Rage, VP Of The Wild Rider MC

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Chapter 16: Sherry Talks To Rage

I walked out into the bar and looked for Diane. She was watching Kathy with anger on her face. I walked over to the VIP table and said without turning around.

"I need to speak to you Rage. I just overheard a conversation you all need to hear about."

" Who needs to be kept busy?"

" Diane does."

" Got it."

I called a prospect over and said. "I need a few of you boys to keep Diane busy for about an hour."

" Take her downstairs."

" On it."

We watched as two of the prospects took Diane to the basement.

"Steve said let’s go to my office. We will be back girls sit tight."

I followed them to Steve’s office.

"What is going on Sherry?"

" Diane is not who we thought she is."

" What do you mean?"

" I heard her on the phone with someone. I was in the bathroom and she was in the hall talking to some man."

" Something about now that Kathy is here she is not fucking the men that usually give her the information she needs. Then she tells them you all have been remaining closer to the clubhouse and taking the girls back and forth to work."

"The next thing I heard was if the girls go shopping they usually have 10 or more men guarding them. She cussed at the person telling them that the new girl is fucking their plans up."

" So I came straight to you."

" Looks like some of the younger males don’t know how to keep their mouths shut during sex."

" Thanks for letting us know."

" Guess we need to put a tracker on her car."

Rage looked at me and asked.

"Is there a piece of jewelry she wears most if not all the time?"

" Just her watch, no weight that neckless. She only takes it off when we go swimming."

I grinned and said "wonderful."

" Send Wizard in when you leave."

" And Sherry, you will get a bonus for being true to the club."

" No need" I said.

"Yes, you deserve something. We owe you."

" I will collect in the future sometime."

I grinned and walked out of Steve’s office. I walked to the bar and tapped Wizard on the shoulder.

"Steve wants you in his office."

" Thanks, Sherry" he said standing up and carrying his beer to Steve’s office.

"Hey, pres Sherry said you wanted me?"

" We need your expertise. I need you to find out all you can on Diane."

" Diane the whore?"

" Yes, apparently she is not who she says she is."

I sat down at his desk turned his laptop on and pulled her file out. I searched and researched and said. "You are right."

" Everything in her file is a lie. She does not exist."

" Can you put a tracking device on her car that can’t be found or detected?"

I grinned and said, "of course, I can."

I said "I can put one on the outside of her car and inside her car that can pick up any conversation."

" Do it."

" The next thing I want is for you to get a good look at the neckless she wears. See if you can put a tracker in it or on it. We know the only time she takes it off is when she goes swimming."

" Sure boss. No problem. I know that she has been trying to get my attention for some time. I just didn’t have time to spend with her."

I walked out of Steve’s office and sat down at the table with the whores. "How are you doing Sherry I asked?"

" I’m doing fine."

" And you’re online schooling? Your laptop working for you?"

" Not really. It is running really slow."

" Why don’t you get it and I will look at it for you."

She brought the laptop to the table and plugged it in. I proceeded to work on it for her. I then said.

"You have a lot of bugs I said working on removing them."

I then downloaded some things she needed to update her laptop. I was still working on it when Diane walked over and sat down.

"What you doing Wizard she asked?"

" Fixing Sherry’s laptop for her what are you doing Diane?"

" Nothing much."

She leaned forward and I saw her neckless. I closed the laptop and handed it to Sherry. "You are good to go and you will find it runs much faster now."

" Thanks, Wizard I said sitting it aside."

I then looked at Diane’s neckless and said. "That is beautiful may I look at it?"

" Sure" she said taking it off and handing it to me.

"The design is very detailed. Where did you get it?"

" Family heirloom. Came from Scotland."

"It is very old I said to her. You don’t see this kind of work nowadays."

I grinned as I saw just where the tracker could go and she would never know. I handed it back to her.

"I take it that when you have a daughter you will hand it down to her."

" I will when and if I have a daughter when she turns 18 years old. My mother gave it to me on my 18th birthday."

Then she said, “I’m sorry Wizard.”

"It’s alright it happened five years ago. Maybe this baby will be a girl" I said.

"Maybe with four boys, I would love to have a daughter this time."

" Anyway, Sherry, if you have any more problems with your laptop, let me know," I said getting up and walking to the bar, and sat down.

"I knew which tracker to put in the neckless. Would take less than a minute."

" Now to find a reason for a BBQ and get her neckless while she swims."

I looked up and saw Steve walk to the bar to get a drink.

"Easy as pie just takes me less than a minute. All I would need is for someone to draw her attention away while I do it and she won’t even know it’s there."

We just need a BBQ. Good, he said taking his beer and walking away.

I asked, "Sherry what was wrong with her laptop."

" It was running so slow and kept shutting down on me while I tried to do my school work. Wizard told me to get it and then he said I had a lot of bugs and needed some updates I sure hope this fixed it."

" I have four essays due next week."

" I am glad you are taking online schooling. What was it you are working on again?"

" Social Work. I want to work with kids."

" Maybe I should do that. Go back to school."

" What would you like to be?"

" A nurse. I would like to work with babies."

" Why don’t you?"

" I don’t know. I just don’t think I can do it."

"Online, schooling is not hard. But to be a nurse you might have to attend some college in the classroom. Think about it."

" It would so be worth it."

I got up and picked up my laptop and said. "I better hit the books and get at least one or two of those essays done tonight. Talk to you later I said walking to my room."

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