice and slightly tickle my feet. My 4 poster bed is large and like sleeping on a cloud. I’ve never had something so luxurious and comfortable before.

I get up and go into my closet that is filled to the brim with my new clothes. I grab a pair of running shorts and a t-shirt and slip them on. My ratty running shoes look out of place next to my new outfit. Maybe I’ll get some new ones with my first check.

After my run, I grab a super soft towel from the linen closet and hit the shower. I relax under the stream that’s falling from my waterfall shower head. I start pressing buttons to try and figure out how to make all the jets work in my new shower. It’s so fancy! I’ve never even seen anything like it before. My first priority will be to try and make a female friend and see if they can show me how to work this shower. I can’t exactly ask Jack or any of the guys about it. That would be so embarrassing! I definitely need to get some new shower gel and shampoo and conditioner, that’s for sure!

After my shower, I sit at the small desk in my room with my hair up in a towel and my new terrycloth robe wrapped around me making a list of things that I may need in my new office. Pens, pencils, notepads, maybe some folders? I don’t even know what to put in there! Maybe Jack can help me with that.

I go into my closet to select some clothes for the day. I settle on a pair of dark grey slacks and a nice purple and white top. I braid my long hair and put it into a bun, just the same as I’d had it the day before. No need to have it down, especially if I’m going to be meeting the rest of the security team after breakfast. There are several pairs of boots and heels in the closet, I select a pair of black hiking-type boots and head to breakfast.

As I come out of the door Jack is coming down the hall as well.

“Good morning Mina! How did you sleep?” Jack asks with a big smile on his face.

“I slept amazing! Is that big thing made out of clouds or something? It was so soft!” I say.

“Do you need something more firm? I can have it replaced for you if you would like.” He says, taking a sip of what I’m assuming is coffee out of a travel thermos.

“No, it’s great actually! I’ve never slept better honestly.” I say smiling up to him, being cautious to not look him in the eyes.

“Great! Let’s go get some breakfast. I’m ravenous!” Jack says, putting his hand on my lower back and guiding me towards the dining hall.

In the dining hall, they had set it up buffet style again with so many breakfast foods it was amazing! There were scrambled eggs, fruit, pancakes, toast, waffles, crepes, bacon, sausage, an omelet station, milk, apple juice, orange juice, coffee, tea, and lots of things that I have no idea what they even were! I took a couple of pancakes, fruit, some bacon, and sausage, and grabbed some tea. Jack and I sat at the head of the table again as we did the night before, with Tristan, and a few other people that I’ve not met.

“Mina! Good morning!” Tristan calls. “Meet my mate, Sable. Sable, this is Jacks’ new bodyguard, Mina.”

“Hello, Mina! It’s lovely to meet you. I’m sure we can get to know each other soon! I heard Jack is taking you shopping today. If you need help getting out of there, call Tristan and I’ll come to save you from Jack and his excessive shopping.” Sable says with a wink.

“Hey!” Jack says, tossing a blueberry at Sable. It bounces off of her forehead and onto the table and we all laugh.

“Is he that bad?” I say, giving Jack a wink.

“I’m not THAT bad! I just like to buy nice things, thank you.” Jack says with a pout. I giggle and start eating my breakfast.

After breakfast, we go to the security wing to meet the rest of the team. When we walked in, only Sawyer and Reed were there working on various paperwork. The office where they are working is large and has 6 desks, each with a computer and various papers. There are file cabinets lining one wall, and on the other, there are two whiteboards, as well as a projector.

“Hey, guys! Where’s everyone at?” Jack says.

“Hey, Jack! Good morning Mina!” Reed says as he looks up from his computer. “Let me save this and I’ll be right with you.” He says with a smile.

“Good morning guys. How was your first night in Moonvalley Mina?” Sawyer asks.

“It was actually really great. Everything is so luxurious compared to Deadtooth.” I say enthusiastically.

“Well, no surprise there.” someone says as they walk in the door. “I’ve only been there once, but it reminded me of a run-down shack town with uncultured, backwoods rednecks for residents.”

“Well, this is awkward.” Reed says with a grimace.

“Hello, my name is Mina. I’m the new head of security for Moonvalley.” I say while holding out my hand towards the as yet unknown man. Reed, Sawyer, and Jack exchange uneasy glances.

“Well hey, there boss! I’m Jericho, but you can call me Jer. I’m surprised my brother hasn’t introduced me yet!” he says looking at Jack.

“Your brother?” I say questioningly, narrowing my eyes.

“Uh, yeah, about that.” Jack pipes up, rubbing the back of his neck a bit nervously. “So, this is my little brother Jericho. Jer, Mina is from Deadtooth, but has joined Moonvalley to become head of security, and my personal bodyguard.”

“Oh shit! I’m in trouble already, aren’t I?” Jer says with a bit of a grin on his face.

All eyes are on me as they wait for a reaction. I try to hide the smile on my face for as long as I can and finally start to laugh. Jack, Jer, Reed, and Sawyer look at each other a bit confused, but finally, everyone starts laughing, starting with Jericho.

