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Chapter 13: Kathy Jeannie's Best Friend

I pulled my phone out and called Kathy. She is a whore from my cousin Jakes club. We have been friends for years. She likes being a whore because she likes having sex with different men. She is also one hell of a boxer.

" What’s up girlfriend?"

I told her about the whore Diane here and how she is chasing the man I want and my cousin William. I also told her how she always treats other whores.

" So, you want me to come there and put her in her place?"

" Would you?"

" Girl, you do not have to ask. I will let Jake know I am moving to Steve’s club for a few months. That bitch better watch out."

" Do you want me to act like I don’t know you?"

" I do., I don’t want this Diane to cause you any more problems than she is already. Thanks, babe I will owe you one."

" No, you won’t."

" I will let Jake know that I just need a break to come and see you."

" Ok. When are you coming?"

" This weekend. I will have Jake get Steve’s permission today. Love you girl."

" Love you too."

I was grinning because Diane is about to find out she is not that pretty. I was going to set back and watch the show. I need to let William know not to let on we know Kathy. I walked into the club and saw William sitting with my nurse Roxie.

I sat down and said. "Hi, Roxie."

" I want you not to say anything until I am done."

I told them what happened this morning with the whore Diane. Then how I called Kathy and she was coming to put her in her place. William laughed.

"And we are to act like we don’t know her?"

" Yep, I said."

" This will be fun to watch."

Then William explained about Diane and pointed her out. As expected Diane was watching William.

"Before you ask. I never put my dick in that bitch and never will. She thinks that if she fucks us we will make her our Valkyrie. Not happening."

" I already told you. You hold that position all though I want us to get to know each other before I ask you."

"I want you to fully understand what club life is all about. I also might be a millionaire but this is my real love. This and family. Roxie, I hope you don’t let Diane run you out. She will try. I know her type."

I looked at Jeannie and said. "I am tougher than I look and one day I will tell you about how I grew up and what I did before becoming a nurse."

" You know what. You should become my roommate. I live in the apartment upstairs. We could put twin beds in the bedroom and share the rent. What do you think?"

" I will think about it. It does have only one bedroom unless Steve can knock a wall down and make it a two-bedroom."

William said. "That is a good idea lets call Steve over."

" Steve come here a minute."

" You own this whole building, right?"

" I do."

" Is there a way to knock a wall down and make the apartment upstairs a two-bedroom?"

" Since we are remodeling it due to the fire we can."

" Why."

" Roxie and Jeannie are thinking about becoming roommates."

" Well then. Let’s do that. We will turn it into a two-bedroom."

" Thanks, Steve."

" Not a problem."

"By the way. Your cousin called."

" He has a whore named Kathy who wants to come here for a few months."

" She is friends of you guys but he asked me not to say anything about that."

" Apparently, she is in need of getting away from one of the prospects there for a while. They do not get along well and he is getting tired of her beating his ass."

I laughed. "In Jakes club, a whore can say no if she doesn’t want to have sex with someone. If they are too rough or get mad if she has sex with another brother. She loves all men."

" Anyway, she is going to be here Friday."

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