Bodyguard to the Alpha

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The Discovery


Instantly I feel Nova jump to the surface to protect Jack. Jericho, Reed, and Sawyer are already in the lobby and have shifted to their wolf forms as well.

“Mina” I hear Jericho link me through the mind link. “Protect Jack at all cost!”

“I plan on it Jer, since it’s my job and all.” I respond sarcastically. “Jack, lets go. I need to get you to your office.” I say looking at Jack. I can tell his wolf is at the surface as well.

“You know I’m not helpless Lumina. I can fight!” he says through the mind link with fire in his eyes.

“I understand that Alpha Jacques, but you hired me to be your personal bodyguard, and I plan on doing that, especially on my first day. Now stay behind me and don’t give me any shit for doing my job Jack!” I shoot him a look and he knows that I’ve bested him. Without turning my back on the rouge I walk Jack to the entrance of the designated safe room in the lobby. As I turn to close the door the rouge jumps to attack. Nova takes action and instantly the power shifts from her to me and I catch the rogue by the throat, slamming him down to the ground. Jericho , Reed, and Sawyer all come rushing in and take the rogue away. I have the rogue pinned to the floor by the neck and there is a small pool of blood that is starting to form beneath him from my claws piercing his skin.

“We’re going to take him to the cells Mina. You can let him go now.” Reed says via the mind link.

“I’m going to check on Jack. He wasn’t too happy with me when I told him to stand down. It’s my job though, and I can’t have him hurt on my watch.” I say.

“Yeah, he’s going to be pissy for a bit.” Jericho says with a laugh. “Don’t let him get to ya Mina. He’s just not used to having a guard yet. Give him some time.” He says with a friendly smile.

“Wait. What do you mean he’s not used to having a guard?” I say as I look at the guys. They all sort of look from one to the other as they’re not quite sure what they should say.

“Well,” Jericho says and clears his throat “The last time we had personal guards was for our parents, and it was mostly for our mother since she wasn’t a fighter. Guys, go ahead and take this guy to the cell. Let Mina and I have a few moments and we’ll be there in a little bit.” Jericho says to Reed and Sawyer. They both nod and head off with the rogue. “Mina, I need to tell you something before you go check on Jack.” Jericho leads me over to the side of the lobby. “When our father was killed, Jack was there with him. They were both in battle with the former Alpha of Deadtooth. Jack witnessed our father and the former Alpha be killed. It really messed him up for a while. Our mother passed a few months after. We think that she died of a broken heart from missing our father so much.” Jericho told me in a hushed voice. “He wouldn’t even live in the Alpha House, so that’s where I’m at currently. He has some land that he’s been working on and working on blueprints for a house, but, nothing concrete yet. I think he wants to find his Luna first though. It’s not something that we talk about too much actually, so I would appreciate it if you didn’t say anything about it to him.”

“Jericho, I will keep this between us. I don’t want him to think that I look at him with anything but respect, because that’s obviously what I have for him. The Rogue Wars that killed Alpha Ottis’s father were extremely hard on everyone in Deadtooth. We lost a great leader that day, and he was replaced by Ottis. I think that was the day that the pack started to die as well. I’m grateful to be here in the position that I have, and I intend to do the best that I can for Moonvalley.” I say. Jericho smiles at me and nods his head.

“Get that jerk back into work mode so we can head to New York, okay?” Jericho winks and I laugh. He turns and walks towards the elevators and I take a long look at him. Jericho is a lot like his brother, tall, muscular, broad-shouldered, but almost the exact opposite. Whereas Jack had beautiful green eyes and dark hair, Jericho had dirty blond hair and beautiful blue eyes that reminded me of blue fire opals. They danced with life and mischief, where Jacks were full of focus and longing. Jericho had a more oval-shaped face in contrast to Jacks’ more square-shaped. They are both handsome, but Nova pines for Jack.

Nova, be reasonable. We could never be paired with someone like Jack. You need to get over this little fascination. It’s because Jack saved us. The Moon Goddess would never give us someone like Jack, or even Jericho. I say to my wolf.

Mina, why do you doubt the Moon Goddess? Maybe this was Her plan all along? Never doubt the Goddess, my child. I shake my head and roll my eyes at Nova and her talk of being blessed by the Moon Goddess by the likes of Jack or Jericho.

I walk to the door of the safe room and take a deep breath before opening the door. My eyes meet Jacks’ and he rushes to meet me.

“Mina, are you okay?” Jack asks as he looks me over and takes me gently by the arms.

“Jack, I’m fine.” I say with a chuckle. I let my eyes linger on his for just a few moments and then remember who I’m with and look down. “Sorry Alpha Jack.” I say in shame.