“You know, now that you mention it, Alpha Otis always kind of reminded me of a Joe Dirt Tiger King mix!” I say, laughing harder.

“Oh, my Goddess! I’ll never be able to look at him in any other light now!” Jack says, bowling with laughter.

“I think this is the beginning of a beautiful relationship Mina!” Jer says, playfully punching my shoulder.

“Okay. I”m going to take Mina to do some shopping for her new office today, and anything else she would need for her new life here.” Jack says with a friendly smile on his face.

“Take care everyone. I’ll see you all soon and I look forward to working with you all.” I say before I turn and Jack and I walk out.

“So, a brother huh? Do you have any other siblings?” I ask.

“Well, I do have a sister. Her name is Josie, well Josephine, but everyone calls her Josie.” Jack says with a bit of a sad look on his face. “She found her mate already and has left the pack. She turned 18 two weeks ago, so it’s still pretty fresh and painful.”

“I’m so sorry Jack. I didn’t mean to cause you any pain.” I say laying my hand on his arm.

“No! It’s okay. You didn’t know.” He says with a smile. “Let’s go get you some new things. I”m sure there’s plenty that you want to get.” Jack leads me down another corridor and out into a garage that’s filled with different cars.

“Oh, my Goddess! Is that a 1967 Chevy Impala?” I say, running my finger along the shiny black paint job, admiring the classic muscle car.

“It is.” Jack says with a chuckle. “It also has a Turbo Jet V-8.”

“Oh, my Goddess! She is beautiful!” I say.

“Would you like to take her today? She has an amazingly smooth ride.” Jack says.

“Could we? I’ve always wanted to ride in one!” I say enthusiastically.

“You can drive her if you want!” Jack says with a big smile on his face.

“Oh, um, about that,” I say, cheeks flushed pink with embarrassment. “ I actually don’t have a drivers’ license. My parents never taught me, and Dirk never had time. I’m sorry, I probably should have told you before I took the job as your bodyguard.” I say, looking down in shame.

“Nonsense. I’ll teach you how to drive. It’s not that big of a deal. We’ll have a driver most of the time anyway.” Jack says with his big friendly smile. He grabs the keys from a box on the wall, opens the passenger’s side door, and motions for me to get in. I slide into the leather seat and put on my seatbelt, admiring the beautiful interior of the car, breathing in the freshly cleaned leather smell. Jack gets in the driver’s seat and starts the car, revving the engine a time or two. “Are you ready?”

“Absolutely!” I say with a big smile.


We arrive at a mall that’s bigger than any I’ve ever seen in my life. There is literally everything that I could ever want here!

“Where would you like to start?” Jack asks, parking the car and shutting off the engine.

“Um, I’m not even sure! Maybe some new body wash and such?” I say, taking off my seatbelt.

“Stay put.” Jack says as he gets out of the car and opens the passenger side door. He holds out his hand to help me out of the car.

“You are so funny Jack. You don’t have to help me out of the car.” I say with a giggle and taking his hand.

“I know that if I didn’t treat a lady well, my father may come back from the grave and haunt me until the end of time.” Jack says with a sly grin.

“Okay okay.” I say with another giggle. “Let’s get this over with!”

We walk into the mall and into a store that has all kinds of wonderful-smelling bath products. I end up buying 3 sets of gel, lotion, body spray, shampoo, and conditioner. Jack tells me that I should get a few bath bombs, so I put 6 of those into my basket as well. When we get to the cash register, Jack simply hands the cashier a black card. The cashier packs up my things in a beautiful bag and hands the receipt to Jack.

“Where would you like to go now?” Jack says as he takes my bag.

“Could I get some new running shoes? I’ve had mine for quite a while and..”

“Mina. You don’t have to rationalize anything to me. Of course, you can get some new running shoes. You can get anything you want. Please just ask for what it is that you need.” Jack says.

“Okay. I would like a new pair of shoes.” I say. We head into a large sports store and head towards the shoes.

“How can I help you?” A young salesman says as he walks up to Jack and I.

“Yes. I need a new pair of running shoes please.” I say with a smile.

“Alright! What kind of price are we looking at?” He asks, looking between Jack and I.

“No price limit. Please just get her the best pair of shoes for running in her size please.” Jack says.

“Alright! Let me get a few pairs for you and we will see which one you like best!” He says happily. He disappears behind a door and returns with 6 pairs of shoes. “Okay! Let’s see which one you like.”

I try on all the shoes and take each pair on a short jog around the little track that they have inside the store. Three pairs are not comfortable at all, so I set them aside. I try on the other 3 pairs. I take another short jog, but this time on a different surface. I can’t seem to make up my mind, and Jack can tell that I’m trying to determine which shoes to pick as I put on each pair again.

“We’ll take those 3 pairs.” Jack says to the salesman with a smile.

“Jack! You don’t have to do that!” I say knowing that it’s probably not going to help.

“I insist! You like these, so, you’ll have some variety when you go for your runs in the morning.” Jack says.

