Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 10: Roxie Is Attacked

I had just arrived home from work and was upstairs taking a shower. I just finished putting on jeans, a tee-shirt, and socks when I heard a noise downstairs.

I grabbed my phone and ran into the bathroom and dialed William’s phone number.

"This fucking better be good."

"Mr. Brown, it’s Roxie."

" Roxie are you all right."

" No, I said shaking. Someone is in my house."

" Where are you?"

" The bathroom."

" Stay there we will be there in a few minutes."

Before she hung up the phone I heard a crash and "then there you are you bitch."

Then screams and nothing. "Let’s go, I said running out of the club yelling Roxie is in trouble."

We got to her house and saw her door kicked in and screaming. We ran upstairs and as we walked into her room I saw a man kicking her. Bones and Rage grabbed him holding him on the ground.

I gently picked Roxie up and carried her out putting her in the back seat of the car a prospect had driven. I got on my bike after that bastard was thrown into the back of the van and rode to the club.

I walked to the car and lifted her out. I carried her to the doctor’s office

"Exam her now doc."

He chased me out of the room where I heard her say in tears.

"I think he broke my ribs."

" You are right. At least two of them. I will bandage them. Other than a bruise on your cheek and your ribs you are fine."

" William got to you in time. If he had kicked you any harder he could have cracked a rib and it could have punctured a lung."

I opened the door looking at William.

"She can go. She will need to rest. I picked her up and carried her to my room."

I shut the door and walked over to the bed and lay her on it.

"This is my room. You will stay here. The boys are fixing your front door."

" Where is he I asked?"

" In our cells."

" Do me a favor. Beat the shit out of him and break his ribs."

I lay next to her on the bed.

"I’m glad you called me. I didn’t think you would."

I looked at him and said. "I promised you I would."

" And you said you would help and you did."

I leaned over her and said. "Roxie, I am going to make you mine one day. First, I want us to get to know each other. I knew the minute I laid eyes on you that you were mine rather you knew it or not."

" I was drawn to you. Then when you trusted me enough to show me your back. I had to make you mine. I will not cheat on you, or lie to you or put my hands on you in a way that will hurt you."

" When I put my hands on you I will do so out of love. One day I will have you screaming my name as I bring you pleasure."

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