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My Gifted Love

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What is most important in a person's life? Money? Success? Fame? Or luxurious life? NO. Not at all. But love and a caring family. What is the use of all this money, success, fame and luxurious life when you have to live alone in your big mansion without anyone to share your happiness or your pain? Aasha Sharma, a 24 year old girl, longing for love and a caring family. She has a family but still she is alone. She thinks that god has forgotten to write love in her fate. She thinks that she don't deserve to be loved in her life.  Dev Malhotra, a 28 year old CEO of Malhotra industries, India's No. 1 company, Best businessman of the year. He is handsome, cold and arrogant. Girls threw themselves at him. But he never paid attention to them as he wants to be loyal to his dream girl. Even though he is cold, ruthless bussinesman, he belives in Shakespeare's theory 'Love at first sight'. He is waiting for his dream girl. For him, everyone has the right to be loved. He thinks that love exists for everyone. Though he has some problems with his family, he still loves them deeply. What will happen when Dev and Aasha meet each other? Will they both fall in love with each other? Will Dev able to change Aasha's view about her fate? Will their fate play a role of Villian or cupid? Will their fate let them to love each other or separate them from each others life?

Romance / Drama
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"Come with me Ms. Aasha sharma" he said in an ordering tone. His cold stare and cold tone sent a shiver down to my body.

"I am not coming with you" i said.

"I am not asking you Ms. Sharma. I am ordering you" he whispered in my ears.

"No..No, Dev" I said in my trembling voice.

"I have my own ways Ms. Sharma. If you don't come with me, then i will carry you to the car not in a bridal style but in a caveman style" he said whlie sending me his death glare. His eyes is now red with rage. He looks lika a monster now.

"The choice is yours" he said folding his arms on his chest.

"Ok!" I said not wanting to face his wrath. Then he grabbed my wrist tightly, dragging me towards his car and pushed me inside the car. Then he sat beside me and started to work on his laptop. He didn't even looked at my side.

I can see the bruise on my wrist. Because he held it very tightly which shows his mood clearly. I build up some courage in me to break the silence.

"Where we are going?" i asked him in my shaky voice. No response.

"Dev?" i called him. Again no response.

"Dev, i am asking you something. Answer me" i asked him, raising my voice a little bit, not feeling good of the cold silence.

"YOU ARE NOT IN THE PLACE TO QUESTION ME Ms. Aasha Sharma. YOU LOST THAT RIGHT ONE YEAR AGO" he said in his calm threatening tone after closing his laptop.

I gulped looking at his behaviour. He is completely a different person now. I don't know what he is going to do with me. Suddenly the car stopped in front of the Five Star hotel.

We got off from the car and we entered the hotel. I follwed him to the elavator. The way he is treating me now is really scaring me. His this calm demeanor is something feels not good. Its feels like calm before storm. He then closed the door when we entered in his suite. Now he turned to face me with a complete cold glare which frightens me now. My heart started to race heavily.

"How dare you do this to me? How dare you Ms. Aasha Sharma?" Dev shouted in rage while taking steps towards me.

"Listen Dev, I..I am sorry. Please let me explain" I pleaded while taking my steps back.

"Sorry? Really? Ms. Sharma" he asked me with a smirk. Now my back hit the wall. I gasped. His face is in a few inches away from mine. Suddenly he held my waist tightly.

"You know that i can't live without you, right? You know without you i will be like a lifeless body. Then why you left me?" He shouted in rage. I looked at him with my tear filled eyes.

What he saying is true. Yes i left him. I know he will be hurt if i leave him. But my fate left no options for me. I love him a lot. I can't live without him. I even know that he also can't live without me. But if i stay with him, i will spoil his life. l will destroy his life. l can't give him happiness. I can't tell him the truth why i left him.

"Tell me damn it why you did this to me?" he shouted. I shivered.

"I..I" no words came out from my mouth.

"Tell me" he again shouted at me while tightening his hold on my waist painfully.

"I left you because for your own good" I said closing my eyes tightly.

"Oh! My own good?" Saying this he crashed his lips on mine. His kiss was not a passionate one but a punishable. I struggled in his arms. I tried to push him away. But he was strong. I flinched in
pain when he bited my lower lip.

"You are going to endure more than this Ms. Aasha Sharma. You are going to face the consequences of leaving me" he said while wiping the blood from my lips. I gulped, looking at him.

"Get ready to face the New Dev Malhotra!" saying this he left the place not before locking the suite door.

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