“Jack, you’ve already bought me so much. One pair of shoes is just fine.” I say, looking over the 3 pairs still struggling to decide which shoes to pick.

“Okay, fine. Which pair do you want?” Jack says with a grin.

“Um, I can’t make up my mind.” I say holding up 2 of the pairs of shoes.

“Okay, then all 3 it is!” Jack says, grabbing all 3 boxes and hands them to the salesman.

“Hey! The shoes aren’t even in the box! Jack! Wait!” I laugh, handing the remaining shoes to the salesman. Jack is already walking towards the cashiers. We check out, Jack again handing the cashier the black card again, and receiving back a bag with the 3 pairs of shoes in them.

“Okay! What’s next?” Jacques asks, taking the bag with the shoes in It as well.

“Well, I need a few things for my office, but, I’m not sure exactly what I need. Could you help me with that Jack?” I say with a blush of embarrassment.

“Of course Mina. You’re going to need pretty much everything, yes?” Jack rubs his hands together and heads out of the sports store. “I really love shopping for office supplies. It’s one thing that I look forward to. It’s a well-known secret.” Jack’s smile Is absolutely radiant. His gleaming white and perfectly straight teeth shine through with genuine happiness.

I can’t help but stare at the handsome man before me. If only the Moon Goddess could grant me such a handsome and kind man. I’ve prayed to her for years to bless me with someone kind. I could deal with someone that’s not as attractive as Jack, but, I can’t live the rest of my life without kindness. I’ve basically lived most of my life being treated as if I didn’t mean anything, and I would rather reject my mate and live alone for the rest of my life than live with cruelty any longer.

“You seem a million miles away Lumina.” Jacques says with a look of concern on his face. It’s little things like this that make me long for my mate. I feel my wolf, Nova, stir.

“Nothing really. Just thinking about my upcoming birthday.” I lie with my cheeks slightly blushing.

“You’ll be 18! So exciting! Would you like to plan a party or anything? We could definitely throw a huge bash if you want.” Jack says smiling.

“I don’t even know who I would invite!” I say laughing.

“You’ve still got time to make some amazing friends here! We could also invite Dirk and Celestria if you would like. Even your parents if you so wish.” Jacks’ face shows just a flash of disgust when he mentions my parents.

“No, I don’t think I want to invite my parents, but Dirk and Celestria would be nice!” I smile a genuine smile, almost forgetting about my thoughts on my potential future mate. I hadn’t even been gone for 2 full days yet, but, I realized that I really missed my brother and future siter-in-law. “Lets get our shopping done. I know you can’t wait to dig into all the office supplies.” I tease Jacques, who grins with the excitement of a young boy.

We walk into a large store that seems to contain everything you could ever want for an office. There are small plain desks, larger more ornate desks, and then there are huge beautiful desks that look like they would take up a whole room! I can’t believe my eyes at the beauty of some of these desks with their intricate carvings and magnificent wood selections. I’ve never seen anything so grand as some of these desks.

“Lets get you some stationery for your new desk!” Jacques says with a wide grin, I can see that he’s enjoying himself.

I toll my eyes and smile at him as we walk over to an aisle full of paper. There is every color you can imagine! I pick up a cream piece of paper with a bit of a lined texture. It feels nice to in my hand.

“Ah, that’s a good choice!” Jack says. “Maybe, this color?” He hands me a beautiful light grey color paper. It has a slight undertone of blue and feels soft, like a mix of dandelion puffs and silk, but still sturdy.

“Jack this is beautiful! I can’t believe this is just paper!” I say with a big smile on my face.

“Is this the one? I think it would look great with your name on there ‘Lumina Emerson’ at the top with ‘Head of Security’ right underneath. Maybe in a nice navy blue color? Or would you like a different color?” Jack asks, looking at me.

“I think that sounds wonderful.” I beam. I’ve never had such nice things in all of my life! “Are you sure this isn’t too much Jack? I’ll pay you back for everything you’ve bought today.”

“Nonsense Mina! It’s my treat. I want you to be comfortable in your new role! These are the things that you will be using for your new job, so, I want to make sure you are all set up for success!” Jack says as he gently rubs my arm and looks into my eyes. He realizes what he’s doing and abruptly stops. “I- I’m sorry. I don’t know what I was thinking. That was rather inappropriate of me.” He clears his throat and turns to hide his embarrassment. “I’ll take the paper up to the printer to have this personalized for you. If you want to pick some note pads and such, I’ll meet you over there.”

I continue on with my shopping, picking new notepads, new file folders, new pens, pencils, highlighters, as well as a few accessories for my desk. Jack helps me pick the accessories and a few other things that he says I will need, like a label maker, an electric kettle for my tea, and a small fridge to keep cold drinks in. I picked a new office chair that is leather and stately but feels like a mound of feathery soft pillows.

“Oh!” Jack says as he looks at his watch. “I didn’t even realize how long we’ve been shopping! We missed lunch.” He says with a chuckle. “Are you hungry Mina?”

“Ravenous!” I say, realizing how hungry I actually am.

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