“Mina-” Jack says and gently lifts my chin with a gentle finger. As I look up into Jack’s face, his knuckles brush my cheek and I feel the heat rush to them. Jack clears his throat and takes a couple of steps back. “I’m sorry Mina. That was not very professional of me.” He straightens his suit and turns away, almost like he’s embarrassed.

“The lobby is clear, sir. We can get you back to your office so that I can deal with this rouge with the guys.” I say not sure what else to say or how to act after what just happened. Best to just pretend it didn’t happen I guess.

“Right. I do have a meeting coming up soon that I should get ready for. Thank you for taking care of that Mina.” Jack says walking out the door with me following right behind. As we get on the elevator, a human gets on with us.

“Mr. Delacroix!” she says in surprise. “I’m sorry sir, I didn’t realize that you were in the office today.” she looks up to him and gives him a friendly smile. I envy humans that they can look at Jack in the face and not feel shame or chance that he would feel like he’s being challenged.

“Charlene! How are you? I haven’t seen you in a while.” He laughs. Her cheeks redden. I guess humans can’t resist his good looks either.

“I’m well Mr. Delacroix. How has life been treating you lately? Are you still seeing Stephanie? I haven’t seen your usual bouquet on her desk lately.” I see Jack’s eyes widen just enough that a human wouldn’t notice.

“Actually, we’ve parted ways. I’m not quite sure that I was meant to be in the human dating world, Charlene.” Jack smiles at her in what seems to be a genuine smile. Does that mean that this human knows about werewolves? I shoot Jack an inquisitive look. “Yes Mina, most humans in this building know about werewolves. It’s not like I could run this entire company just with the pack.” He says via mind link with a chuckle. “Charlene, this is Mina, my new personal bodyguard and the new head of security for the pack.”

“Nice to meet you Mina! You must be a werewolf as well? Don’t worry, I’m bound by contract to keep your secret.” She says with a friendly smile. “I work in finance with Bella. What do you think about her so far.”

“If you would like my honest opinion, I think she’s a frigid bitch.” I say nonchalantly as both Charlene and Jack try to stifle a laugh.

“Well! I guess there are no mincing words with you, now is there?” Charlene says with a giggle. The elevator stops on the 12th floor and the doors open. “Well, here’s my stop! I hope to see you around sometime Mina!” Charlene gives a slight wave and I nod my head to her.

“So, Stephanie, huh?” I say with a sly grin as the doors shut and the elevator starts to move again.

“I just thought I’d try it out.” Jack shrugs. “She was nice, but I was always worried that I’d hurt her. We’re much stronger than humans so we need to be very careful. It was just a risk that I wasn’t willing to continue with. Besides, if I ever find my mate, a human wouldn’t really be able to understand.” Jack searches my face for understanding.

“Humans weren’t allowed anywhere near Deadtooth. I’ve never actually interacted with one before just now.”

“They’re not so different than you and I, just, no wolf, no changing, and they get to pick their own mate. I mean, I guess technically we could as well, but, when the Moon Goddess speaks, She decides what’s best for us.” Jack says with a smile.

“So, what are you hoping that the Goddess blesses you with?” I ask in a nonchalant way.

“I’m not sure really. I mean, hopefully, someone that likes me at least.” Jack says with a laugh and a smile. “What about you Mina? If you could have any input into who She blesses you with, what would you ask for?” Jack asks.

“I would wish for someone brave, someone romantic, someone that loves me for who I am and doesn’t want me to change.” I say as the elevator stops and the doors open again. “That’s probably more than I’m entitled to.”

“Mina, you deserve the world. I hope that She blesses us both with someone who is everything that we’ve ever wanted.” Jack says with a smile as he walks off the elevator on the 20th floor. I can see that a few people have gathered in the conference room that we had been in that morning, and I walk Jack there before I head back to the security room.

“We’re going to have to get to the bottom of this.” I hear Sawyer say.

“The bottom of what?” I say walking through the door.

“Hey boss!” Reed says. “We already took care of that little rogue issue. They’ve been taken to the pack dungeon.”

“The pack dungeon? Why wasn’t I included in the questioning?”

“I took care of it, Mina. You know I used to take care of things around here before you were hired.” Jericho said and gave me a little smile. I didn’t like that I wasn’t included, especially since it was my job, but, I guess Jer did have a point. “Are you ready to go to New York? We’re leaving this evening at 8.”

“Actually, I’m not. Do you mind if we go home early so I can pack?” I ask.

“We’re all actually leaving early today. Bella already rescheduled the last of Jacks’ meetings for next week so we have time to go home, pack, and get to the airport before we need to head out.”

