Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 12: Diane, Number One Current Club Whore

I was angry that Rage talked to me like that in front of her. I know he has never had sex with me but I have to make her think he has. I want him to claim me as his woman. I am the number one whore in this club. I get any man I want.

I just can’t get Rage. He has morals and the number one is don’t fuck where you live. Because if you bring a Valkyrie in it causes problems. If I can’t have him I want the enforcer, William. He is her cousin.

They are close and besides he is also very, very rich. I have to figure something out. I walked into the bar and over to the assigned table for the whores. They all hate me. No surprise there.

They know none of the men will make them their Valkyrie. I can’t accept that. Sherry looked at me grinning. Of course, they heard what Rage said to me and saw him holding that bitches hand as they walked down the hallway.

Sherry said, "you know he will never claim you so why do you keep trying?"

" Never give up on something you want."

" And as for William, you weren’t here but he brought a woman home last night."

" What the hell are you talking about?"

" See for yourself. Here he comes walking down the hall holding her hand."

" Looks like you lose. He won’t claim you since Jeannie doesn’t like you."

"Besides he won't claim a whore either."

" I heard that before the men in that family marry the women have to pass some tests. Like meet his mother, and grandmothers, and if they like you then you meet the siblings if you can’t get along with them or even one doesn’t like you then your out."

" If you pass them then you have to pass the niece, nephew, and cousins. Especially female close cousins. That would include Jeannie."

" What kind of test is that?"

" To see if you can get along with his family."

"Sherry, you need to fucking mind your own business I said walking away."

I saw the two going at it. I needed a smoke so I walked over to Sherry and said. "Want to take a walk out back with me?"

Curious I said "sure."

I followed Jeannie out back and she asked. "Why does Diane think she is the number one whore here?"

" Because she gets all the single good-looking men."

" Really."

I watched her grinning. "What if I can bring a whore in here who is one hell of a fighter when she needs to be, but very nice and way prettier than Diane."

I said, "Diane will be pissed off and want to get rid of her."

" Well then. Let me talk to my friend and see if she wants to come here and set Diane straight."

" We would all love to see her put in her place. I held my hand out and said. Let's watch the fun begin."

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