Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 14: Kathy Arrives At The Club

William and I were waiting for Kathy to arrive. She would be all dressed up and I wanted to see the look on Diane’s face when the men turned from her to Kathy. Just then the door opened and Steve walked in with Kathy.

Dam she looked hot. I saw the anger on Diane’s face when she saw Kathy and when the man holding her shoved her off his lap onto the floor.

I grinned as Kathy looked at me and winked. I pointed to Diane and she understood. Steve said.

"This is Kathy she is from Jakes MC and is here for a few months."

Kathy then spoke up and said.

"Yes, if you are wondering I am a club whore and I love to fuck. I love men."

Then she was surrounded by them. I watched as Diane stood up and shoved some of the men out of the way. Then they backed up.

She walked up to Kathy and said. "You will stay out of my way. I am the head whore here."

We watched as Kathy laughed and said.

"There is no head whore you stupid bitch. A whore is a whore who fucks. We fuck because we love sex. We love different men and no man has the same size dick.

Some men are better at fucking and making you scream from an orgasm. More or less we also teach them how to fuck and where to touch a female body to please them."

" If we teach them that then they will keep their women happy and they won’t have to come to us to get fucked. That is something you need to understand and learn. When they have a woman if they can keep her happy, she will keep them happy."

" There are too many single men out here to fuck with married or men who are taken. Now I will warn you. Do not get in my way. Do not ever and I mean ever try to take me on in a fight. I will beat you to death. I have been known to beat men’s asses so you will be a fly on the wall."

Diane stepped toward Kathy.

"I said do not test me bitch."

At that time Diane swung on Kathy and she grabbed Diane by her throat and lifted her two feet off the floor and then smiling she threw her across the room.

"First lesson. Keep your hands to yourself."

Now turning to Steve she asked.

"Who will show me my room?"

Half the men volunteered but Steve said. "I will let Jeannie do that."

" Thank you," she said.

I stepped forward and shook her hand. "I am Jeannie if you will follow me."

She followed me down to the basement where the rooms are for the whores. They are nice rooms. I showed her in and when the door was shut we hugged.

I laughed and said. "I loved it when you threw her across the room. I see your problem. I am going to have fun messing with her."

" I will enjoy watching. Come on up when you are ready."

I left and walked up the stairs.

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