After work, we all head back to the packhouse to get ready for New York. Jack let me know that there will be a couple of dinners, so pack a few nice outfits, and the guys wanted to make sure that I had a fun time out, so I was to pack something for a night out on the town. After I was done packing up, I met everyone in the foyer so that we could head to the airport.

“Don’t be nervous Mina. It’s a short 3-hour flight. You’ll barely even know we’re in the air!” Jericho smiles and elbows me in the side.

“Yeah, easy for you to say! You’ve flown before and you don’t get motion sickness.” I say praying to the Goddess that the pills work as well as they did last time. We board the private plane, which belongs to the pack, and we all took a seat. Both Jack and Jericho both go for the seat next to me.

“I was going to sit here Jericho” Jack says in a short voice.

“I think both of you need to sit somewhere else.” Sawyer says as he slips between Jack an Jer and sits in the seat. “Mina and I have some relationship building to do.” he says with a mischievous smile. Both the Alpha and his brother sneer at each other and take different seats. “Don’t worry Mina, I’m going to let you sleep, I just thought you might want someone to keep you from having your ear talked off by one of those two.” Sawyer pats my hand and winks.

“Thanks Sawyer.” I say drowsily as the pills start kicking in. “Wake me up when we get there.”

“Mina, wake up.” I hear Sawyer saying gently. I can feel the plane descending before I even open my eyes.

“We’re not on the ground.” I say groggily.

“I know, I just figured that you might want to see.” I open my eyes and the plane is quiet. I look out the window and see a light fog over the airport, but I can still see the lights.

“Wow! It actually kind of looks beautiful.”

“This is my favorite time to fly, when the heat of the day meets the coolness of the night. There’s always an almost eerie but comforting feeling.” I smile at Sawyer, somehow knowing what he’s talking about even though I’ve never flown. As we touch down, the rest of the crew stirs. I see Jack look over at me and I give him a warm friendly smile, he smiles back and stands to get his luggage. Before he can say anything to me, Jericho is standing next to my seat pulling my luggage down for me.

“So, I was wondering if you would like to go see the sights with me tonight Mina, maybe get a little clubbing in tonight? I mean, if you’re not too tired.” Jericho says as he smiles a big toothy grin.

“That would be fun Jer! Thank you for asking. You don’t mind do you Jack?” I say, looking over at Jack. His face is a bit stern and his eyes have a fire in them that I’ve not seen before.

“Is that what you would like to do tonight Mina? Go drinking with my brother?” he says with a touch of contention in his voice. His eyes flicker to Jericho and blaze again with an emotion I’ve never seen before, then back to me with what I’d almost call adoration if I didn’t know any better.

“I think I’ve earned a little bit of fun today.” I say, not really knowing what was going on between the two of them.

“Then you may go.” Jack says. He grabs his luggage and leaves the plane.

“What’s wrong with him?” I say to Sawyer.

“Sometimes competition between brothers is a good thing Mina.” Sawyer says with an elfin grin.

“Huh? Am I missing something?” Sawyer just laughs and pats my shoulder. He walks off of the plane and climbs into the driver’s seat of a car that is waiting. We pile into two cars and head off to Jack’s loft. When we arrive, Jack goes straight to the bedroom. “What’s gotten into him?” I ask Jericho.

“He’s just mad that you’re going out clubbing with me tonight. He’ll be fine.” Jericho says. “Go get dressed in something to paint the town red in and we’ll head out!”

I open my bag and find a simple, but flattering blue bodycon dress. The back has straps that crisscross my tanned skin and stops just below my waist. I put on the matching blue Louboutin heels, which are covered in rhinestones. I curl my hair slightly to give it a bit of body and dimension. I put on a little bit of make-up, mostly mascara and lip stain, to accentuate my naturally long lashes and full cupids bow lips. I spritz myself with just the smallest amount of perfume and I’m ready to go. I walk out and all eyes are on me. Jack has just walked out of his room and stops dead in his tracks.

“Mina-” Jack starts. I feel his eyes move over my body and when I look at him I see him swallow hard. “wow, you look-”

“Fucking amazing!” Jericho butts in. “Damn girl! Who knew you were hiding all that beneath that stuffy office suit!” he whistles lowly.

“Jericho! That’s no way to speak to Mina. She may be a member of the security team, but you should still treat her with respect. Especially since she is your boss, in case you’ve forgotten.” Jack says sharply.

“Oh, I haven’t forgotten!” he says with a chuckle. “Let’s hit the town girl!”

