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A girl named Hannah is an orphan.She have been adopted by a good nun named Anne. She grew up with a beuaty outside and in. But her peaceful life change when her biological father appear infront of her school.Knowing new people will change it and having the knowledge that is opposite to what her mother Anne and the other nuns and priest tought her.

Romance / Fantasy
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CHAPTER 1:Ill be your mother

Its a cold night when a woman appear infront of the capital chapel, she's wearing all black and carrying a big basket. The woman sigh and put down the basket shes carrying. Then the woman just left without a ny trace.
"wahh u wahh uwah!!" a loud noise of a crying baby started. All the nuns have awoke and check what the loud noise is. Even the abbess (nuns superior) wake up "What's the matter?" the abbess said while walking down the stairs, staring at the other nuns mumbling something. "There is something we need to check, Mother superior." the other nun said. "Then, go find where that noise come from." she said with a serious face.

All the nuns come finding where the noise come from. The other nuns go to the chapels garden. The others seek inside the chapel. While the other two remaining nuns go outside the chapel. "wahhhh!" cry of a baby. "Sister Rina,- who's that?". "You heard too sister Anne?." sister Rina said in reply to sister Anne. "where can we find that noise?" sister Rina said thinking where they can find it. "Sister Rina, i will seek near the gate, and can you go find it somewhere, is that okay?." sister Anne asked and sister Rina just answer with a nod.

Sister Anne walk through the gate but cant hear the noise shes finding. "Is it not here or does it just stoped?." sister Anne said to herself with lots of other confusion.When she step once again, her legs bump to something really hard. She see that a big basket is infront of her and find herself staring at it. "What is a basket doing here?. " she said to herself with curiosity. She lift the cloth covering the basket and see a slepping baby that lose its energy and having a high fever that can easily be seen on its face. She sigh that even a small fog can be made because of her breath. "It really is a baby ."???? said at the back of sister Anne. "Ahh!!"sister Anne screams while she turn back to see who is said it."Sister Rina!, its you-you scared me." she said. "Wait, I dont mean to scare you sister." sister Rina said to calm sister Anne. Sister Anne look at the baby, until her tears started to fall. Even if her tears were to fall on the ground she didnt wipe it and stay still looking at the child with grief.

"Snap out of it,sister Anne.This child needs to be cure right now." sister Rina said with sympathy. "Yeah, youre right, lets go inside now." sister Anne said and stop from crying. She carry the basket inside the chapel smiling at the baby with confidence.

"Fathe!! father!" sister Rina shouted. "Hey, sister Rina stop shouting, this is a chapel have a shame>" a nun whisper. "Oh, sorry" sister Rina whisper back. "What is it sister Rina?" the priest said. "Im sorry Father for my rudeness, but there's something we need to tell you" sister Rina said."Say it, what is it?." the priest said.Sister Rina explain everything to the priest. "So what you're saying is, -this child was the one who make that noise before?" he asked once again. "Well yes father, and this child need to be cure immidiately."sister Anne said in reply with sister Rina noding."ha haha ha, oh im sorry." the priest laugh that everyone in the made confused. "ahh, father -is there a problem?"sister Rina asked." no, nothing." he said ."Go back to your rooms now and ill call for a doc......" the priest didnt continue what hes supposed to say because sister Anne interfere. "No need father,we can manage this on our own now, thank you for your concern." she said and leave.
Rina put the chail out the basket and dress it comfortably. "Is there a problem sister?" Rina asked with concern." ahh, nothing really."sister Anne replied. Anne sit to the bed with the baby.She hold the child hand and feel the cold of its whole body. She put a warm wet towel to its forehead to lessen the fever. When the baby is now comfortable, sister Anne embrace it with her warmth and say "I will protect you with my body, I will love you with all my heart, and i will shelter you with God the father."."From now on,I will be your mother, Hannah Pillare" she said with a warm and happy face.

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