Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 15: Party Time

The clubhouse was filling up for the party. When Kathy walked out she caught the eye of all the men and then she saw Roxie. Roxie, she screamed. Roxie looked up and ran to Kathy hugging her.

Roxie is Kathy’s sister. "What are you doing here she asked?"

" I am here for revenge for Jeannie."

" I am dating William, Jeannie’s cousin."

" What a surprise."

" I am also a nurse."

" Good for you. Well, I am going to go have some fun. See you all later she said and walked away."

Kathy instantly had all the single men surrounding her when she walked further into the room. She also watched Diane out of the side of her eye. I was sitting at a table with four very handsome men with my back to the wall.

I continued to watch everyone in the room. I was assessing who to trust and not trust. I also watched as Diane continued to stare at the man my sister has William, who is Jeannie’s cousin. Then I saw the VP Rage looking at Jeannie with lust in his eyes. I narrowed my eyes at Diane.

"I got you figured out bitch. You go after the highest-ranging single men hoping they will make you a Valkyrie. I know that she will do whatever it takes to get a woman that is interfering with what she wants to be removed anyway she can."

Grinning I thought time to show her she has got nothing on me. I stood up and walked to the stage and took my heels off. I looked at Jeannie and saw her get up and walk over to the Jute box and then, of course, my music was playing.

Then I saw Jeannie and Roxie walk over to the stage and kick their shoes off. This is so going to be fun. We all three have worked out on the pole to this music for years. We all three had the moves down.

As we started dancing all the men had their attention on the stage. William, and Rage standing at the edge watching Jeannie and Roxie.

Fuck those girls are good. You would think they were a dance team. They move in sink with each other. The whole time I watched Diane and grinned.

The men whose attention she did have were now on all three of us girls on the stage. The men whistling and giving encouragement to dance some more.

As Jeannie walked off the stage Rage said "you will never dance like that unless I am present."

"Same here Willian told Roxie."

Just then Diane walked over to the Juke Box and put on a song and walked up on the stage. We all walked back to our seats not looking at her.

But William did say, "the bitch doesn’t even know how to work the pole."

After about five minutes Diane realized that she didn’t have the attention that Karan, Jeannie, and Roxie had from the club members.

What the hell just happened? None of them were even watching her. They used to watch her all the time. As her song ended and she walked over to the table Sherry said to her.

"Looks like you don’t have as much talent with the pole as those girls do. And that new whore is one looker and boys does she have the looks and moves."

"She knows how to get the men to pay attention to her. Another thing I noticed. She doesn’t pay attention to the members who have girlfriends or a woman. That is a good thing."

But this bitch is ruining her plans. If she loses the men’s attention her brother and his men can’t take over the club. The people think she is just a whore. She is her brother’s VP’s woman.

Her brother needs this club in order for his plans to fall into place. She has not worked like a fucking whore for over three years now getting the information she needed to pass to her brother for nothing.

I have not had the attention of the men I had before she came. She has to go. All the men that I have fucked are of some importance in the club now they are going to her. We can’t have that. I am getting stuck with the men who know how to keep their mouths shut. They don’t talk about things to make themselves look important.

I walked over to one of the men that I normally get the most information from but he gives me the cold shoulder. "Diane go away can’t you see I’m busy with Kathy right now?"

" But, baby we always hook up."

" Not right now. Actually, Kathy and I are spending the night together."

I walked away pissed. "Clara, I am going to the bathroom I will be right back Sherry told her to make sure that bitch doesn’t mess with my drink will you?"

" I will watch it for you go ahead."

I got up and walked to the bathroom. I walked to the hallway and pulled my cell out of the back pocket of my jeans and called my brother.

"We have a problem. A new girl came to the club today. She has all the men drawn to her and now they don’t want to give me the time of day."

She did not know I was in the bathroom and I listened to her conversation.

"No, I can’t do that."

" All the men I have been fucking for you to get the information you need on the club are now wanting to fuck her."

" What the hell am I supposed to do?"

" She is fucking drop-dead beautiful and a body that you would fuck. And she does not mess with the married or men who have girlfriends."

" She has this attitude about her that draws them to her. Besides it new pussy and she lets it known that she likes to fuck. No, I don’t have that information yet."

" I don’t know when their next run is. As a matter of fact, they have been staying close to the clubhouse. Only going out when they have to."

" No, Steve, Rage, and William take their women to and from work they won’t let them take themselves so there is no way to take any of them."

" If any of them go shopping they take an escort of 10 or more men with them. Fine, I will let you know if any of their women plan on going shopping. I have to go."

I waited until I heard her walk down the hallway before leaving the bathroom.

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