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Judith, a young girl, met and asked out a boy named Kai. Everything appeared to be good, and everything looked to be going well, until Judith thinks Kai is meeting another female behind her back, and she had no idea, Kai had begun to raise Judith's suspicions due to his almost everyday habit of leaving late at night. After, Judith informs her brothers Ernest, Gregory, Patrick, Cornelius and Joseph that her unfaithful lover, Kai, is feigning love for her while disguising the reality that he doesn't love her.

Romance / Drama
Ernie Brown
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September 16, 2020 - 11:47 pm

“Hey Judith, I have to go run some things, I’ll be back at about, 1 o’ clock.” said Kai.

“Ok Kai, love you, just one question before you leave though,” replied Judith.

In response, Kai sighed and said, “What?”

“Why the hell are you always leaving late at night? I don’t get it.” asked Judith. “At this point, you’re acting real suspicious now.”

Kai, who was quite worried, tried to come up with an excuse, but he couldn’t. When Judith asked why he kept departing late at night, he said he was too busy to explain. To the door, he moved carefully. He opened it and then bolted out of there, leaving it wide open. Kai sprinted away, drawing the attention of Judith, who sprung from her seat. A loud “Hey!” from Judith roused Gregory, one of her brothers, from his sleep. As Gregory made his way downstairs to the living room, Judith slammed the door and sighed loudly as she dropped down on the sofa. Gregory believes that something outside caused Kai to flee and Judith to become agitated, so he peered out the window, only to see Kai fleeing from the house and down the sidewalk.

“Hey Judy, what’s wrong with you and why is your boyfriend running so fast?” asked Gregory.

“Well, I asked Kai why he kept leaving so late, and he didn’t tell me and left!” replied Judith. “I feel like he’s cheating on me..”

“You guys were just together for a day, what’s going on?” asked Gregory.

Judith turned over and sobbed quietly because she didn’t want to tell Gregory what had happened. Gregory approached her, sat on the coach and asked as to why she was sobbing. Judith turned around and wept even more as she held Gregory. She then stopped crying and said, “I want a new boyfriend, I need your help, please help me, I don’t think I trust Kai anymore..”

“It’s okay, at least he will be back Judith.” replied Gregory.

“But here’s the thing, he’s always back here later than he said he’d be! For example, Kai told me he was leaving at 7 p.m., he claims he would come back at 9 p.m., and he ends up returning at 1 in the goddamn morning!” replied Judith.

“At least he’s coming back, something is probably holding him back from coming back here.” said Gregory. “The worst thing that could happen if he is gone for too long, because either he died or something could be holding him back, like I said.”

Judith wiped away the tears from her face. “I guess you’re right, Greg, but this is every time he has to leave.. What if he’s seeing another girl behind my back? What if-”

With a gentle “Shh,” Gregory interrupted her. “Stop worrying, he’ll be back, right? Even I’ll trust my girlfriend-”

Gregory stopped his sentence and realizes that Kai might be seeing another female. “I changed my mind about everything I said, he probably is seeing another girl.” he said.

Judith sobbed once more, but this time it was louder. Gregory attempted to console her, but she sobbed even harder, waking Ernest, Patrick, Cornelius and Joseph.

“What’s going on?” asked Joseph.

“Judith’s crying because she thinks Kai is seeing another girl and she is starting to lose his trust.” Gregory replied.

“Why does she think that?” asked Patrick.

“He leaves and says he’ll be returning at a certain time, but he ends up staying longer than normal!” cried Judith. “When he’s away, he doesn’t even answer my texts or phone calls like he used to, I need a new boyfriend!”

After that, Ernest pulls out his phone and tries to reach Kai by calling him. Kai did not answer his phone. “He didn’t answer my call.” he replied as he shrugged.

Her sobbing persisted and she sought to contact him. Gerald, Ernest’s son, was awoken by her cries after Kai declined to answer. “Hey Dad, what’s going on, why is auntie Judy crying?” Gerald said.

“I’ll tell you in a minute Gerald, just go back to your room, I’ll be up there to tell you.” Ernest replied.

“Ok, dad.” said Gerald. Then he returns upstairs to his room.

Patrick approaches Judith and attempts to console her. He says, “Hey, it’s going to be okay Judith.”

“I trusted him, after all of this time, he’s been seeing another girl behind my back!” yelled Judith. She continued to cry.

Ernest attempted to contact Kai again, but he did not respond. He tried again, and he still hasn’t responded. “Damn.” he said.

Joseph was skeptical of Kai since he tried to contact him as well, but he didn’t respond.

“There is no point of even calling him anymore, he is not going to answer.” said Ernest.

“Yeah, he isn’t going to pick up the phone when I try to call him, so I’m not going to do it.” said Cornelius. However, he changes his mind and calls him anyway. Following that, Cornelius received no answer from Kai, who had declined the call.

“That’s it, I can’t take this anymore! I’m blocking his number!” yelled Judith.

A few seconds later, Judith flung her phone on another sofa after violently removing it out of her pocket and blocking Kai’s number. Crying, she rushes upstairs to her bedroom from the living room.

“Damn, what are we going to do now?” said Joseph. “We need to cheer Judy up.”

“Yeah, I hate seeing her like this, it really touches me..” said Cornelius.

“She said she needs to find another boyfriend,” said Gregory. “so how about we go find Judith another boyfriend to cheer her up.”

“We can go ahead and do that tomorrow because I’m tired as hell.” the tired Patrick says as he yawns as he slowly makes his way to his room, but he doesn’t make it and instead falls asleep on the steps.

Laughing at him, Joseph and Cornelius both shake their head.

Then, a few seconds later, Patrick awakens, yawns again, and gets up to head to his room in the upstairs. After then, Gerald walked out of his room and asked Ernest once more why Judith was sobbing, as if it was a matter of urgency. So that he could inform him what happened, it was Ernest's request that Gerald return back upstairs to his room. Gerald left the living room and waited patiently, as instructed by his father.

When he was in his room, Gerald was busy thinking, wanting to know why his aunt was crying.

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