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Moving Forward

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May is a socially-inept eighteen-year old girl who only wishes that she wasn't left alone by her family and friends. But, to make things worse, she was forced to move on and forget about an emotionally scarring relationship whilst attending college. Will she be able to move on and trust people once again?

Romance / Drama
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Chapter 1 - These Scars Filled with Hope

The incessant robotic beep of the heart rate monitor constantly disrupted my sleep. Tossing and turning in the hard, uncomfortable bed, I sat up, heart racing. The irritating beeps quickening alongside. When I turned to face the monitor, I saw my ex-girlfriend, Rose and the memories came flooding back. The merciless punches, and laughing as I bled a dark shade of crimson on the white tile floor of the bathroom below me.

And just like that, I awoke in my actual bed. Sitting up panting, I cursed to myself faintly. Why couldn't I let her go? For some reason, I was still infatuated with her, even though all the shit she put me through.

I laid in my bed for a few minutes, staring blankly upwards to the low-hanging ceiling. Were these nightmares and flashbacks, payback? Karma? It had to be. Just then, I heard a sudden knock at my door. Still groggy from waking up, I managed to groan out a simple, "Come in..." before coughing loudly.

The door creaked open slowly, and the figure of my brother appeared in the doorway. "Morning Mayo!" He chirped and jumped onto my bed excitedly. Sam, my little brother. Only 11 years old but he was already taller than me... how does he do it?

"Good morning Spam." We had called each other by our nicknames for as long as he could talk, his being Spam and mine being Mayo. This was only because he couldn't pronounce May when he was 3, and so Mayo stuck. Finally getting up from my bed, I ruffle his hair, smiling slightly, "Are you excited? A new school!" He nodded frantically and I let out a slight chuckle in reply, before taking his hand and leading him down the stairs and into the kitchen. We had moved into this house after my dad had quit his job in the country and decided to move to the city.

Reaching the bottom of the rather steep staircase, my father approached us and gave us a thumbs up, before patting Sam on the back, "Good luck kiddo. I'm sure you'll be popular in no time." He turned to me and hugged me tightly, "You'll do great. Both of you." And just like that, he went back to his newspaper.

I felt a sudden buzz in my pocket and took my phone out quickly. A new email? I didn't even know anybody yet and I changed my email so nobody from my old school could contact me... Strange. I read it cautiously;

'Hi, May! My name is Alice. I know this is sudden, but I heard about you starting at our school today, and I was appointed as your sort of mentor whilst you get used to how the school works. Meet me outside the school gates at 8:30 AM. I've attached a picture of me, so you know who to look for! See you later!'

A mentor? This school already seemed better than the old one. I glanced at the picture attached for a split second. Why did she have to be cute?!

Blushing faintly, I put my phone away. "I need to get ready dad. Could you give me a lift please?" Without even looking up from the newspaper he was so engrossed in, he replied with a simple yes.

As my father drove me to the place I would consider my school for the next few years I couldn't help but wonder how this mysterious girl had contacted me. I had changed my email so how?

As I pondered this racing thought to myself, I noticed we were almost there. In the distance, I saw a figure standing by the gates. Could this be Alice? Checking the clock, I sighed in relief. I was on time at least. In fear of embarrassment from my father, due to him being as cringe-worthy as all parents can be, I asked him to pull over a short distance from the gates.

I got out of the car cautiously and checked how I looked in the wing mirror of the car. I didn't look like a goddess, but I looked somewhat presentable. Taking a deep breath, I started walking slowly towards the gates.
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