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Unexpectedly Loved

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Maria has lost all faith in men- abandoned by her father before she was born and abused by her boyfriend who loved the bottle more than he did her. And now she was running for her life from him, with their son. Dave has sworn off women. He’s had it with his unfaithful wife and her numerous affairs on his dime. One the same day as his divorce, he meets a beautiful woman who easily made him forget about his promise. But she’s skittish. She’s hiding something. That makes him all the more interested in her. Is he ready to take another chance on love? Is she willing to let him love her? DISCLAIMER: The FREE chapters posted here are for promotional purposes only. Get the book here https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B08N6XK6HV/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i11

Romance / Mystery
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Chapter One

Dave Greer paced his compact New York office, thinking of the best argument for his pro-bono client. His client was fighting her rich ex-husband and his new trophy wife for custody of their children. He was shocked at how incompetent—or corrupt—her previous lawyer was. He had been incapable of getting her out of the weak prenuptial agreement she’d signed, and had allowed her to sign an iron clad postnuptial agreement during their separation. She left the marriage penniless and now her ex-husband wanted to take the only thing she had left, her children.

Dave sat back at his desk in a huff, “That quack gives lawyers a bad image.”

As he again went through all the contracts his client had signed, he heard a knock on his door before it immediately swung open. “Dave, there is a Sharon on the line for you.”

Dave looked up from his paper work and stared at his secretary. She was half in the office, her red hair hanging loosely against her shoulder as she smiled at him sweetly. Dave had noticed the efforts Carol went to, to make herself attractive to him. But he didn’t dare let it show that he had noticed, which was difficult, especially for the front of his pants. With the chaos that was his life, it had been so long since he had sexually unloaded and he was beginning to not care where the relief came from as long as she was willing.

And as long as she didn’t work in the same building as he did. He didn’t need the drama. So sadly, as willing as Carol was, they wouldn’t be doing any dirty dancing.

“Who’s Sharon?” he asked, keeping his eyes above her neck with much difficulty.

She moved in from behind the door, her left leg slightly lifted to cross her right, accentuating her long legs further and her smile widened. Did she think the short skirt wasn’t doing its job right? If she only knew! Dave just didn’t have the energy to juggle an affair, a difficult wife, his work load, court cases and a one year old baby. He was stretched out enough, now that he was garnering for senior partner.

“Sharon is your new nanny. She says it’s six and she needs to leave. Mrs. Greer isn’t home.” she said Mrs. Greer with noticeable distaste.

Dave gave her a cutting look, but he didn’t reproach her. He had two women in his life, his wife and his secretary and he was already at war with one of them and Amy was enough.

He began packing his paper work but left them. He didn’t have time if he was to get home to his daughter as soon as possible, just in case the new nanny decided to leave. He picked up his jacket and his briefcase and rushed for the door, but Carol blocked his way and stared up at him with seductive eyes.

“Please pack my paper work and leave them on my desk. I’ll be back early tomorrow to finish up.” he pulled the door open wider, but she moved and stood smack in the middle of the door way.

“Anything to make your life less stressful,” She raised her hand and wrapped his blue tie around her finger, “Is there anything else I can do for you?”

Dave looked at her, tempted to throw her on his desk and ravish her and just unknot his body. She was asking for it and he did need a good shag to relax, but his daughter needed him.

“I’ll let you know,” he pulled his tie out of her hold and gently pushed her aside, “Right now I need to get to my daughter.”

It took him eight minutes to get to the office parking, way too long for him. He pulled the car out and drove as fast as possible to his home outside the city. All he could think about was the stranger taking care of his daughter and how instantly she could turn out to be a kidnapper. New nanny? He hired the nannies that was the deal. Where had Amy found her anyway? He resented his wife and how irresponsible she could be. This was one of the times he felt sure that she didn’t care about their daughter at all.

Dave married Amy fresh out of college. They were in love, at least he was. She just loved the idea of being the wife of a future big shot lawyer, which he presently was. She had a law degree but she opted not to work. She wanted to have fun while she was still young and Dave was earning good money in his first two years as a lawyer. They traveled, went to exotic places, tried out new things, went skiing, mountain climbing and partied. They had a wonderful, never ending honeymoon. They were the ’IT’ young couple everyone wanted to be, until she got pregnant, and then everything got shot to hell.

She got completely hysterical when she found out. She didn’t want a baby, she didn’t want to get fat and lose her figure. And she most certainly didn’t want to stop enjoying life to take care of a child. She said she was too young to be a mother at the age of twenty eight, which Dave found ridiculous, but he always chocked all her complaints up to hormones and the fear of being a new mother. Dave was scared too, but he was excited about being a father, he always wanted children and he looked forward to it. He only figured out that she was serious when a clinic called to confirm an appointment for her abortion. He got so furious, they fought the whole night about it. She got erratically fumed when she found out he cancelled her appointment. She threatened to leave him if he didn’t let her do it, he promised to have her arrested for murder and he would personally work the case against her and make sure she got twenty to life. She didn’t doubt he would, he’d managed to win cases that seemed impossible on several occasions. That marked the end of the argument and their relationship. She moved out of their room, and for the next seven months they barely even spoke.

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