Jericho drove for about 20 minutes and we chatted about work and different things on the way. We stop in front of this gorgeous club that has frosted glass windows in the front that have colored lights behind them, and intricate steel cutouts in front. There is an awning and the name is above in steel lettering with white lights coming from behind like it’s glowing. I can hear the bass line thumping from outside and there is a long line of people waiting to get in.

We pull up and Jericho gets out and hands his keys to a valet driver and walks around and opens my door for me. He offers his hand and I take it as he helps me out of the SUV. Jericho is wearing a nice pair of tight-fitting jeans, a white button-up shirt with the top 2 buttons undone, and a leather jacket over top. He definitely looks handsome.

“Let’s get some drinks.” he says with a sly grin.

“Okay, but how are we going to get in, the line is so long?” Jericho laughs as he puts my hand around his bicep. I can feel how hard they are through his jacket and squeeze ever so slightly. Jericho must have felt it too because he looks at me and his eyes light up and dance as he smiles bigger.

“Don’t worry about that gorgeous. I’ve already got that covered.” he says as we walk up to the security guard that’s standing at the door. “Rannulfus! Long time no see!” he says as he clasps hands with the rather large man.

“Jericho Delacroix! There’s a face I never thought I’d see again! And who is THIS gorgeous specimen of a lady here?” he says as he licks his lips and looks me up and down.

“Careful man, this here is Mina, our new head of security. She could put you on your ass and not break a sweat or a nail.” Jericho says with a laugh.

“Kinky. I wouldn’t mind being taught a lesson or two.” he says with an impish grin. I feel my cheeks flush. “You two have a fun time.” he says as he drops the rope to let us in. I hear the crowd behind us groan a bit since we’ve just made their wait time that much longer.

Jericho walks us over to the bar with me still holding onto his arm. The nightclub is very upscale with marble floors, mahogany woods, and black and white leather-covered seats. There are doors to the left and right for different sections of the club. I can feel the thumping bass line from both sides in what feels like a competition for the hardest drop.

“Two rum and cokes please.” Jericho orders. The bartender pours our drinks and Jericho takes both of them and walks me over to the left side of the bar. “You ready?” Jericho says with a twinkle in his eye. I nod my head and Jericho pushes the doors open. There are people everywhere. There is a large dance floor in the middle that’s being lit up by several different lights in different colors and different movement patterns. There are 2 balconies surrounding with seating all around the dance floor and on the balconies. Jericho and I head to a roped-off section to which Jericho says something that I can’t hear to the man that’s standing there and he moves aside and lets us pass. We sit at a table that has seating all around it. “This is where we’ll be sitting tonight. Let’s go dance!” Jericho says with the sides of our faces pressed together, his lips to my ear and vice versa. He sets down our drinks, takes off his jacket and tosses it on the seat, and grabs my hand, leading me towards a smaller, but still large group of people that are dancing.

Jericho looks up into my eyes with a fire dancing in them and he bites his lip. He pulls me closer and puts his knee slightly between my knees and presses his hand just below where my dress back starts. He starts to dance and I feel the excitement building inside of me. I look up at him and I can see his wolf close to the surface. I start to dance with Jericho and before I know it, we’re both a bit hot and sweaty and have had several drinks. Jericho grabs my sides and he pulls me close to him for a moment as he closes his eyes and looks down, panting a bit. He grabs my hand and pulls me off to a quiet corner and shoves me up against a wall.

“Mina, you have no idea how fucking sexy you are.” Jericho says panting slightly with his hands on either side of my body. He steps closer to me and presses his body into mine and his head onto the wall. I can feel his erection pressing into my stomach. He starts to kiss my neck and I moan slightly and dig my nails into his back.

“Jer-” I gasp as he starts to grind himself into me, still kissing my neck but his hands have now wandered, one up to my breasts, the other to my ass. I let out another moan. “Jer stop. We shouldn’t-” I can feel myself getting wet and I moan again. “Jericho!” I snap, suddenly sober. “Stop.” I push Jericho off with a bit of force.

“Fuck! Mina-” Jericho says as he turns and punches the wall. “I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to get that carried away. You just look so god damned tempting in that dress and I’ve had a little too much to drink. I’m sorry.” he says as he presses his hands into the wall and leans into them.

“Jer, it’s okay. I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have drank that much either.” I say as I lay my hand on his back. He recoils from my touch slightly and I pull away.

“No. This is all on me. Let’s go.” he walks off towards the table and I see him grab his jacket and turn to look at me again. A single tear trickles down my cheek and I wipe it away with a quick and gentle swipe. I walk towards Jericho and we leave the club and go back to the loft without another word spoken between us.

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